• it was straight..NOT like Cass off the dome or nothing…

    THICKY Minaj – Victoria’s Secret You Shoulda Kept http://t.co/26gf0lL LMAO

  • See(sic)

    I’m gone, inebriated
    Ily like I love you, abbreviated


  • CJ

    ^ LMAOO that line got me too

  • the homie cons lost alot of respect from me when he went at the homie pusha for some bullshit reason…. the dude XV did his thang! nice son

  • Whitest Kid to Know Hip Hop

    XV has so much potential to be huge

  • See(sic)

    Has XV been in a freshman cover yet? Cuz if not that’s a damn shame ^^^ agreed, huge potential

  • illjack

    vizzy in the room, feelin like that MF-er and i dont mean doom….

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  • jhunter

    Lyricist are on the rise again. I’m happy what I’m seeing happening in hip hop now. We taking the gimic out and putting creativity back in. I’m loving this shit.

  • gee

    ily like i love you, abbreviated.

    vizzy keep doin yo thang!