Game Performs “Red Nation” In L.A.

Kendrick wasn’t the only one Game brought out to the House of Blues last Friday. Here Chuck brings out the red nation by performing his latest single, sans Weezy of course.

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  • KanyeSmug

    First. bitches

  • toad3527

    not worthy posting YN, Game is no longer Relevant

  • Canada

    Dam rapper all he does is name drop.

    Lil Wayne >( game + kanye + jay z + eminem )

    Ymcmb. Hell yeahh

    100 milklkion dolla

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  • KanyeSmug

    First. Bitches

    Watch me Shut It down. You heard me. Did I stutter Clowns?

  • Escko

    Game=The King of the Westcoast…hating ass faggotz

  • doubleg

    Game owns 2011 !!! RED

  • rrederict

    @toad, relevance doesn’t matter when youre fucking killin shit like this!

    @canada, you have no credibility to post if you think wayne > kanye, game, jayz, eminem. wayne is nothing better than a good hook. he should stop rapping unless he comes up with some more metaphors that he wants to shove into a song with the occasional “im the best muthafucka out, cuz i said this twice” shit.

    game rapped acapella and smashed. i wasn’t a huge game fan and ill admit it, but after purp & patron, its hard to hate this nucca

  • YaDig

    Man that One Blood shit still gets me amped.

  • Game is on another level

  • Alex f

    Damn never seen a crip in a house of blues lls

  • Wes Wes yall

    Lol u are a dumb ass he’s no longer relevant? But you clicked on the post to check him out? That’s relevant dumbass!!

  • Alex f

    dAMn never seen a blood in a house of blues lls

  • Black Shady

    One Blood >>>>>>>>>>>>> RED Nation

    One blood gets me amped for real…word to @YaDig

  • LA

    One blood is when we had wool over our eye about game banging blood lol? nah but game>50

  • dope…the homie did his thang: aight blood…make that gwop my nigga definitely will cop that RED ablum the dude is definitely rap hustling: purp and patron..its sequel the hangover which both waz banging the homie is doin his thang….

    that rough featuring yelawolf is bananas

  • What!!

    New J. Cole “Killers”:

  • theydontloveus

    Game is killin everything right now. For the dickheads that say he’s not relevant purp and patron is the hottest mixtape this year. R.E.D. will be classic!

    Ill admit 2010 was a wack year for Game but he’s back on his shit now!

  • original will

    The marathon>Purp and Patron

    Nipsey and Kendrick is splitting the coast now

    I gurantee you half of the niggas liking this bullshit is the same niggas who still logon to thisizgame

    yall niggas take a inch and turn it into miles LOL these same niggas who thinc cuz deserve an oscar for street kingz

    this guy is a clown watch he going to try and grab an Odd Future collab in a minute LOL game is the madonna of rap when cuz not the it dude he tries to stand next to the it nigga of the moment so he can get a buzz why you thinc he reached out to Banks after the Start it Up joint came out becuz everybody start fuccing with Banks then he shit on em when the numbers come in

  • Umar

    Yelawolf>>>Lil Gayne

  • Yeahboi

    Lol nipsey sucks.

    This isnt game hottest single but its better than anything out right now.

  • calvin broadus

    snoop dogg is the king of the westcoast fuck game this song is garbage you can hate me now.

  • dragos

    As the second song called ?

  • Mike

    Lil wayne is the best rapper alive! Wayne>all rapper

  • g unit fan

    game where’s your fucking release date for red????? where’s your video for red nation???
    what happened to i be the king supposed lead single???? why has it taking 3 years to get the album out???? purp and patron was the old red album. u wack.

  • rrederict

    they just cleared RED to be released, they couldn’t before. its going to be a great album and all of you will still hate it. smh.

    game is the best in the west and kendrick is starting to step up but hes got an annoying voice and hasn’t done too much yet. nipsey puts out very little, but hes pretty good.

  • Suu Woo

    He kilt that shit!!

  • real nigger

    Damn he kills it, haters are mad that Game buzzin ^^^^^^^^^^ lmao cmon niggas get yourself some lives, that mindless hatin shit is old ya look pathetic

  • food&liquor

    Red Nation is killin my fuckin block every nigga blastin it out they whip every day ha track is fire yo

  • 149 pearl

    Game killin shit right now

  • sean

    damn haters get so mad when this nigga doin well leave the fuckin man alone u pathetic losers, if his track is fire say its fire, if its wack say its wack

    nobody can say red nation aint fire, if u do ur just hatin on the dude

  • fire

    Game bringin heat right now haters cant front

  • plural


  • west up!

    dude killin shit!!!

  • locker

    cant front the song is hot

  • aj


  • moro

    wanna hear this album shit soundin insane

  • aR


  • koojo

    be bumpin red nation every fuckin day

  • sarah


  • gat man

    shit was cool

  • qt

    game killin rappers haters gon hate

  • KingWonder

    @Canada get that Young Mullah Dick Out Ya Mouth you fuck Boyy!!!!
    and this aint single Material, I have a bad feeling about R.E.D.
    hopefully theres a few dope tracks on there worth bumping..which i know there will.
    Game needs help dropping single tho. I dont see this getting played anywhere

  • El Greenientie


  • HFM2!

    Game doin his thing, haters go hate mane

  • L.O.N.D.O.N

    he bi-polar n all that, but i admit this song is BIG!

  • I go in!!

    dope track, still GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-UNIT all day doe

  • TheyDontLoveUs

    Lloyd Banks had a hot single yet HFM2 cant clear 100k. Interscope said they’ll never release an album from Tony Yayo again, 50 is desperately dropping freestyles and on top that they signing Shawty Lo the joke is on you.

    Game’s Buzzin Right Now, Kendrick is next up and I love Nipsey but he has to find a label South Central state of Mind was supposed to come out in 07′

  • Belize


  • cmosa

    daaaamn killed it

  • Game killed it but he always kills his live performances!