Frank Ocean Shocked By Reception

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Within the last week, Odd Future has been in the studio with the Neptunes, covered Billboard, and the group’s Frank Ocean was featured in The NY Times. Although the crooner kept his studio session with Beyoncé on the hush, he tells MTV that he’s shocked by the ‘net’s response to his Nostalagia, Ultra.

“The first thing that was shocking to me — as a person that grew up with the Internet and knowing how vicious people can be, especially when they are anonymous — early on, there was no hate. There was nothing negative. Everything I was thinking about from the marketing prospective was as far as how to start a fire, because you don’t expect a response, because who the fuck am I? I’m just another guy putting out another collection of music and telling you to download this.”

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  • Norway loves R&B

    “Nostalgia/Ultra” is the new “So Far Gone”, without a doubt…yet waay more interesting musically. Super excited about this guy, and can’t wait to hear more!

  • wordto

    way more left field than so far gone and way more than just cookie cutter r&b/rap like drake, even though i like drake this is much different. drake was big before so far gone came out. no one, heard of this guy and hes doing songs with beyonce the next month? amazing.

  • D

    dope artist

  • Belize

    Good for him.


    he shudnt be suprised, his songs are mad creative and new, hes a beast

  • Master P’s Theatre

    He talks like a white dude, ha. Seems chill tho.

  • someone please tell me what to listen to from him..Im sick of hearing his name without knowing his music..Yes i know he is OFWGKTA

  • LA

    Isnt he a song writer or producer? dude very humble and he actually read blogs? bad move



  • billy rae valentine

    he is signed to a major label. and has been for a while.

  • pppccc

    yeah, im shocked too you little faggot

  • @big homie

    thanks for the link, here listening to hsi shit, so far this is good shit very smooth good song writer!

  • Pure amazement. I can’t stop playing this album. I listen to it every day.

  • PSYCHadelic

    @acapella! word same here!!

    that album is beyond dope.

  • the album is classic, if you haven’t listened to it yet, go ahead and do that. Seriously, dont really come on to vouch for music, unless it’s good, and this really is, and it’s worth the time when the music right now is full of so much b.s. The songs and concepts are cool. Dope artist, looking forward to the future releases.

  • Sid

    He’s so awesome. Nohomo

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  • thanks big homie

  • Meagain

    This kid is so talented. i’m excited for his official debut to the world. i’m just hoping he stays like this and don’t go all Trey Songs and Usher on us lol.

  • LukeTheDuke

    this dude is sick.. Nostolgia, Ultra.. clasic

  • Shade

    So Far Gone was way better what are you idiots talking about