New Video: Mac Miller “She Said”

Shot by True Stories Radio, Mac Miller has fun with his cover and gives his Khrysis-produced cut a mini-visual. Make the best of your day and download the mixtape here.

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Congrats on the success, but I’m not feeling this dude…even with Krysis on the boards.

  • syllables


  • veesky

    One of my favorite tracks off the tape

  • So Icy Boi!

    [avatar] [/avatar]

    mac miller betta rappa then eminem. lol

    follow me @real_soicyboi

  • LordMort

    15 minute fad. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the insane accessibility to get whatever you put out heard via the internet or the 24/7 updating blogs, guys like mac miller would never stand a chance to the artists that put good music out.

  • Just cant listen to this dude

  • Belize

    Garbage. Stop promotin this RR.

  • Wise

    im fuccin with dude simply cuz he completly does not sound like any other white rapper. Big ups to Mac Miller…idk is this some type of emenim spin off with the name……c’mon son (in my ed lover voice)

  • Nyne

    hearing this dude gives me hope that i could do this rap shit one day, check out my music and tell me what you think, a lot of it is work in progress,

  • MadHatter

    This downsyndrome looking ass white boy can’t rap and he’s bland as fuck. No flavor whatsoever. No style. Nothing special about the kid other than being white. I can feel Yelawolf because he’s real, doesn’t seem like a pre-pubescent pussy like this Miller kid….give me a break Rap Radar. How do yall keep riding this little boy’s dick???

  • yall haters. get your ears checked. 90% of the commenters on this blog are literally retarded. kill yoself.

  • Braniak

    Its no secret nowadays anybody can rap…even this wack kid reminds me of that fool john brown? or something like that. I just hope that Em doesn’t lay an eye on his trashy lyrics. I bet that 98% of his fans are young and white that don’t have a clue about the REAL Hip-Hop!!! Educate your self before trying to become a rapper from the suburbs. This chump is like the white version of soulja boy and if you don’t know now you now bitches!

  • Mexican Necktie

    This little guy looks like he belongs on a Yo Gabba Gabba video or something…fucking retarded looking ass.

  • Hallarrrrrr

    Somebody smack some sense into this lil nigga. PLEASE