New Mixtape: Wax Scrublife

Never mind TLC, here’s Wax’s new mixtape, Scrublife. Tracklist is below and so is his new video, “Dispensary Girl”. In related news, the rapper also recently signed to Def Jam Records. Win!

01. Red [prod. EOM]

02. FAIL [prod. EOM]

03. Dispensary Girl [prod. Wax]

04. Elements Swing (ft. Herbal T) [prod. EOM]

05. 2010 Til Infinity

06. Shoo Ba Doop (ft. Dumbfoundead)  [prod. EOM]

07. Music and Liquor [prod. EOM]

08. Everything [prod. Wax]

09. Don’t Need [prod. EOM]

10. Old Ways [prod. The Fyre Dept]

11. Limousine [prod. EOM]

12. Two Wheels [prod. Finatik & Zac, with Jim Jonsin]

13. Mary [prod. Nobody Famous]

14. New Crack

15. Dale Firebird – American Beer [prod. Dale Firebird]

16. Wax Goes Bananas [prod. EOM]

download here

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  • Fan of no man

    Dispensary girl kinda dope don’t know if I wanna here a whole mixtape tho

  • pissed

    yea, I just heard that dispensary girl song yesterday, wasn’t really feelin it.

  • blv

    hehe this is just the worst.. what a joke

  • Talk is Cheap

    umm… B.Dot… why do you post this bullshit?

  • been following wax for a while now..good to finally see him getting some exposure..

  • Ceelos

    Liquid courage was ill to me. Grizzly season was ok. New shit on a big label good on him.

  • props

    mad props to wax! he grinded and has talent. #canthate

  • Christopher

    this mixtape is hotter than if angelina jolie was naked on the sun!

  • Anyone who’s missing this because they don’t like dispensary girl, you’re missing out. His style’s so versatile, pretty sure you’ll find some others you’ll like on mixtape.

  • MasterTre

    Yeah he does alot of different music, very versatile song writer. Its free, just listen!

  • Mike

    Loving the mix tape. All of them are great; my favorite (really hard choosing a favorite) would have to be 2010 Til Infinity. If you don’t like Dispensary Girl, fine, but the mix tape has a shit ton of other great stuff to offer.

  • Seriously Wax is dope! Been following him since his Liquid Courage Album! Mad Props with the Def Jam Signing!

  • leeonidas

    dopest rapper alive

  • SDPete

    Wax is ill as shit!!!

  • era

    all these ignorant fux need to shutup ppl come on the internet to hate, you feel better after you hate on some ish?? wax is dope!! rap radar should post all of his stuff instead of half of the other bullshit that gets big play

  • moh

    2010 till infinity will change your mind about wax

    he’s the future! give it a listen its free!

  • mich

    No one really should judge his whole mixtape off of one song, listen to the whole mixtape then after- wards you can say you don’t like him or hes whack. But personally, i love Wax and his whole mixtape is awesome. He’s very versatile :]

  • Sal

    havent stop listening to the mixtape since it came out

  • Pastry

    I wasn’t feeling Dispensary Girl guys and I’m a wax fan, but the mixtape itself… DOPE! It’s got a lot of shit on it, he isn’t just a one-man type of style of music. Versatile haha.

  • AK

    i’m glad they put some of his old stuff in the scrublife mixtape, music and liquor was my favorite song /favorite music video on liquid courage and the song that got me following wax along with the wax goes bananas. its good that different styles are getting recognized. oh btw EOM’s beats are straight nasty. check his shit out also.

  • Killa Kake

    really? people are saying this is bullshit……………. i have no faith anymore….. Wax is the illest

  • F the haters

    I dont get how these haters can say “im not feelin this” or “hes shit” if you havent heard any of his other songs? you cant judge somebody on one song.
    with that over SCRUBLIFE is fucking beast!
    find me a rapper/singer/musician who is better than wax and ill buy you a fuckin STEAK!!

  • ILoveThisShit

    wax is fucking sick guys! so what if you don’t like Dispensary Girl? listen to these songs and you’ll wanna get the mixtape: