New Music: Ryan Leslie “Joan Of Arc”

R-Les decides to let go of his brand new single tonight via his official website. Hopefully, we get some better music once his upcoming album, Les Is More hits stores.

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  • assasin9

    wow, ur wylin – this is a solid track.

  • bob

    dammmmmmmmmmmmn this shit is crazy… not single / hit material but this is on some next level shit… ryan’s mixing / masttering game > .. the percussion / drumms are mixed so orgasmic LOL.. dope ass beat doe

  • Leslie is for sure a-mazing right now = everything is all good.

    PM: off topic but kanye might have the album of the moment but he also as the worse song of the moment and probably the worse song in HH history = the song eraser with cudi = worse video of all times any style and worse song in HH of all time of all times kanye. Sorry if i/m the one who said it. peaca

  • Yung Silv

    album called les is more

  • jtbIII

    uhhh Transition was his last album?


    it seems like this is a cassie dissmisal not diss dissmisal just like his christian dior verse but besides that rls is the next generation prince well close to it anyway

  • nice art work

  • neva really heard of this brotha….indeed much luv for this track a insightful delight…feelin this

  • Leslie “Joan Of Arc” is the symbol of the fascist. party in France = this is not a good look les drop that artwork fast = this is just like the KKK but in france homie don/t mess with joan of arc ever no lie.
    Le pen used this artwork as is symbol for is campaign you gonna be reping the racist over there bro
    The HH crews in france are gonna kill you for this one.

  • Belize


  • @amaya what you listening to brah? not a ryan leslie fan but this was dope. might have to check him out now

  • refreshing…

  • @Amaya

    U trippin’ bro. This was dope. I don’t whatchu expect, but, this is a good track.

  • Del


  • Phenomboy

    @ [email protected]

    What u sayin bro ??? comparin Joan of Arc and KKK is just dumb, i’m in france and she is a symbolism of Virginity et Sacrifice, nothing to do With Le Pen and the FN. Google or wiki her bro

  • sway-z

    I dont know about his flow, never did to be honest, but he’s a problem on the boards, beat is crazy

  • Rachael5922

    Joan of Arc Was not a victim u dingy.

  • kaoz

    nah nigga fuking stop rapping, whats up with r n b cats rapping these days though..Thats why i love Wayne put Chris Brown in his place by saying hell no i aint putting u on my album rapping, u all the way soft and dry like a mexican corn taco..If this is the trend now, we should all revoke his privilege of getting his music downloaded on dopehood…..what?u cnt sing now because bitches is calling you soft? You must be out of wine dependent alcoholic mind if u think bitches would rather be rapped to than sang to…

  • Ya Boy G

    What’s with wack niggas hatin? Once again rapping isn’t just for” street niggas” and “trap stars” you can’t just live life through one emotion man. This Shit goes hard. People got so used to nothin but bang bang bang and kills. Rles album should be looked forward to for its sound quality and what it contains not hated on cuz he ain’t holdin a prison term in his pockets or because he don’t look like someone on a corner.

  • kaoz

    you fool did u hear me say rapping is for street niggaz or trapstars, kanye is none of those, numbnutts..all i was saying is stick to singing, we love it better and leaving the rapping to those that are good at it..

  • Amaya

    listened to it again, it is DOPE, butttt i def. know he has better material

  • jayceon taylor

    fucking fire

  • Oozers55

    A little Coldplay Viva La Vida inspiration here?