• some 2 ride 2, HOT!!

    keep it up uncle snoop!!


  • Chargers_87

    I know is not relevant 2 this topic, but I just got 2 say snoop was funny at the trump roast! BTW situation should be in the You Played Yourself section…

  • Robot

    I liked it, sounds like boi-1da produced this track.

  • foekist
  • real talk

    This sh!t knocks

    west west yall

  • Belize


  • A really smooth dope track from Snoop! The hook is really nice too!

  • DIGGSY!!!

    i think black mob used to do beats for t.i. not sure if its the same guy

  • Robot

    This was definitely a good track. Looking forward too the Doggumentary album.

  • Wise

    snoop im feelin this new shit u got poppin…..not as lyrical as 93 but u takin me bacc