New Music: Wale “Jump (Freestyle)”

Aside from this, it’s been a minute since we’ve heard a freebie from Wale. Well today Mr. Folarin jumps back on to the scene with something that’ll leave you totally krossed out. Ha!

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  • @Doobs_on_deck

    i never really cared 4 that beat anyway, he coulda picked a better beat but oh well its aight.

  • y

    luv the fact he didnt jump on a typical beat. he merked the beat

  • Belize



  • lrgfiend

    hell naw you niggas dont kno wat good music is

  • Ice Cold

    Dope!!!!!! cant wait maybach musiccccccc BAWSE ROZAAAAAAAAAAY

  • candieselTG

    Ya’ll are some haters. Shit went hard.

  • thatboyzay

    @SOOPAFRESH & @Belize , yall are idiots to say he’s wack . Wale speaks about reality . Let me guess like Wiz and JCole huh ?

  • Santa

    he KILLED it

  • martika

    kill yourself wale makes real lyrical HIP HOP

  • z

    You guys are retarded, Wale is one of the sickest rappers out!

  • haters

    yall are some haters. wale kills

  • candieselTG

    @thatboyzay Wale went hard but don’t shit on JCole & Wiz. Wiz fell off hard but his old stuff is raw & J Cole goes hard

  • duce`

    wale used to be cool man.. cant fuck with him though.. i tried lol

  • Zubair

    help me get views
    retweet, post on fb, w.e

  • mike g

    wale went off. i wonda wat hataz got to say ” fuk wit ya boy i can make u sum money” my nigga got quotable lines 4 days….not ur typical punchline rapper

  • So Icy Boi!

    Dis dope muhfuckaz

  • Too many haters here!!! Do you even listen to his lyrics? Maybe he’s over your head!

    Keep doin YOU Wale! I’m lovin it.

  • I agree with Mike G!!! Quotable lines – Every time you listen to a hear one u didn’t pick up on before….

  • duce`

    wale is basic now.. check out some real music man.. j elect or black hippy.. that nigga wack and yal fans jumped on after nike boots where he fell off

  • fghsdhg

    nothing wrong with wiz or jcole. they all got their own styles. wale kills it

  • z

    Naa been on his shit since Dig Dug. Always knew he’d be big

  • Jamar

    RocNation is FIRE right now!!! This is another testament to why Wale is great #NoDaysOff… and J. Cole is fire too. Simply Amazing… got damn!!!

  • Darkman

    this shit is tight……………those who said it isnt are just sick ass haters…..


    Is it just me or does that nigga look like a black oompa loompa in that picture?
    Tracks alright though, but the nigga turned his carreer into a fail signing with cops and shit.

  • BonillaIce

    Killed this beat. Original and lyrical, why you guys hating?

  • wale stan

    wale is ok @ best fuck this freestyle shit he made it seem like signing to ross was so epic come out with some nu music not this played shit…lyrics were never his problem he cant come up with a marketable solo song to save his life

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis dope azz musik bitchez. too many hate #ROZAY

  • puerto-black

    “And everything is to the back with a little slack, ’cause insdie out is WigGGITY, wiggitty, wiggitty wack”

  • c

    How the fuck can you hate on Wale and J. Cole? They go hard, they’re the future of rap. I can understand the hate on Wiz, his new shit is weak. But even his old shit was dope.

  • Black Shady

    Damn remember back when I was fuckin 3-4 years old…….bumpin JUMP like crazy with my big brother and sister. Good old days…

  • Montgomery County we in this


  • DMV212

    niggas stay hatin on Wale,, wtf this nigga do to u,,, hop off this nigga dick

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  • Coastin

    hopefully being around Rozay he learns how to pick better production.

  • kesha.dee

    wale just so raw.he making music for intellectuall indivisuals so its okay if you retard and rather shake your dreads and say wakaaaaaaa.bow bow bow.or listen to wiz talk about nothing.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Cooldude 321

    “Fuck wit ya boy I can make you some money” Quotable lines???? He stole that line from Wiz Khalifia’s Memorized song ….Im a Wale fan but i know I line that has already been used when i hear one..yall need to pay attention.

  • Able Danger

    Raise your hand if you wore your clothes backwards to school back in the day and the principle made you turn em around. *raises hand*

  • LA

    FIRE! where tha album!?

  • rtrewrw

    Wale is sick . ya’ll hater’s talking shit , u know fuck ya’lll …

  • Cjive

    Wale be killin’ it. People can’t understand what he means because he spit bars that will go over your head, but calling him whack just shows how dumb y’all are.

  • fall back

    wale is one the dopest rappers in the game !!! quit hatin!!!!

  • j.

    wale did his thang, pg county got ya back

  • Ajimmer23


  • Chan

    Dude Wale is just so much cooler than you wack ass niggas, thats why yall think he’s wack. Wale is the shit. Most creatively original rapper out right now. Fuck the Haters. DMV stand up!

  • idunno why but college chicks LOOOVE Wale lmao

  • music critic

    Y’all stans r hilaarious

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  • yesk

    WALE!!!!!! KILLED IT

  • J

    J cole is better than Wale…Js decent freestyle Go Felton