Behind The Scenes: Big Sean x Chris Brown “My Last”

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We’ve already seen pics from one scene, but the Best Of Both Offices take their cameras up to the rooftop as Big Sean shoots his upcoming video for his Breezy duet. Finally Famous in stores May 3. More footage underneath.

[vodpod id=Video.5790759&w=540&h=350&fv=]

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  • kaoz

    nigga i been rocking Mishka snapbacks since way bay when….

  • wouzi


  • phreash2death

    …”…grind hard, got a lot to show for it//always had drive like i had to chauffeur it….”…BOYYY!!! #ffoe

  • Donn

    LOL, ppl bout to get mad about the ‘snap-back’ comment

    LETS GO BREEZY!!! F.A.M.E. hitting stores March 22nd

    GOLD in two wks!!!

  • original will

    i fux with sean but i dont wear snapbaccs it has two flaws to it

    1.A Snapbacc doesnt have a size limit so anybody with a small or big head can get away with your shit my lil brother found his snapbacc in Our Popz room oneday

    2.they are secluded to 1 style like all those tisa hats people saying they cost so much becuz they deadstocc is a lie I have damn near half of them in fitteds

    only reason people are wearing snapbaccs is Sean and Tyga but i cant bring myself to wear that shit becuz if i wear one thats the only reason why i would be wearing it shit is not fresh them niggas can wear that shit becuz they rich and famous if they were some ordinary ass niggas like myself they wouldnt wear that shit just like Kanye outfits only rich niggas can wear shit like that if you not Rich or famous you look stupid ass hell walking around with blind shades and spandex tights

    I mean if you got it why not spend 85-150 on a hat you can get for 38 but if you a ordinary nigga(College student living on the dorm,ups job,clothing store job) you need to put your money into something else

  • original will

    the funny thing about it is niggas get the mitchell and Ness’s and not the TiSAs Tisa got some fly shit but those prices are fuccing ridicolous like for a shirt its like 80 and all the shit got on there is tisa with a bmw logo

    then by them being celebrities and tisa not being a big brand yet they most likely get that shit for free or are getting paid to wear that shit

  • cj tha kid

    Cosign will , niggas need to save that money for school, a car or apt., I’m pretty sure that shit gon be outta style in a year or 2 anyway smh!

  • Pat

    Cool, how did Big Sean get Amber Rose to be on his video?

  • daMan

    haha He GOt Cudi In The Vid

  • WC__


  • @Pat: Cool, how did Big Sean get Amber Rose to be on his video?


    Hahahaha i bet this flew over most y’alls heads *pheeewwwwwm!*

  • original will

    ^Naw bro the joke is getting old now it was funny when we 1st heard it but now the thrill is gone we get it he dyed his hair blonde which make him resemble amber rose becuz she light skinned with a Blonde Caesar its just not that funny anymore like i said in my post above when you got money and #Winning like that shit dont really matter

    like its way to still get craccs out of it its just that amber rose joke has been said too many times

  • Pat

    Hey will do your nuts hurt from riding Chris’ cock so much?^^^

  • Chan

    Sorry to hate but Big Sean is wack. His swag is not cool at all, he says dumb shit, and his lyrics aren’t good. There is nothing cool about Big Sean at all. As for Chris Brown, Breezy has the best voice in R&B right now. Big up to Chris Breezy.