• Braniak

    That’s a sick jacket Quik!

    Looking forward to buy the album.

  • killa kush

    Dj quick repping that Mexico!!! Respect, this album will be perfectness RIP triple og nate

  • DIGGSY!!!

    as far as singing hooks for rap songs, nate dogg really was the greatest of all time. OF ALL TIME!!! but nah seriously as far as quantity AND quality there is NO ONE that can touch him. RIP NATE
    true original

  • killa kush

    He was the greatest siinger PERIOD. all these fuckin fake Singer with so called talent use autotune and different programs. There was and never will be another Singer like nate. It a single till nate Dogg sing on it!!

  • Hip Hop Fan

    That’s a dope story that I’m sure a lot of people never got hear. What a shitty price to pay to hear a story like that..RIP


  • Belize

    @killa kush & @DIGGSY!!!: Absolutely. I totally co-sign. As far as singing goes, Nate the GOAT by far.

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  • Black Shady

    Today I was listening to Banks’ HFM1 and Nate did his thing on the 2 tracks (Warrior Pt 2 and Till The End).
    But its only while I was listening TILL THE END I was like ; damn we really lost Nate. its crazy

    R.I.P to the G.O.A.T as a hook maker!

  • Oh shit I want that fuckin jacket! Dope shit.

  • LA

    Dope! R.i.p to a legend!

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