Erykah Badu DJing At SXSW

After a few members of the Wu-Tang Clan closed out the 2011 Village Voice and Frank 151 Showdown, Badu transformed into her alter-ego, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown and took over the 1s and 2s.

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  • haha

    she did absolutely nothing except pretend she was editing the beat. do you guys even qc your vids before you put them up? what was the point of that? to show Ms. Badu pretending to DJ?

  • ^ documenting the evening cock sucker.

  • This Shit Belongs On “You Played Yourself”.
    Bitch Ain’t A DJ.

  • koa29

    yo, real talk…the commenter “So Icey Boi!” on here is a fuckin clown.

    nigga you aint funny. stop it

  • DIGGSY!!!

    yeah im hatin till i see somethin that proves me wrong. i actually had high hopes when i heard about this.

    erykah badu – YEAAAAAH!!!
    dj lo down loretta brown – NOOOOOO!!!

  • 5k on my wrist

    good shit

  • Chris

    yo yall missed out on the Tech N9ne performance at SXSW!
    check it out here:


    I can do that with Garageband. I’m sure she can actually mix and DJ, but this ain’t the best depiction.

  • Bub

    LOL I thought she hated electro

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    ugh this day and age is SOOOO Wack………and why did she need turntables again????? Get up there with your bullshit computer….don’t emulate being a DJ and act like your spinning or scratching when ur really not doing shit. so fucking ridiculous these days.

  • Foekist

    DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown sit yo monkey ass down. u ain’t do shit there gurl

  • Foekist

    lol @ the sooooo serious face too

  • Money mitch

    Damn I would stick my finger up her butt


  • L. Warlock

    Serato fucks your mind

  • Chris

    @Big Homie how the fuck do u “document the evening” and not post the rest of it? Tech N9ne gave some stellar performances, but yall ignore it and only post TV & radio motherfuckers. I hate calling people “haters” but it’s exactly what you guys are. Tech N9ne sells more than half of famous radio rappers, he’s the BIGGEST underground artist of all-time and yall still ignore his fucking news? U serious? No respect. Fuck yall. Real recognize real, and yall aint that.

  • End

    Damn, yall are SO damn quick to hate. This is like the first minute of her set, u cant act like u saw the whole thing. I mean I dont think Ive ever been to a show when the DJ just starts cuttin, scratching and layering all immediately; u have to set it up first like a foundation. Yall are fools, Im not sayin theres anything impressive on this video, but to watch the first minute and just assume she didnt do shit for the entire hour or 2 that she was up there is just stupid.

  • Belize

    Oh brother.

  • @Chris-tina

    When I see some good footage over 30 seconds online, I will post fucktard. Appreciate the novel. Thanks for the visit.

  • mac DIESEL




  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Yo big homie stfu b !

  • Money mitch

    This guy big homie… hilArious.

    Like hes all tough and shit 30 years old makin blog posts, “thanks for the visit” like it makes him money, just take your 500 bucks a week and sit down

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  • Chris

    @Big Homie yeah yall talk about N9ne, but 99% of the results on RR about Tech is when he’s working with another famous or buzzing rapper or DJ. Only one I saw of him without anyone else was his KC Tea video. Yall are really only reporting on those famous dudes. Oh and his set was pretty fucking tight, u say “When I see some good footage over 30 seconds online, I will post fucktard”, so this Erykah Badu video is “good”? and its exactly twice than 30 seconds. very short. Tech’s set was like 14 or 15 minutes. And it was tight. So why don’t u post? hmm….

    P.S. don’t u ever call me out of my name again motherfucker. I’m a rapper myself and I fucking know how it feels when you’re great and big websites ignore you and your movement and miss out. So excuse me if i stand up for a fellow rapper who’s struggling with motherfuckers like you.

  • Killa K

    Just awful.

  • Sc_R

    @chris.. That shit was aight it was aight.. but my shit is more John blaze than that rappin ass.. u should go harder for your own movement than somebody actually gettin money off of his dummy

  • Wit her sexy ass…

  • Donn

    @Chris Stfu STAN! @big homie keep up the great work!

  • LA

    @Big homie Hahaha!

  • vj tech support

    the big homie is a fucktard for posting this wack ass video. disrespectful to all djs who actually dj and dont have the luxury of being a out of work singer.

    rossradar , elliot and now the big homie stay losing.


    nice! wish i was there!

  • Talk is Cheap

    @vj tech support

    WORD.. the celebrity DJ trend is so disrespectful. Just Blaze & Q-Tip got skillz.. but this is some bullshit.