J.Cole Freestyles At SXSW

Light Skinned Jermaine is also down in Austin for SXSW and during the BET Music Matters showcase, he let go the same freestyle he did at House of Blues in L.A., but with a few more bars.

heads up: kingz

Sidebar: Unreleased pre-Warm Up, “The Good Son Pt. 1” via J.Cole Nation

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  • Belize


  • mrcapela

    COLE 🙂

  • m85

    Even tho he spit that like a month ago its still fire..dude is def cookn up a classic..id rather him take time to make sure its right then rush it jus cause pple are used to fast food style music

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  • 1

    J.Cole, whaddup. Good stuff!

  • So Icy Boi!


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  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    J Cole you shoulda been out 2 years on roc nation and no album. I NEED THAT ALBUM. your fan base is secured. now drop that single and album and have me erase this aka on my user name!

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    SHIT WILL BE OUT 2031.


  • CarreraLu

    Paradox?? “He let go the same freestyle he did at House of Blues in L.A., but with a few more bars”. Like Lupe.. no iphones no blackberry, no nothing. Off the top. Since when did memorizing tons of bars constitute a freestyle? Still waiting for that album. Cole World.

  • Fuck Cole!
    My boi Gucci demolishes that lame!
    Swagg swwag!

  • canada


  • ToiletSpatula

    the one thing that i think anyone can appreciate about cole is his passion,
    i can see it in his eyes and its stronger than 90% of the guys’ out here.

  • Black Shady

    album coming out this year…BEST BELIEVE HATERS!!!

    Shady we messed up. shoulda snatched Cole before Jay-Z. damn…still COLE WORLD BABY

  • Jay

    Best Rapper Alive, never disappoints

  • 5k on my wrist


    ah nigga still waiting for cole world, ayeee

  • Drake

    J Cole is my favorite rapper

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  • damn, cole world! a blanket will be that debute ablum…on the horizon i suppose! mixtapes have become the ablums, they drop when they suppose 2….yet they sit on ablums & push them back

  • u should know

    freestyling did not originate being off the top it was raps you had that wasn’t in song form thats why people say free styling and freestyling off the top.

  • CK

    cole is my favorite rapper, i always thought he was hip hop’s savior but i never thought he could clearly drop a classic on his own. I know you’re waiting to get theses first week high selling numbers on roc nation..but forget them. don’t sellout for a top five single like wiz. if you drop a classic who sells 80k – 100k first week, that’s great, forget numbers, errybody wil check you as an artist after all theses good critics #COLEWORLDNOBLANKETSON

  • CK

    dince Friday night lights i do think he is able to produce a classic on his own…basically because if that mixtape was an album it would have been a classicc!!!

    FORGET THE NUMBERS AND GET A BUZZ THROUGH THIS CLASSIC ALBUM LIKE JAY DID! Reasonable doubt did’t selll but it gave him notoriety forever! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

  • kdaqwall

    third time he spit this joint still dope though

  • Black Shady

    since THE WARM UP I was convinced Cole can deliver a classic!!! FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS just confirmed he must have HEAT in the vault to release songs as “Before Im Gone” and “See World” on a mixtape

    I know the haters gonna be waiting on his first week #s, but im pretty sure the quality of his debut gonna be 10/10

  • LA


  • navo

    Cole World boy check the degrees