New Music: 50 Cent “You Like Me Better Rich”

In the last few days, Curtis has been steady giving us new music and in just less than 24 hours, here’s another one. Rich or poor, we would like this guy even more with a new mixtape.

Yesterday: Boomerang

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  • G.O.O.D friday tracks>this garbage 50 is puttin out

  • Hustle Hard


  • SqueeGee


  • HR

    His flow is soo good on this. All you YM pussys can gtfo!

  • waaaaack

  • Monk

    one word -DOPE-


    Dope 50 keeps brining that heat

  • TRE


  • NotoriousRambo.


  • So Icy Boi!

    I want to be Gucci Mane.

  • Brahsef

    I can’t understand how some of you don’t like this shit. 50’s been on an absolute roll lately

  • Ice Cold

    this shit is dope, keep it comin fif

    @so icy boi you should copy and paste your song from yesterday icy icy icy icy icy

  • So Icy Boi!

    [hook x8]

    icy icy icy icy icy icy
    damn itz cold here
    icy icy icy icy icy icy
    so icy boi comin there

    [verse 1]

    so icy icy icy boi da hardest nigga
    makin money gettin bigga

    [hook x16]

    icy icy icy icy icy icy
    damn itz cold here
    icy icy icy icy icy icy
    so icy boi comin there

    [verse 2]

    da street screamin so icy icy icy icy icy icy boi
    brick squad want so icy icy icy icy icy icy icy boi

    [hook x32]

    icy icy icy icy icy icy
    damn itz cold here
    icy icy icy icy icy icy
    so icy boi comin there


    brick suqad (x40)


  • uptown

    wow this is hot he did it again, I looked up yesterday and realized how much new 50 cent i got in my Ipod, it’s been a while since that happened… keep it coming fif…” she boomerang rang she boomerang “

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^ (C) 2011 So icy Boi! Records dats me @So Icy Boi! #REALGANGSTA

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  • Word

    His flow on this was hot.

  • Yup

    yo 50 this ain’t 2003 no more my nigga. ur trying to flood the streets but we’re tired of ur lame ass. ur shit obsolete. take that take that eh eh

  • Ебарь


  • Def Jam rep

    This is hot!

  • jged

    @yup so he need to make some of tight jean shit [email protected]! hater proof music bitch

  • Word

    And niggas keep saying that 50 aint change his music or aint shown no growth. He gave yall niggas a different suond and yall shitted on it. AYO Technology, Amusement Park, Baby By Me, all types of other shit with different types of artist like Justin Timberlake, Akon, Jamie Foxx, Robin Thicke and yall shitted on it. Yall shitted on EVERYTHING. And now he giving yall the type of hood shit like GRODT was, and yall shitting on that too. What do yall niggas want? Seem like 50 cant win with some of yall.

    I dont get it. He put out hood shit now, oh he too rich to be rapping like that. If he put out more universal shit, then he a sell out doing the pop thing like everyone else, and he gonna flop. What yall want the nigga to do? Cuz you can only do one or the other. He did both at the same time with his other albums, but yall shitted on that too.

    Yall niggas really need to think which 50 yall wanna hear. The GRODT 50 which is similar to the shit he doing now, or the “growth in music” “different sound” 50 that he ALREADY experimented with but yall shitted on it. Thats why I wouldnt mind if Fif just said fuck rap cuz theres too many fair weather fans these days. Ross will NEVER make as much money as 50 has made, so how is he losing? 50 dont need rap to be rich cuz he got other ventures. Ross ONLY has rap and thats BARELY cuz the nigga BARELY went gold on ALL his albums. Never even touched plat. No knock on Ross though cuz I enjoyed his albums, but all this 50 losing shit need to stop. Ross will never move past Rap cuz thats all hes marketable in. I aint buying no 5X size Rick Ross t shirts, or Rick Ross handcuffs or shit.

    50 won, and is gonna keep winning regardless. Imma leave it at that


    it alright, he needs better production tho and also needs to switch up his subject matter

  • Word

    And only reason I brought Ross up in this post is cuz thats the nigga all yall seem to like to compare 50 to these days. Not nobody else, except Ross.

  • syllables

    12 out of 12 team shady

  • Mr Fresco

    fif tryna get that mojo back.. HATE ON THAT HATERS!

    You can WIN a FREE Tee if you follow @iStayFresco on Twitter!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF !!! This joint is nice the beat is str8.

  • MinajBangher!

    GGGGG GGGGG G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT A FAT DICK HATERS!!!!!Your bullshit comments can’t stop FIRE!!!!!!!Get a rope and hang yourself…..BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Commenter

    Its just intresting to see, fif getting 50-80 comments on rapradar under his songs, and rick ross getting close to none….

    Eminem , jay get the same amount of comments as 50. Isn´t that intresting?

  • DJAR

    well said bruh..theses haters are some bipolar niggas…

  • Donn



    Who cares what everybody else thinks, as long as you like it that’s all that matters. You can’t expect everybody to like what you like. Some are just being haters, some generally just don’t like it. Relax.

  • Shady

    @ word
    tru-er words have never been spoken on a rap site
    altho id say dont waste ur efforts B…these turds come here to troll
    u spendin time and effort tryina make em understand is pointless…makes em happy lol
    Plus it aint like fiddy reads what these trolls write

    Keep it gangsta G

  • Mischief

    He should have just released a mixtape, would have been much easier to keep track of. Anyways this if dope. Now I have to go back and find the ones I missed.

  • red

    50 a machine…

  • J Nasty

    Can’t stop this man, he accomplished everything you could ask for, we should be happy he is still this hungry. Name one other artist that is still going this hard after hitting the top. Why in Hip Hop do we hate someone so much after they succeed?

  • LA

    @word Stop crying like a bitch sensitive nigga! Lyrics trash flow on point

  • SmokeYou

    damn…Word wrote an essay. Everyone knows 50 isn’t a lyricist. He brings the hook game and every once in awhile has a sick flow. Decent track. I agree though that he should have just dropped it all in a mixtape, but I guess spreading it out over a couple weeks makes it last longer. gotta love the internet

  • bk82

    Hot !!!!!!!

  • Gman

    Fif been on fire lately…I Iike…he sound hungry…thats why he been releasing all these “freestyles” lately….he wants people to know he hasn’t lost anything….would be better if he’d release a mixtape, but new music is new music….i’m not complaining….lol….especially if the joints are hot like they been….g-g-g-g-gunit!!!

  • ofwgktamf

    nobody brings up ross on a 50 cent post except thisis50…i mean gunit stans.ross moved the same

  • ofwgktamf

    and how tha FUCK does 50 still have stans in 2011?thats impressive


    yo enoughs enough.. the nigga back on his shit.. aint nobody droppin better music.. the nigga back in his spot… gggggggg guuuuuuuniiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • PrincePolo

    @Word – Co sign

  • PrincePolo

    .damn . dope as fuck . one of my favorite by far . btw there was some rumors about fif releasing a mixtape soon . good to see fifty hungry again . postive energy leads to a win .

  • NextEpisode

    50 going hard!!


    this nigga got twelve new joints.. no features.. on hooks on nothing.. all dolo.. the shit is bumping nigga…

  • Word


    Who is crying? Get off my nuts

  • Jr

    Wack , Garbage .. he aint got nothing on ROSS ,Ross is killin em ..

  • killa kush

    So icy boi >>>>>>>>>>50
    fuck 50 & game, them disrespectful fucks.
    They both need. To stay on twitter where its safe

  • LA

    @word Need a tissue bitch nigga?

  • Donn


    Don’t respond to em mann, they just want your reaction

    Without a response from me you haters fail to exist…-Drake

  • James


  • i like the beat and the hook too. song is dope. since he seems to be starting over and putting songs out like a new hungry artist i would want to hear him change his flow up. invent something fresh but hey thats his shit so who am i.

  • nasonemic

    Fire these fif tracks < good Friday n game

  • G-Unit

    too much music by one artist in a week to process, but i’ll be happy to hear more of this


  • B


  • ofwgktamf


  • Converse

    *Yawn* Next!

  • Remi


  • Belize


  • Bangers N Mash

    Shit ain’t his best but it’s still nice.

  • Black Shady


    SHADY takeover!!! yalll cant stop it HAHA!

  • Citylivin’

    if y’all really want 50 to get back poppin again….get that nigga to start another beef with Ross,Kayne or somebody else that gets people’s attention. When 50 beefing with people that seems to be the only time people pay attention….better be someone good, cause even the officer shit ain’t working nomore.

  • bigjay2501


  • youweirdos

    50 Always had a nice flow. and was always good at creating hooks n concepts.. Now he is working with the best producers in the game.. I smell trouble

  • Robot

    50 Cent is on fire. Can’t wait for another one.

  • 50 the truth Niggas

  • Mike tyson

    Fire Fire Fire Flames being spit from da nigga fif
    Shady take over
    Slaughthouse yela 50 dre game LLOYD BANKS

    12 outta 12 give us the single

  • KanyeSmug

    Kanye put out GOOD MUSIC but Fif putting out GREAT MUSIC

  • roger

    new dr dre detox leak check it….

  • So Icy Boi!



    50 never fell off, dumbasses

  • obi-jaun

    50 is an insperation to us all.

  • young money cant compare to this this is 50 cent the best of the best i dont care wat yall say 50 on another level just listen 2 u like me better when im rich thats wat its about manne these other rappers soft 50 is blessed wit a gift and all these rappers dont stand a chance 50 is the one they hate on just listen he got that flow and yall can type in fuck 50 and all this pussy shit just stop why type that punk shit in ross been lost and 50 got mo ice than any stop playin he a heavy spitta and spenda i learn alot from 50

  • mack40


  • Goldenboy

    Great job word!! Tell them hatin succas… Fif keeps goin in! He basically gave out a tape! I enjoy 10 out of the 12 records

  • Cool song!!!

  • patmoney

    @word the realest comment a nigga ever wrote! i feel you on that tho

  • boss

    best song thus far

  • tyla




  • muffinman

    today rap fans hate 50 cent SMH