New Music: Grafh “Another One”

Grafh stays on his grind and is back with another one. No really, that’s the title of his latest recording, but don’t get it confused with the other one.


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  • wickwickwack

    its about time he started to focus again … u sir fell off the last 2 years
    i dont know why he dumbed it down,grafh always been lyrical in the past
    this is a start

  • James


  • Belize

    That is one ugly bitch…look at them saggy-ass thighs!
    Song explains why he’s with someone that pathetic…

  • Money mitch

    Shorty bad? Lol nasty hood stripper saggy tits nasty thighs and stretch mark stomach from little no daddy kids

  • me

    That chick shaped like the letter “H”

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    yeah dat woman iz sexy. she looks like ma she-male son So Icy Girl!

  • lmao at the letter “H” comment. I still think she looks proper. Chick needs a new angle tho lol. And Grafh’s an idiot. I think I saw this clown from Dame Dash’s reality show which is old as fuck… or that might be Rell… but hes still not doing big shit. DO SOMETHING!

  • This some of the dopest ish I heard from Grafh in a minute! Good to hear him somewhat focused & energized again!

  • HK

    if a dude wouldn’t hit that he gay. pass on the song

  • The Hater

    ^ u gotta understand where some of these niggas comin from though in the comment sections… They ALL fuck wit ONLY the BADDEST BITCHES and they stay the flyest