What’s Poppin’ SXSW: Odd Future Pt. 2

Peter Rosenberg continues his hilarious chat with Odd Future, where the collective share their musical interests growing up as well as a debate over Earl Sweatshirt and an 18 year-old Nasir. Earl or Illmatic? Go!

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    okay thats takin it a lil too far nas on illmatic is a masterpiece …but like i was sayin earl is a beast and for some stupid white boys stupid brother to say that is just a testament to how good earl is not that he has any credibility but the kid is talented its a shame hes not here to see all this fame hopefully hell be back soon…free earl….not better the nas tho… [email protected]#k no

  • Ty

    lol , free earl thoooo !

  • Kofi

    I don’t like there music but I’m glad to see hip-hop has expanded to the point were guys like this can find an audience with that said these dudes are EXTREMELY annoying. It’s true what they say, the further your age gets being a teenager the more irritating teenagers become to you and these guys are that to a fucking tee. I was just like these dudes at one point and I now know why every adult treated me and my friends like shit when we were in high school…I feel like writing an apology letter to all my teachers.

  • SINcere Of Mid Mobb

    I mean… Earl is a helluva m.c. to be that young that kid gets it in but better then Nas at that age I doubht it because Ill matic brought language to the game it hadn’t heard yet… Even Biggie bit that illmatic cover… That impression he left was pretty big. I love Earl because he’s an m.c. & wanted to bring lyrics to the front and no the back.

  • SINcere Of Mid Mobb

    2 Kofi I agree if it wasn’t for hip hop’s expanded audience these guys would basically be underground hero’s like Esham (im form Michigan by the way). It’s not a bad title to have but for what they got… If it wasn’t for ill matic they wouldnt be here. That’s why Earl is not better then Nas at 18

  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!!

    You see in the 80’s there was an influx of crack in da hood, when da fiend couldn’t get any dough for that crack they gave up ass, so then 2 crackheads dropped a seed, & they produce a crack baby, so now these crack babies are running around being disrespectful and going through major identity crisis, so deeply inside they hate all these crack dealers that made their moms and pops custies!! motherfuckers!!

  • Illmatic and it isn’t even close. I dig Earl but it’s a stupid comparison. Nas changed hip hop for the better and for the always

  • Mook

    I don’t know if Earl is better than Tyler but EARL album is very dope…

  • Is the Earl guy literally dead? because its not confirmed anywhere… odd shit!

  • Timothy Adems

    Earl is in boarding school…….I feel like people underestimate the talent in this clique. Earl/Tyler/Hodgy are legit rappers. Domo goes hard and is kind of in the Kid Cudi lane. Journey to the 5th echelon is ill too. No lie, OFWGKTA is the best rap group since Wu Tang. People are always talking about “Will they last?” But I mean, to me, if they keep going as hard as they have they will continue to build a strong fanbase. A lot of people said the same about Lupe Fiasco when he came out. Now look at him, through grinding and being a dope lyricist (first 2 albums/mixtapes) he paved his own lane.

    Side Note: Can someone tell Syd to STFU. She is annoying as hell. Why is she in the group?

  • If hes in boarding school, why did Tyler say he was dead? :s

  • Noringtone

    *sigh* These guys. I pray for all of them lol. Who’s the girl? and is earl really dead?

  • cesar

    they suck ass they talk way to much shit and their music sucks ass o and i hope they diss eminem so he can kill them

  • Faze-One

    syd is their engineer and DJ..they recorded a majority of their songs in her studio and she mad some of their beats

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  • R

    They must be targeting 13-18 year olds to sell to. They Spit no knowledge Better than NAS & WU GTFOH Son!

  • C. Baines

    Targeting. Listen to you jackals.

  • Anon DCPL

    so what the fuck happened to this earl kid? did he just fall off a cliff or someshit?

    what the fuck am i missing here?

  • Spicoli

    Is this a joke?

    Illmatic is one of the greatest albums of all time. Not just in hip-hop, but music period.

  • cooper

    yo no lie odd future is the shit. the movement is fun and new. some of their shit is pretty off the wall… i bet they throw a dope show

  • Nigger With Knowledge

    Earl is easily better than Nas was.

  • fsgfdgsfdg

    i cant tell if tyler is being serious… so they dont even listen to 90s hip hop? wtf?

    i bet u earl does.. earl is the most talented member of their group BY FAR and he could become a legend…

    im not sure about tyler, hes creative and is pretty good lyrically but he doesnt have the upside of earl lol

    but peter rosenberg embarrassed himself by even asking if earl is better than nas at his age smh

  • His grandma sent him to a boarding school after she heard his music. Or sent him to Belair to live with his aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil.

  • earl is kind of dope. R.I.P EARL

  • earl>nas ofwgkta> wu. i grew up listening to hip hop 2002 and and from that point. i didnt grow up to wu or nas but i listen to their shit from time and time and they dont touch odd future. theres no set story where earl is, so no one will know til he comes back from whereever he’s at. he has the makings to be a great fucking rapper. hopefully he doesnt start collabo with damien marley when he’s old as fuck and loses all his credibility.

  • Dum fucs

    Nas Aura was @ a higher plane …than most was @ 18…and still is artistically beyond this physical plane

  • p.s im from l.a, and you cant go outside without hearing a conversation about these guys. my friends range from hip hop heads to indie kids to hipsters to ravers and a lot of them feel there music, unlike most this bullshit you hear now on the radio and shit from back in the day

  • fifth

    no one in OF touches earl rapwise

  • PrincePolo

    new track : Dr.Dre ft swizz beats chillin chillin . SUX ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Chris

    I like Odd Future and I think they are bringing back a missing link to Hip Hop….but their fans gotta be stupid as fuck to think they are better Wu or Nas of the 90s. At the very basis, while they seem original there’s clearly some underground inspiration their.

    I’m curious to see where they go direction wise to last .

  • come on son getting at Nas and WU come on now i like there stuff but there Energie is not new maby for this time but i seen this before

  • Van

    Personal opinions. I’ve listened to Earl and have debated that he had the greatest potential to create another hip hop classic. I think I posted on RR that Earl Sweatshirt’s Earl is that shit. But better than Illmatic? No. That shit Earl has been out for a while and I can’t even debate with most people because they haven’t listened to it like that. Now this big little lip nigga is missing in action. wtf. Leave it to lame nigga Rosenberg to take shit too far. Next Subject. KTA (c)

  • clos1881

    @flacovey I didnt listen to hip hop before 2002 fuck outta here what are you 9? since you didnt listen to rap before to 2002 stick to what you know and comment on these bum ass niggas who came in the game after 2002

  • Frontrunner

    Obviously a hard crew to interview, but i’m feeling them…now gotta download the earl guy…

  • Black McJagger


    Tyler is a HUGE Eminem fan and you are clearly hogging his dick. “I hope they diss emenim so he can kill them” LMFAO SO MUCH FAIL IN ONE SENTENCE *Pusha T Voice* MAH GAWD!

  • original will

    im started to get the drake feelings with these guys im starting to feel like everybody trying to say they not signed but it seems if everybody is trying to push these guys on people on some “Invisible Government” shit all this they not signed shit is bullshit like come on Billboard Beyonce Neptunes all in one week they havent released a album this wholetime all those songs are old not old old but they got some days on them

    shit makes me wonder about this world in general when shit like this happen I mean come the fucc on these niggas aint that nice they can performs but realistically how do you get on Bilboard cover with no songs on Billboard at the time and with a Manager thats currently working probone come the fucc on

    i dont believe in that illumnati shit but you can tell everybody altogether is trying to make these niggas more than what they are

  • original will

    Newsflash: “Odd future wolf gang heads to the white House to meet the president who says hes an avid fan”-CNN

    LOL thats how shit is going right now

  • Meh the Earl album isnt bad, but it’s not an illmatic. I’d compare it more to eminems infinite because it shows the huge potential Earl Sweatshirt has as an artist.

  • Earl Dead???

    can someone answer this directly, is earl dead? i cant tell if he was serious or not and the camera went off right after he said it so they didnt say more, i cant find if he is or not anywhere? thanks in advance

  • Money mitch

    Most of their fans were born in like 95, after enter the 36 and illmatic. Those were the originals, this shit Is just a 2011 version of a half baked wu tang sayin weirder shit for the shock value, these lil kids think it’s new but this shit been here before and shall pass. Go listen to boom bap

  • lame

  • Shawn

    How is this man NEVER featured on your site?

  • Belize

    Illmatic was not all that and a bag of chip. But recovery was better than that boring shit stuff.

  • budha


  • Bengal Nation

    Frank Ocean has got real talent but the rest of OF is just shock rap. Earl is the only real rapper with potential outta the group, but Earl was not even close to Illmatic. I wish that good new rappers would be having this sort of success right now instead of this assholes. J. Cole, Big KRIT, and Kendrick Lamar > Odd Future

  • Art

    ^cosign all of this right here 100% (even the name- grew up in Cincy lol)

  • Birdy


  • 2wenty

    Why does every rap radar odd future posting becomes “return of the old head haters?” …

  • 2wenty

    Just so that posting don’t get misread…I’m saying the old heads are hating…I’m waiting for an even older head to jump on and hate on a wu tang post and be like “WHAT WU IS THE BEST? MAN KOOL AND THE GANG>FAT BOYS>WU TANG”

  • puerto-black

    Sade is on everybody’s list

  • LA

    Remind me when em use 2 say dre die and shit. frank ocean mixtape is FIRE tho fuck tha rest

  • Truth.com

    These Odd Future cats are cool, their stage performance is on par with some of the vets in the game. However I think that fat slob Rosenberg went a little too far by comparing some 16-17 yr old middle class skater who sounds like El-P from Company Flow to a16-17 yr old Nas who rapped on classics like “Live at The BBQ” & “Back To The Grill Again” and is from the notorius Queensbridge PJ’s. I was a shorty when Nas came out, that impact he had when Illmatic dropped is some other shit that I haven’t seen duplicated in awhile. Dudes switched the way they wrote their rhymes after hearing Illmatic, real talk! These Odd Future cats are part of a marketing strategy by there Manager who also works at Interscope records. I stay out in W. LA, been out here for 5 years, these dudes JUST popped on the scene forreal. Do your homework, they weren’t selling out no venues 2 yrs ago or even 6 months ago. They got a strong and powerful PR team between dude from Interscope and the Supreme Clothing folks supplying some income to back them up. Their not Anti-Establishment, or creative geniuses, just industry puppets apart of an experiment to sell some records. Really wish people would stop comparing these guys to people who made an actual impact in the game. They sound like Company Flow, Natural Elements, Non-Phixion all them NY indie groups you use to hear on the Stretch and Bobbitio show is who these clowns sound like, not horrocore but NYC indie hiphop from the late 90’s. Longwinded I know, but I’m getting kinda tired of being forced to believe Odd Future is the next best thing when it’s just astroturfing and marketing dollars at work. The name aint even original there was a group from Houston signed to Rap-a-lot named Odd Squad. I dunno man, thought the Yonkers vid was creative, I think Tyler should be compared to dudes like MF Doom or Kool Keith not Nas, Jay-Z, or Em those are dudes that changed the game and sold a shitload of records bottomline. That Wolfgang shit can kiss my ass yall jacked that shit from Wiz, he been throwing up Taylor Gang for the last 5 yrs, come up with something new, fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The young always diss the old, That’s how it is in Hip-Hop. In five years from now some new kids will be dissin these guys.. Who cares?

  • Belize


  • West West Yall!

    Why can’t dudes like Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. and J.Cole get a billboard cover, songs w/ Beyonce and the Neptunes and 24/7 coverage on rapradar……..Oh, yeah I know because Odd Future is managed by Interscope’s head of marketing and YN splits his stake in RapRadar w/ Em’s manager who’s alos down with Interscope…………Now it all makes $ense! This is a lesson to all you unsigned artists emailing ya mp3s thinking ya gonna get on. Ya better off getting a major label connect and fronting like ya still unsigned while pushing ya product on the public. The rapgame in 2011……funny business.

  • Swagd’d Up

    These weirdos got the swag of a project roach! Is this what’s poppin’ in the streets? Oh Lawd, we’re in trouble. That boy-girl in the group sounds like the only intelligent one. I get the feeling that tyler is a crack baby by his erratic behavior I worked in a group home and had to look after kids like him. Hope he gets the help he needs, crack babies be on that acting out shit all the time. Gotta slap em in the mouf one good time for ’em to shut up! Yaknow.

  • HahaBitch


    lmao…how you gonna go on a rant like that and end it by nut riding Wiz and his bitch ass Taylor Gang hahaha

  • Cory

    well, everyone on this website is a hip-hop stan that is only obsessed with what gets played on the radio / what used to get played on the radio. odd future is too out of the box for most of y’all.

  • Cory

    you closed minded ass hoes


  • J-Clem

    You are going to be biased to whatever generation you grew up in.

  • original will

    @wes west yall

    thats exactly what iwas thincing like come on a Billboard Cover, then the neptunes then beyonce come the fucc on the kid could have just got in the studio with her or went into the studio who was writing for her but the pics and the way rapradar been on they dicc so stuff lately it makes me turn away from they shit even more

    its kinda like how rapradar was throwing down Kim and bigging up Nicki while Nicki shit was just being release you can tell that somebodies elbows is getting greased now notice how the Game’s Post has also had a slant on them now too although this nigga shit been pushed bacc over 2 years now

  • original will

    @west west yall

    then this is all in one week where they havent even released anything new come the fucc on like really whats next Gaga LOL some shit is just too good to be true like a couple of years ago when them places were giving away free chiccen and didnt say why? LOL

  • West West Yall!

    @Original Will

    Yeah the game is funny becuz they wanna make it seem like these guys is doing this all by themselves. I clicked on the links and listened to the music wit an open ear……some shit’s cool, some shit’s i-ight……some of it I just don’t get…….but to compare it to Nas’ shit that was ALL hot straight out the gate…..I dunno man like I said. Again, I’m not a hater in fact I applaud there PR team lot of other artists can learn how to strategize & market themselves better from Odd Future, becuz to have not sold one record and be on the cover of Billboard……….Wow!!!

  • ZoomZoom


  • Glasses Malone

    illmatic is a classic, can’t even compare, that made me lose a little respect for the little homies.

  • ZoomZoom

    Ok. WHY IS EARL MISSING???????????????????

  • So Icy Boi!

    Odd Future wack and borin niggaz. Lil B iz da truth. Gooch da G-O-A-T

  • haq


  • Born In 81

    When did JoJo Simmons join a rap group???

    Nah but seriously, everything I need to know about this group is on that dudes shirt and busted Vans. What? Am I supposed to take his rap opinions seriously? C’mon, he’s 17 and talks like a valley girl.

  • _one

    My question would be to the Odd Future audience or those that would agree that Earl is better than or measures up to Illmatic, what is that measuring stick? In what ways is it? What do kids now look for in a great album? I hear so many people now that listen to these guys and newer artist (the chick says it in this video too) that they aren’t into lyrics.

    Nas at 18 in the 90’s was the guy to say shocking things (Verbal assassin my architect pleases / When I was twelve, I went to hell for snuffin Jesus) but Illmatic painted a picture of his life and the life of a lot of people. Of course its not going to have the same impact on an 18 year old kid now as it did 94. As far as for Earl, Tyler, and Hodgy, they are all talented and have HUGE potential. To me Earl and Tyler both having something that stands out about them. But Earl’s album doesn’t measure in anyway to Illmatic, no matter how you look at it. To me it’s based on what’s the craziest shit I can say and sound cleaver. He does it well but in no way does it have the impact of Illmatic. Does he have the potential to make an album better? I think he does and maybe with a little bit more time and life experience maybe he will. I just want to hear someone’s solid explanation on why they think Earl’s album is better.

  • Blue

    smh at the gullible retards thinking that Earl might actually be dead.

    Do you tote Tyler’s dick so heavy that you believe everything that comes out of his mouth?

    And if I had the opportunity to punch Snooki in the face or Syd I might go with Syd. She’s annoying as hell.

  • Born in 81

    I can’t believe Swag’d said “that boy-girl in the group” That was the funniest shit I ever read.

    I can’t believe you guys are all trippin on what he said. Dude literallyt wasn’t alive when Illmatic came out, how is he supposed to understand how hot it is/was?

  • jadbeats

    this nigga is nothin close to what nas was at 18 nas actually had a message and substance these dude just rap about dumb shit and make it rhyme, yes they can spit but they bittin eminem style with the crazy shit they say honestly the dude sounds like charles hamilton to me

  • Frank Ocean is the most talented member of OFWGKTA, notice hes never around these dude. Its cause hes doing bigger things.. hes making a song with fckn beyonce.. once that happens and that song blows up (which it deffinitely will, radio and all) OFWGKTA is gonna get fckn thrown into the spotlight. And its pretty fckn weird how Frank talks about believing in god, and tyler and hodgy n the rest of um rant about satan and how they hate Jesus, it just dont make sense to me..
    Frank Ocean is the shit tho.. as the rest of um, ehhhhh they ighhht lol

  • D

    Seriously, people acting like there isn’t a lane for these young un’s…

    If there’s room for the waka’s, plies, lil’ b’s heck even khaled’s then there’s DEFINITELY room for odd future.

    What I like about these young un’s is that they’ve been active (albums wise) since 2008/9 and have steadily built their following…so what if it’s just said to be shock value it’s not like they don’t have any talent (didn’t Eminem do the same thing???? Did everyone say gtfoh he’s just a gimmick???)

    Plus there’s offshoots of their group, so if you don’t like Tyler, there’s Mellowhype, Earl etc.

    We all know that music goes around in cycles..like fashion…nothing’s new however, it is how it’s executed…after a while sure they could become annoying but i’m enjoying the fact that they are getting recognised (16-21) and seem to be staying true to themseleves..plus they’re having fun and they’re creative.

    Also, considering these are mid-late 90’s babies and beyond, are people really getting angry with them for not acknowledging (the public’s) favourite groups…FOH.

  • The Hater

    Man I could kill a few niggas based on these statements. Nas CHANGED the whole face of rap. LIL dirty ass Earl ain’t that fuckin nice their others comin up wit more potential

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  • Bub

    Tell that Dyke to STFU b!!!!!!!

  • Zee

    Earl really is in a boarding school somewhere hes not dead.

    Im pretty sure even Earl himself would say Nas is better its a no contest really.

    Free Earl thats that fuckin shit!!!!