Kanye West & Jay-Z “Monster” At SXSW

After Kanye brought out Hov, the pair recited their verses from “Monster” and almost “Swagger Like Us” (Mr. West forgot his verse. Ha!). Mr. Carter then took over with a “PSA” before getting “So Appalled” with Mr. West . Below, Ye and Pusha “Runaway” and the show closed with the entire G.O.O.D. fam for the “Good Life”.

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  • So Icy Boi!

    Nicki was tha only good part bout dis song. Shit is wack,shit is weak. MBDTF flopped hard and Kanye is overrated tho. #justsayin

  • SqueeGee

    LOL daaaang Kanye forgot his Swagger Like Us verse. smh

  • SqueeGee

    At least he admitted to it at the end, though haha

  • Mischief

    What’s the word on “Watch the Throne” Wasn’t it scheduled to release in March?

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^ Watch The Flop will neva be released Blood

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  • original will

    how the fucc do you forget you verse dont they do like a rehersal for shit like this LOL WTF

  • puerto-black

    “Everybody wanna know what my achilles heel is
    LOVE I dont get enough of it
    All I get is these vampires and blood suckers
    All I see is these n-ggas I’ve made millionnaires
    Milling about, spilling there feelings in the air
    All I see is these fake f-cks with no fangs
    Tryna draw blood with my ice cold veins
    I smell a massacre
    Seems to be the only way to back you bastards up”

    How should I begin this
    I’m just so offended
    how am I even mentioned by all these fucking beginners?
    I’m so appalled I might buy the mall
    just to show niggas how much more I have in store
    I’m fresher than you all
    so I don’t have to pause
    all of y’all can suck my balls through my draws
    dark knight feeling, die or be a hero
    or live long enough to see yourself become a villain
    I went from the favourite to the most hated
    or would you rather be underpaid or over-rated?
    moral victories is for minor league coaches
    and ‘Ye already told you “We Major” you cockroaches
    show me where the boats is, Ferrari testarossa’s
    the Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused
    I lost thirty mill so I spent another 30
    cuz unlike Hammer 30 mill can’t hurt me
    fucking insane, the fuck am I sayin’
    not only am I fly, I’m fucking not playing
    all these little bitches too big for their britches
    burning their little bridges
    fucking ridiculous

    And he’s wealthy

  • LA

    Hov tha GOAT!!

  • Ye forgot his verse…..that’s where HOV come in and ANNIHILATE THE ARENA HA! check JAY’s ACAPELLA from the @8:55 mark… i love it when he does this. not many rappers can pull this off as good as Jay do!

  • Jimmy Dee


    I never really stuck with that word that “Watch The Throne” was gonna come out this month, with absolutely NO build-up toward the album thru ads and singles etc.. And the only joint they released was H.A.M which was…underwhelming to say the least.

    I’m a Hov an Ye fan, so I can wait. But dead the runarounds, this ain’t Lost Tapes 2.

  • Black Shady

    LMAO @ KANYE “I forgot that shit”

    “Shoot at you actors like movie directors” POW

  • Belize

    Haha #FAIL!

  • J

    So now Puff, Hov and Ye are all saying swag now? Odd Future and Lil B are making a impact on the vets

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    OK….WE CAN ALL AGREE….IVE SEEN JAY LIVE 4 TIMES (including Yankee Stadium, Im proud of that cause I flew from Virginia = True Fan) But….when he does PSA…….THAT IS THE LIVEST SHIT EVER…..EVERY SINGLE TIME……SO AMAZING.

    Please come back to Norfolk Scope Jigga. Thanks. Great performances.

  • @TimLeeVAStandUp

  • Ебарь


  • Urgirlsfavorite

    I went to this show. Waited in line for four hours and it was worth every minute. Free to get in for the first 2000 people and they had a open bar! Gotta tip ur hat to Kanye for throwing a free show of this caliber. On top of all that I got some pussy from a bitch at the show. Thank u Kanye…Thank u

  • ^^^@Urgirlsfavorite
    lmfaooo! #NICE!

  • Jimmy Dee


    That sounded like an infomercial looool, still, #WIN

  • blind

    who stylin? lookin like they pulled up on a harley together gay biker bar steez. i thought sxsw was for the grassroots raw hip hop crowd underground favorites, not male fashion diva superstar rap

  • blind

    how the fuck does one even forget they own verse, sounds to me like he needs to spend less time in the womens dept picking out blouses, and more time practicing his performances…n he forgets the words to his shit all the damn time, just think if this guy and nas had a concert how much dead air there would be and unfinished songs cause these mf cant seem to remember words to any of their own hits

  • Nigel

    Not the gaat since wayne is, but dope video!

  • Sc_R

    @J that’s like a 360 because jay-z is the ONLY reason the word swag became relevant in that sense.. check out my SWAG Yo I walk like a ballplayer.. take niggas back to ’01 w/ that “pause” shit too “where my dogs at?/where my soldiers at war?/where ya balls at?/whoa!/gotta pause that/whoa”

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  • sensey

    lost 92 had to fall back ..knocked a nigga off his feet but i crawled back.. had a-1 credit got more crack from the first to the 5th gave it all back… if im not a hustler what u call that? this is before rap..this is all fact.

  • Tyrell

    kinda suprised we aint get no videos of this event from jimmy dushku. waiting for some better vids. whole concert was predicable. we knew Ye would be there weeks ago. we knew Jay would be there.