Ready To Die Cover Baby Found

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One of hip-hop’s greatest mysteries has finally been cracked. Three weeks after the 14th anniversary of the death of the Notorious B.I.G., The New York Daily News has identified the afro-sporting baby on the cover of his platinum debut album, Ready To Die.

The model is 18-year-old Bronx native, Keithroy Yearwood. Last year, we asked Puff to I.D. the tyke but to no avail. After all these years, it would be cool to recreate the image with the original photographer, Butch Belair—sans the diaper of course.

When, a popular hip hop website, asked Combs about it last year, he said, “That was a baby we just found ….We did a little casting for somebody that looked like Big.”

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  • Belize

    Ha! That’s pretty dope!
    If only the important case would be solved…

  • RoeLuv

    You can see it in the face that it’s him

  • ok

    good rr now ask puff who killed biggie

  • BobbyWhite

    @Belize yea, i want the real case to be solved, but this is dope

  • The Black Cloud

    “Yawn” his 5 minutes are over, glad that’s out of the way HA! Now on the that case….

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fake old ass rap. smh

    The Appeal >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ready to Die
    Flockaveli >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ready to Die


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  • The Black Cloud

    lol @soicy he buggin

  • The Black Cloud

    that baby on the cover of ready to die could out rap gucci and flocka haha


  • bawse

    lol … why is this such a big issue ? dude was like I’m glad the truth came out… lol .. nobody gives a fuck.
    RIP B.I.G the greatest

  • The Black Cloud


  • B.Dot

    ask CNN if it was a big issue when they found the kid on the cover of “Nevermind”. u must be born after 1994 to ask a dumb ass question as why this is such a big issue.

  • ray

    LOL @ “I’m glad the truth is finally out”….what is that suppose to mean?….Was there some sort of huge cover-up we don’t know about?

  • B.Dot

    smh. people thought it was biggie, one of his kids, etc. it became an urban legend of sorts.

  • Word

    I dont know why people take @So Icy seriously. No one in they right mind would say that. He’s OBVIOUSLY trolling. Its so obvious that its not even funny or entertaining. Ignore him and he’ll get bored.

  • The Black Cloud

    If there was controversy surrounding this cover in particular then I could understand why people would care who was on the cover. But this kid is a nobody and also no one cares who the baby was on this classic album, all the majority of us care about is who killed B.I.G. So until that’s solved, C’mon son GTFOHWTBS lol don’t nobody wanna see a video of you talking about shit you can’t even remember…bottom line solve the case!

  • yeah boi

    thats cool give the kid some promo and he might pull a few females of that i am happy to know he dont rap he might use the cover for a mixtape if he did lol…now solve the case of who murder B.I.G AND tupac

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Wow, I thought this was a dope post…..why is everyone acting like this ISNT a big deal….this kid is on the cover of the most legendary rappers ever’s FIRST ALBUM. You 16 year olds need to go home and do your homework.

    Kinda like A Big Deal.

  • The Black Cloud

    Its not a big deal lol its just some kid who isn’t talented talking about a picture…If RR posted murder results then everyone lose it lol because THATS a BIG DEAL not this bs lol Don’t get me wrong its cool but not something to get excited about…

  • B.Dot

    yeah, ur a dumb ass.

  • moreffa

    you jackasses are some hating ass niggas

    lets see some of you queer ass niggas on a real classic album cover

  • The Black Cloud

    how b dot is a lame ass post which makes you a lame ass for posting it…

  • Good look for the kid, “now that the face is revealed shit got real…”
    Hopefully he can get some box off that fame.
    My only question is why did they have him posed lying on the couch like that?!

  • 5k on my wrist

    cool story bro.

  • Black Shady

    cool story

  • Chris

    Pretty cool find.

    That’s an iconic and legendary album with an iconic and legendary cover. That kid was a part of Hip Hop history.

    Also the fact that this kid is grown up now and looks like a grown ass man makes me feel really, really, really old as a 28 year old . I still remember picking up that album from my brother, damn.

  • DIGGSY!!!

    @ bawse
    @ the black cloud
    @ ray

    fuckin youngins.

    i can defiantly appreciate this story. nice post b. dot.

  • I HATE when people choose HITS as their favorite songs in a album..Like thats corny to me. Chose a song that wasnt played on the radio,to at least show that you actually listened to the album. It wouldve been cool if he chose one hit..but he chose 2 of them. He probably never heard the album before -___-!

  • they called him the ‘ready to die’ kid. that’s fuct up

  • Monk


  • NoSoup4Yu

    I always thought it was big. I wonder if he gets any kind of money for that.

  • Barack Obama

    This guy is fraud. Our intelligence unit has evidence that an infant Lil’ B was the baby on that cover.

  • CapricornReligion

    Slow news day huh Rapradar?

  • bgirl

    He’s cute. 🙂

  • LA

    @The black clown is clearly not a tru hiphop fan. anyway i always thought the baby was someone realated 2 big not actually him or his kid tho

  • KingWonder

    Nicki Minaj’s 3 second boring Lap Dance>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SoIcyBoi’s Life

  • NotoriousRambo.



    That’d be sick being on a classic album cover. Lucky guy..

  • Belize

    @PRkid: That’s exactly what I was thinking…He must not listen to rap or something.
    @B.Dot: Yeh nigga I thought it was big too.
    @NotoriousRambo: That’s the first non-rambling shit you ever said.

  • Cookie

    The baby pic look’s like big. good job.

  • puerto-black

    @Word, Word…..Now, someone ask tony starks what happened to all those wallys from the “Ironman” album?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Where is lil twist new video at rr? Love affair already drop damn speed of instead of wasting a post! R.i.p biggie, pac, and nate

  • OffYaSelf

    lmao at all the new niggs that dont give a fuck. smh

  • Larrytufo

    That guy is my best friend. He goes to my school and no one believed him. I’m showing everyone this.

  • mr.300

    This site sucks! Let me read one more wack postings like this & done! I guarantee tomorrow they post some shit about Officer Ricky like what he thought of his last show.

  • Save that picture for the cover of Respect B. Dot

  • Donn

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis So you are a fan of lil twist now??? GTFOH

  • must be cool to be on the cover the most respected classic album in the history of hip-hop

  • mmkayy

    yeaa im not gonna lie i thought it was biggie……but the dude on the cover doesnt even seem like a hiphop fan lol “i like the hook….its catchy” smh


    R.i.p biggie.

  • Stevie

    SMH @ all you idiots sayin its not a big deal! For once in you freakin lives would yall appreciate a brother? damn! and to those idiot sayin oh we wanna know who killed biggie, i guarantee if thats ever found, these fucks will be the same ones to say its too late now or some b.s!

  • You people are some hatin ass holes! It’s a B.I.G. ass deal!! You know you heard all kinds of rumors about who the baby is…now you know…that’s the big deal! It’s biggies kid, It’s Puffys kid, now we know. Stop hatin…who gives a shit if he knows all the words to the songs or that he picked the most popular songs onthe album…He was a kid! And those were his favorite songs! Grow the fuck up and stop hatin. Wish the kid allthe best getting in to college and all that good shit. I know if it were my friend I would be like “Hell Yeah” That’s my boi! You would too! so stop hatin. This is an ICONIC Album…
    And do you really think they gonna let you know who killed Biggie??? They already know, but your dumb asses have to wait to find out…maybe when ya’ll are in your 60’s or 70’s…MAYBE! So stop the hatin and appreciate the knowledge…Mystery solved…and don’t act like people never was curious…

  • B. Digital

    I actually thought it was Biggie’s baby picture but now we know.

  • Nice …wish they `d solve biggies murder….

  • david

    hey can you guys please do my survety it would help mke out a lot thank you!

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