DJ Quik Regrets Being West Coast Bias

DJ Quik may be one of hip-hop’s most known unknowns. Although he’s revered as a West Coast legend, the results weren’t the same out East—specifically in New York. Outside the Book Of David listening in Austin, TX, Quik explained why he never got a bite out of the Big Apple.

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  • Kareem

    Quik is one of my favorite niggas in hip-hop. Aside from Bun B, he’s the only nigga in the game I know that damn near everybody fucks with.

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  • BadgerMoose

    ^I dont fuck with DJ Quik.

  • petey wheatstraw

    he produced on the black album…i would say thats a good look from the EC.

  • B.Dot

    thats true

  • Talk is Cheap

    Very smart dude.. weathered the industry storms and is still relevant from both sides of the boards.

  • getwarm

    Why do dudes from the west spend so much energy on “east coast bias”. I’m from Brooklyn and a lot that comes from the west is hot but some of it is not. The same for NY, some is hot and some is not. If I like it I like it but you complaining won’t make me want to hear you

  • LA

    ^So tru. just bc where u from? make no difference 2 me

  • Tony Soprano

    cosign @getwarm u never hear ghostface killah or like redman or camron complaining cuz they dont get any spins in LA… different regions just have different tastes. Its not “biased” when Waka Flocka cant get played above the mason-dixon line, its just assumed that other people like other shit.

  • Ben

    West Coast the shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhyme

    Bitch please, who doesnt know quik except the youngsters. Son used to get mad play on the East Coast. Problem with the West is that their established artist stop breaking in new artist.
    The West ran Hip-Hop from 90-96.

    “Just Like Compton”

  • AnuKiNSkywalker

    I use to listen to quik ,but yeah 2 dimensional this is 2011 our tv’s are 3d and they allready got 4D shit you know what I mean? 2D is a nigga still playing nintendo while your son wants a ps3 or 360 i’m out

  • Belize


  • lilrizq

    he’s not complaining about east coast bias, he’s admitting that he was being stingy with his music by not making tracks that the east could bang.

  • Quik’s always been dope… there’s mad layers in his music.

  • Craig

    Cosign @lilrizq.

    Really though, coastal bias on all parts is plain stupid. If it’s dope, it’s dope. If not, pass on it and keep it movin.

  • RENO

    check out Suge Knight walking pass @ the 1:14 mark loool

  • Visenyc

    I agree with quick….and like most of you have said it doesn’t matter where you from good music will make its way around world no matter where it comes from. its all about quality not quantity…

  • getwarm

    If the music is what bangs in a certain region then where you’re from won’t matter. The best music from the west got play in NY. I listened to NWA, Quik,MC Eiht…the stuff that I didn’t like didn’t get plyed but its the same with rappers from NY. There are a lot of rappers who don’t fit my taste that are from NY too

  • original will

    quik is like one of those rap vets that always have some legit shit to say whether you like it or not it seem like he always keep it 1 hunnit like he dont sugar code shit

    If i was a rapper i would love to get in the studio with him becuz hell let you kno if yo shit wacc or not instead of all these yes mans that cosign bullshit like the niggas Game got on his team that thinc everything he do is hot i bet quik will have game shit sounding right

  • chilleymost

    FUCK WILLIE LYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hmmm

    born and raised in la…
    quik,snoop,nate and battlecat are the true legends out here…even pac knows & said dre was a weenie!!!

  • Mike Nic

    Well, i feel what Quik said but back in the day and even more now, West Coast still ain’t heard. These radio stations play more east coast and dirty south than West Coast. Snoop got new shit out and rarely hear it…and even Sirius/XM plays everything but West Coast most of the time. The Game R.E.D. Nation single ain’t in the rotation unless requested. But they play the hell outta Jay-Z and Kanye West. I would be bias as well! And i am still and i’m from Ohio, raised in L.A.! It’s the realest music!

  • jake

    is that the guy who did the black pussy song from the deathrow to gangsta for tv dvd?? that video was fuckin great

  • Braniak

    Quik is a true WestCoast legend no doubt hes one of my top producers as well, but he got a point its true WestCoast was running shit back in the 90’s for like a decade everybody want it to be from the west or was looking up to them. And then Hip-Hop move back to the EC not for very long when the South took over. I’m form the WestCoast and don’t give me wrong I love Hip-Hop in general no doubt my heart stays on the west, but you gotta expend your mind with quality music, good music that nowadays is hard to find specially on the radio.
    Radio is what killed the west not to mention $$$ but artist here don’t get the support or treatment like EC or DS artist. Nice move by Quik looking forward to all his projects and the new album on the way. I also like to CO-SIGN the following homies that know wuz up!
    @ petey wheatstraw – Talk is Cheap – Ben – Rhyme – lilrizq – Visenyk – original will – getwarm & Mike Nic………West Up and I’m out!

  • The Yorkster

    Most 40 and under hip hop lovers dont have enough history or knowledge to fully comprehend what Quik is talking about, and this is not to hate on my little bros and sis out there.

    The West has always shown the east love going way back to 1580 KDay and KGFJ (1979-84) This was because when Rap music started, most of the artist that had record deals were from the east. Thus all we had to was east coast rap to play. The thing was, the west never considered it to be east coast music. It was just some brotha’s rapping real talk that we could relate to. It wasnt until the west started producing rappers that people started labeling rappers east-coast / west-coast rappers. The west always loved the east, until the west coast rappers started touring and expected the same love and respect shown to the east while in the west. When we started hearing about east coast radio stations hating on the west, it was then, and only then that the west coast start retaliating. And then came NWA!!!!

    NWA was a blessing and a curse for the entire industry. It was a blessing because now Hip Hop was becoming a political machine that represented the voiceless. It became the prophet for the black and brown community more powerful than any other political and religious organization in the world. “Phuck the Police” became a national anthem that united black and brown people in America. It also started making millionaires of these young black defiant young men. This created another problem because the balance of “perceived” power within the machine of hip hop changed. If you didnt have a Jeri Curl and a foul mouth you werent getting signed a deal.

    Now, all of the “mainstream” rap artist were from the west, but did the east welcome their brotha’s and sista’s from the west? NO! Instead they started hating on the west and felt that the west was taken the spot light away from them. I have magazines dating back to the 1988 before we had the luxury of the internet where east coast rappers and fans were hating on the west coast artist before there was an alleged feud. And when the DJ’s got involved it became worst. The west sort sat back and said WTF?

    Prior to NWA there was a balance rap styles. From RUN DMC to Big Daddy Kane, to BDP to the LA DREAM TEAM and Special Ed. Now, everyone is a gangster, everyone is a drug dealer, everyone curses just because they can. Hip Hop has dumbed down black and brown America. And “we” are still playing the game with the same marked deck and we don’t even know it.

    For all of you 25 and younger Hip Hop fans – it is time for you to change the game and dont allow the evil powers that be, separate and divide you. Demand better quality. Demand a variety. Change the world, you have the power!

  • Mike Nic

    The thing is, the peeps (citizens) of NY ain’t the blame. They spend money 4 the West Coast music like us all and they like their East Coast more, nothin’ wrong wit’ that but it’s the main stream media and Midwest and East Coast radio stations that keeps the West from bein’ heard most of the time. Power 107.5 fm Columbus, Ohio plays nothin’ but East Coast and Dirty South and rarely put Snoop in the rotation. DJ Quik probably won’t get air-time on this side. I’ve been 2 clubs in Brooklyn and all u hear is Jay-Z, Nas, 50, and maybe some artist from the South but i never, not one time heard Ice Cube, Snoop, Game, 2Pac, etc….4REAL!!! They played Kanye and even Cee-Lo “Fuck You” but nothin’ representin’ the West Coast. Never-the-less, Quik is doin’ his thang and hope he sell out the first week that The Book of David is released. He deserves more respect than most these Producers/Rappers are receivin’. COLUMBUS…IS JUST LIKE COMPTON! Big ups 2 that nigga DJ QUIK!

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  • King

    @The Yorkster co-sign…although i’m below 25 years old