Kanye West “Hell Of A Life”/ “Christian Dior Demin Flow” At SXSW

Although he got by with a lil help from the Big Homie, Mr. West did shine on his own and with other friends. Here are two of my favorite performances from the Vevo show. No mas on this night’s footage. Guess none of us respected the no camera rule. Oops!

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  • wouzi

    GOOD MUSIC !!!!!!


    da singin at the end from ye, cudi n legend is crazy. ye n cudi outsung legend, haaaaaaaaaa

  • Donn

    Yo there is no better hip hop performer than Kanye West. Look at the energy man. Even if you never go to a Ye concert, you can watch the shit from the computer and still feel like your right there. GEEZUS

  • Black Shady

    Wish Banks was there to perform! damn…

  • Jay

    @ Donn Have u ever been to a Hov concert before? I’ve never seen kanye live but based on wat I saw Jay-Z do I don’t think Ye can top it

  • Donn


    Jay-Z is my favorite muscian of all time behind Michael Jackson, but when it comes to live shows, uh uh

    Jay-Z walks around left to right and has good song transitions. Kanye’s energy, his set ups, his raw emotion is amazing. No body can top Kanye on stage. The only man who could is dead (Michael)

  • Citylivin’

    i’m not even a Cudi fan but i wish John Legend wasn’t tryna “outsing” Cudi….Cudi voice sounds better on the song.

  • pressure

    @Citylivin’ Cudi never had that part. You’re thinking Ryan Leslie

  • Citylivin’

    i’m talking about the hook cuz.

  • SqueeGee

    Cudi was quiet as a mouse lol. Was something wrong with his mic?

  • badjuju

    Crowd sucks, but good ass performance

  • clifton