• maaaan

    Maan, Odd future is some crazy wack HIPSTER bullshit!

    You really wanna be different? Go eat a pile a shit.


  • Donn


    Are you really serious right now?? Is this what hip Hop has come to. We go from 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas to this shit??


  • Amen


    And the funniest thing about is watching all these industry stooges trip all over each other trying to show who can jock ride them the most…it’s truly disgusting…forced, corny and contrived from just about every angle…SXSW has officially jumped the shark this year

  • Bloopers

    Lmao @ these upset niggas

    FREE EARL!!!

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    @ Donn to be fair Eminem rapped about raping his own mother & he sold a hell of a lot than these guys ever will ,Ice t, some NWA, early DMX, M.O.P, matter of fact all those guys you mentioned have written some pretty violent fucked up songs

  • Bloopers

    Biggie told a chick once that she looked so good he’d suck on her daddy’s dick lol Nas said he went to hell for snuffing Jesus Jay said he never prayed to god he prayed to gotti and Pac told us he was a thug


  • East oAkland

    Pay respect to the Og’s you lil niggas em was Not the first nigga to rap about that crazy shit so stfu Ganksta Nip From Texas started that shit 20 years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7F5Rn6iaMc
    With full albums

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    I was actually gonna go back further but i figured he propably wouldn’t know who i was talking about, but theres no doubt Hip hop has always been violent from Kool g rap to Scarface they all rapped about killing people

  • blv

    kill people, burn shit, fuck school… yeah.. why not..

  • lol Niggas is madd quiet especially that Faggot DOnn… all Eminem rapped about was rape butt sex and murder and you niggas ate that shit up… and Now Em is a GOAT? Fuck outta here

  • Donn

    That doesn’t justify the shit being right. I couldn’t listen to Eminem’s crazy ass songs nor did I condone certain lyrics some artist rap about. The Eminem now wouldn’t condone his past behaivor, Nas would take back lyrics he wrote as well if he could.

    Like c’mon, are we really gonna sit here and say this shit is right???

  • FIrst off, all Nas lyrics are dope and I doubt he’d take back anything, Eminem is a diff story… But these odd future niggas? they are teenagers, the oldest being Frank Ocean and as You can see he puts himself on a different plateau than these niggas… Why cant they rebel and be bold and say whatever the fuck they want? Gives kids a place to vent and say and yell how they feel rather than shooting up schools in reality. I’m all for it. I see it as a form of therapy for this next generation, who to be honest is alot toned down and lest “gangster and violent:” than My generation growing up in the 80s and 90s, with Hardcore 94, all the gangsta rap on the westcoast… so why not Odd Future? they are harmless and at the least entertaining

  • teejay

    As always in hip hop, it isn’t necessarily exactly what they’re sayng that matters but it’s the expression. Ice Cube wasn’t actually going to kill all those cops, Eminem wasn’t going to rape all those women. Odd Future is just expressing the extreme frustration of their generation. It’s not the fact that Tyler the Creator literally wants kids to shoot up schools, its more the fact that he’s been driven to say things like that.

  • yagga868

    i thought this was kid music…i just saw an old ass bald dude pumpin his fist in the crowd wtf?!?!?!

  • Donn


    So this shit is ok and gets a pass?

    Cant believe what i’m hearing. What an uplifting thing to say to our generation

  • ^^^ Didn’t you just say to let them have there fun?

    Donn says:
    Sunday, March 20 2011 at 1:16 PM EST
    I don’t listen to these guys but I gotta disagree with everybody on this one

    Not everybody has to be Raekwon or Nas or J. Cole. Like this is Hip Hop, if everybody rapped the same then Hip Hop would be boring. I feel like you for every Lil B or Soulja Boy you have your Mos Def’s and your Talib Kweli’s

    There’s a balance in Hip Hop, there’s something for everybody. Let these kids have their fun


  • Belize

    @Donn: You can’t say Pac, Big, Jay & Nas werent at any time dope.

  • LA

    [email protected]@kid rapp ETHER yo ass hahaha! Fuck this WACK nigga

  • badjuju

    Donn stop hating faggot

  • KanyeSmug

    Ironically there already was a *odd future* And weren’t they called Onyx?

  • wild dudes


  • god

    the music industry is in such shambles, shock value is the only thing they have left. they have laid-off everybody that could bring them authentic, cutting edge talent and must rely on morons like odd future to try and sell cds that nobody buys anymore.


  • Neff

    Pac Biggie they are in the past this is the fucking future get the fuck out the 90’s yeah pac and biggie was dope but its fuckng 2011 chill the fuck out withthis biggie and pac shit If you dont like OFWGKTA go stay in the fucking 90s.