On The Set: Swizz Beatz x Eve “Everyday (Coolin)”

Swizzy and Eve began shooting their new video the other day. Ruff Ryders, we back? Well until the final product arrives, chill out with some on the set flicks courtesy of Nigel D.


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  • Belize


  • Jake

    I still bump ryde or die vol 1. i still dont know what happen 2 drag on tho. i thought he was going 2 blow up.

  • LA

    ^WORD? whateva happen to that nigga? I always thought he was dope to.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Shit got wack juice all over it. Swizz Beatz beats has been shit for years now and him bein on any track is worse then Diddy cause he’s a wanna be Diddy for the most part. As far as Eve goes that ship sailed and that shit ain’t ever coming back. But the bitch in last pic is sexy tho.

  • veesky

    All I know is the chick in the last pic is tough!

  • sw

    @swizz whatever happened to that greatest hh producer of all times titles.
    Did dame dash do that to you also. eheheh! that bet show was thrash, sorry i said it.
    Man you influenced a whole bunch of artist producer bro for real for realzzzz.
    But now people turn there heads on HH cause of your latest music.
    And you alway/s where the same jackets and the beats are all your old stuff.
    Your loosing that realty in HH my brother fast.

  • Braniak

    Eve lookin’ fine!

  • Spicoli

    That last bitch could get the pipe!

  • G

    The last chick is Brittany Dailey. She’s certified bad.

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    i am so happy E V E is back….

  • MinajBangher!

    Eve can still get it!



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