YN Meets Mac Miller

Walkin’ thru the streets of Austin during SXSW you never know who you’re gonna run into. Here’s a brief convo with me and the young MC from Rostrum Records. Guess dude hasn’t officially inked with a major yet. Hmm!

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  • He’s lying just like Wiz did.

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    no doubt

  • Black Shady

    Im not even on some hating shit, but Mac Miller is not even that good
    Asher Roth is like 10X better than this white mufucka. At least if you’re a new WHITE RAPPER, make sure lyrically you are SO ON POINT! smh…

    and CO-SIGN @bjack ; he’s so lying. no way he’d be on XXL cover without a deal. BELIEVE DAT

    SHADY 2011

  • mikeyyyrockks

    this mother fucker is a fake ass clown and he is a very below average rapper…. and i agree with dude above, ASHER is 100x better than this fraud who thinks he’s black.

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  • tarheelz

    YO mac miller is a fake azz lil beetch. not one damn person heard of ur azz in the hood. smh

  • syllables

    does this jew bag have down syndrome or what

  • Rome

    Mac is dope as fuck!

  • Mike B

    Noone ever says good things about him on here….lol wtf is he talking about

  • OffYaSelf

    he looks fucking tanked or high as shit #bestdayever

  • WuHa

    C’mon YN

    HowThaFux r u night gonna recognize immortal technique as he nonchalantly passes by @ the 1:05 min mark? riding Mac Miller that much?

  • alldope795

    bro!!! MAC go hard. wtf ya talkin bout?
    he’s in austin?
    i LIVE in texas haha

  • KiDCuDiMAN

    Macs the shit.. fuck you niggas hating.

  • Belize

    How much did Mac pay you to suck his white cock @YN?



  • See(sic)

    @ WuHa wow good eye. That is some bullshit but I’m sure tech just walked by and chuckled. He doesn’t care about that shit.

  • crystal

    Mac Miller you may not be the best rapper in the world to some people but I enjoy your stuff. Your a crazy kid..well “man” now haha who dont give a fuck and thats how you should live your life. Do what you do and dont worry about what others say. Follow your heart and keep rapping. Im a big fan of yours so keep it up. Love you stuff man. Oh and for all these people saying shit about you being ugly..well guess what I think your a good looking guy 😀 We should hook up haha

  • Amber

    man fuck all u haters! u just mad cuz u cant write a rap worth shit. mac, keep on doin what u doin! take on the world watch these haters gettin mad! keep up the good work. hit me up! ha! ;D

  • John

    keep em comin mac.. Most Dope!!

  • mostdope

    how are these niggas gonna say asher roth is better than my boy mac? get the fuck outta here. yeah i love college too, but i dont get famous off of one single fucking track then disappear. thought that nigga died awhile back.