Danny Brown Signs To Fool’s Gold

While out at the Fader Fort this past weekend, the homie A-Trak excitedly informed that he signed burgeoning Detroit rapper, Danny Brown to his Fool’s Gold imprint. If you’re just gettin’ familiar on dude like me, read up here and peep some of the press release below.

2010 was Danny’s breakout year, with his self-released The Hybrid showcasing a hypnotic, unique flow that Pitchfork called “the most peculiarly infectious voice since Dizzee Rascal,” while the LA Times praised it for “punch lines like Conan O’Brien if he’d come up selling crack.” He built a rabid online fanbase, stole the show on collaborations with everyone from Tony Yayo to Das Racist to the late J Dilla, and covered the Metro Times as the most acclaimed underground Detroit MC since a certain blonde fellow named Marshall. When it came time for Danny to take the next step and find a real home for his new music, it was only right that he would find a perfect fit with Fool’s Gold, the artist-run Brooklyn indie label renowned for launching new talent like Duck Sauce, Kid Sister and Kid Cudi to the world at large.

“Fool’s Gold is thrilled to bring Danny Brown into our family,” says A-Trak. “We’ve been supporting his music on our blog for a long time, so we’re fans of his before anything else. Danny Brown represents a return to raw, gritty rap. His skills can’t be questioned. He sounds and looks like no one out there, and that’s something that appeals to us. We share the same grassroots values, and we can’t wait to get behind his new album!”

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  • Mike

  • ColoradoKnight

    Is this kid a gay rapper? NO disrespect. The hair is mad suspect? Just askin’.

  • hes from detroit. hes really fuckin dope. just cuz he has a different hairstyle and tight clothes doesnt mean hes gay. but his weirdness works for him, because his raps are incredible. check him out before you judge.


  • He will fuck your mom, sister, daughter and your girl. Fuck hair got to do with being gay?

    I bet you play fantasy baseball?

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  • Assuming he can rap I don’t care that he uses Just For Me No Lye Gentle Relaxer and has that old school Prince swag with the hair going on over the left eye. I’ll check him out (No Amaechi).

  • Chex

    Check out his mixtape, The Hybrid. So freakin sick.

  • grime

    listen to him before you look at him. its really on some twilight zone shit

  • that filthy…

  • ColoradoKnight

    @mel d cole, no fantasy baseball here. Notice the words “NO disrespect?” When’s the last time you kicked it with someone with crazy/relaxed hair like that? It was a question without judgement. My apologies if anyone on the boards took this the wrong way. Wasn’t a shot.

  • ColoradoKnight

    Listened to his “The Hybrid” mixtape, not feelin’ it. (So I guess I’m “hatin” right?) He’s got that ol’ school voice though, but I’m not feeling him lyrically. His voice gets mad annoying, quickly.

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  • @ColoradoKnight I kicked it with him down at SXSW.

  • Donn

    Dope kidd

    Wish dude was gay to be honest. Hip Hop needs a gay rapper whose dope to contradict the homophobia Hip Hop is famous in promoting. It’ll happen one day i’m sure.

  • you got lil b, odd future and now finally danny brown, where’s das racist?

  • Am I supposed to be excited about this after THAT picture? Mad Suspect my dude, no matter what the fuck you rap about.

  • jordan cohen

    Seriously…thats whats wrong. MF Doom said it YEARS ago, everybody’s so consumed with what you look like, what kinda clothes you wear, what kinda intoxicants you use, nobody is concerned about the music. ITS ALL ABOUT THE WRECK. Danny gets busy.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKkbSCsaqAE&w=480&h=390%5D

  • pissed

    DAMN. Id never heard of this dude, and by his look, I pre-judged that he might be a wack hipster rapper. FUCK THAT, this dude is SERIOUS!

  • Anon DCPL

    Donn says:
    Tuesday, March 22 2011 at 3:13 PM EST

    Dope kidd

    Wish dude was gay to be honest. Hip Hop needs a gay rapper whose dope to contradict the homophobia Hip Hop is famous in promoting. It’ll happen one day i’m sure.

    ^^hope that day never happens.

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  • damn mel its alex homie you went in on the kid so hard hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha