• canada

    NEW DR DRE SONG: Mr. prescription
    NEW EMINEM SONG: 50 ways


    This was funny as fuck!

  • BobbyWhite

    this shit made me laugh fucking hard hahaha

  • n8015301

    if this guy can have his own show i can

  • oakland73rd

    dam these fools had me laughn hard they just being they self fan 4 life OFWGKTA FUCK STEVE HARVEY FREE EARLSWEATSHIRT

  • puerto-black

    “Kat Stacks call me back BITCH!” lol. Nardwuar is that dude

  • BK James

    Funny but I’m quickly getting sick of hearing all about Odd Future’s goings-ons without some new music to go along with it.

  • alldope795

    Man!! I have yet to hear some shit by odd future. Anyway, this interview was tight. That nigga goofier than nardward

  • C. Baines

    These guys have twelve albums out NOW, and two more physicals coming out in the next few months. If that’s not enough…

  • hmmmm saying sjit just to schock in 2011 is kinda corny do aint not much left to say

  • Belize

    haha, DOPE!

  • Goji Berry

    RapRadar, can we get some coverage of Stones Throw stuff to?

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  • Obama

    @ n8015301 You’re gonna have to come up with a catchier name if you wanna get a show son…

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