New Music: Common “Follow Me” (Unreleased)

Earlier today, an unreleased track from Common hit the ‘net. And according to Andrew, it was recorded during Com’s Like Water For Chocolate days.

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  • max grogan

    Common top 5 off all time!!
    And i don/t need to go to church for this to be reality.
    Common sense 24/7

    I still got that album probably the best rap cover off all times of all times
    this music is so killa and freestyle is the flow from the wind town
    pow hey p newton build this biz for you.

    And rip fred hampton from chitown
    My father was the only white man aloud into that black panther office at the time in chicago
    And when they looked at him he knew what they where thinking off.
    My father emmett grogan produced that film the murder of fred hampton//
    And he road with fred that whole summer
    who else but me still got hey p newton letters in there safe.
    So peace to the hampton crew

    emmett grogan.ringolevio 1-2-3

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  • sway-z

    And this shit ain’t make it because of what?

  • if this was from the like water for chocolate days then this was probably produced by J Dilla. it sound pretty good. lyrical always
    -Hit me for beats

  • Noringtone

    Common Top 15 of all time.

  • puerto-black

    like water for chocalate was my 1st “backpack” rap album. Opened my ear to blackstar, dead prez, Roots, etc. thanks Common

  • jburg

    @Noringtone: Co-sign

  • Kwame

    My top 2 MC of all time!

  • ray

    That nigga waxes his head.

  • haq

    Back when Common was dope. Wack beat though.

  • boum boum

    -tell the preacher God got more than one son-

  • mac DIESEL



  • Sherlock Homeboy

    Sherlock Homeboy: This is clearly not from the “Like Water For Chocolate” sessions my dear Watt’s Son.

    Watt’s Son: How can you be sure Homeboy??

    Sherlock Homeboy: It’s elementary Watt’s Son. “Like Water For Chocolate” was released in March of 2000…..

    Watt’s Son: Yes and???

    Sherlock Homeboy: ….and?? You disappoint me Watt’s Son. Did you not catch the obvious reference to G-Unit and Young Buck? That places the recording at 2003 at the absolute earliest. Young Buck was released from G Unit records in 2008 placing the time of this recording between 2003-2008, well after “Like Water For Chocolate” . The song was most likely recorded during sessions for the “Be” or “Finding Forever” albums. Both were recorded between 2003 and 2007.

    Watt’s Son: Astounding Homeboy!!

    Sherlock Homeboy: Elementary my dear Watt’s Son, elementary.

  • Belize

    wack beat, dope otherwise. miss this Common

  • KP

    He performed this on Def Poetry Jam. Just look up Common Def Poetry Jam on Youtube and you’re right it’s not from The Like Water For Chocolate days.

  • @IamnationAL

    Sherlock Homeboy said exactly what I was thinking. The G-Unit reference proves it can’t be the Like Water For Chocolate days.

  • Warren Moon

    **************** Dj Eves / I Know What You Did Last Mixtape***************

    Find this Common / Yeezy produced track untagged on the mixatep.