Wale Speaks On Interscope & Kid Cudi

Wale cracked the mic this morning with Free on WPGC 95.5 in Washington D.C. They touched on a bunch of topics including his former label Interscope Records and resolving his issues with Kid Cudi.

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  • lall

    ppl dont know that wale bum ass ACTUALLY got dropped from interscope

  • original will

    i was watching that video of cudi just yesterday that shit is comedy how he just fell down like that in the beginning LOL

  • mikey

    wack rapper

  • Lady Gaga

    Your lucky to have me( Lady Gaga) on the track! You were only underground!

  • hmmmm no Darkskin woman in you vid dammmmmmmm you are african man that would be enuff for

  • original will

    dc kids aint up on itunes like that negro please typical story nigga fails blames the label when he couldve opted to leave when shit wasnt right on the 1st tip you should be thancful becuz half of those records sold wouldnt be there if it wasnt for Gaga nigga undershipped or not cuz

  • original will

    and free can still get that Dicc

  • mike g

    smart choice not signing to rocnation as a artist…………………he learned from jcole

  • assasin9

    ^^ the album definitely didn’t sell because of Gaga idiot — that track itself didn’t even do well — and how many people signed to a contract can just opt to leave and get a release ?

    keep doing ur thing Wale – ur gunna do big things this time around.

  • Kareem

    Look. At. Free’s. Ass. Oh. My. God.

  • TVA

    The Gaga thing got him a bigger look from a separate group of people who wouldn’t have looked otherwise but made the long time fans look sideways. It’s like Gucci on Pretty Girls. I liked the record way more before. It’s starts looking like you are reaching to cover more area outside of your fan base.

    Record was solid though and he’s only redoubled his efforts with More About Nothing etc. He’s not the first to be done dirty by the label and he won’t be the last. Indie is the way to go. More risk more reward. If you got folks that actually believe in the vision and aren’t desperate to hit a certain number just cause then that frees up the art to be the best it can be.

    Lupe could tour and not worry about Lasers dropping because the art on the first 2 projects were right and could sustain a following. That’s all that matters.

  • JayCo

    Wale at one point was a credible artist. Attention deficit was pretty well put together and so was more about nothing. However aligning him self with Maybach music was a good business venture but at The end of the day his music will be dumbed down and sound like generic lex luger gucci mane featuring trash that sells

  • mikey

    lol @ this idiot thinkin he going to sell

  • D

    @JayCo how do you know that the deal allowas him to make whatever music he wants to make he even said he’s not going to dumb down his music stop saying you know whats going to happen if you dont know the whole situation ross label allows him to do what wale wants

  • g unit fan

    this nigga major soft. he aint built for no beef son. him,kudi and drake are a bunch of faggots. now he signed with the make believe cocaine cowboys crew. WOW. speechless.

  • Bronx, NY

    @g unit fan LMFAO….. nothing more needs to be said about that smh…

  • Black Shady

    DAMN FREE….that booty looks SO THICK

  • wale looks like dude from oz in the wheelchair

  • 5k on my wrist

    im not gonna lie, i clicked for the female

  • jged

    one thing i got to say (of course rapradar removed the conversation regarding mayback music pay attention people)

  • J


  • A

    U kno he sold over 200k album in total sales right? That’s off an album wit one promoted single, which only sold 30k first week. That obviously shows interscope dropped the ball somewhere…

  • big youngin

    glad i am not a artist you crabs like to hate. but negro your songwriting skills wasn’t on interscope level. Em, 50, black eyed peas, lady gaga, Dr dre, you had no star power. but good way to grind it out. respect the hustle. your shows are immaculate

  • Word

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Nice to see after all these years that Free still got that phat ass butt following her around. All natural too. Shitting on Rocsi if you ask me, despite the fact that Rocsi prolly half her age.

  • GB

    So much hate for Wale, damn. Dude can spit and makes good music. Who cares who distributes it? Just keep making hot tracks.

  • LA

    Wale dope fuck tha haters

  • fuck wale and yes Free can get the dick free or paid!

  • yo to be honest wale is garbage real talk i see why interscope did’nt work out for him he is not lyrical at all and his punch is sorry im not a hater im just a loyal hip hop fan that like’s to listen to good rap

  • G

    Free is still thicker than a mf. Wale didn’t sell on interscope because that album was trash minus “Beautiful Bliss”. J Cole murdered him on that shit.

  • mac DIESEL