Young Guru Talks Watch The Throne

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During SXSW, B.Dot wasn’t the only one who spoke with Young Guru. Mr. Keaton told Mikey Fresh that Ye & Jay’s Watch The Throne album is nearly complete as well as confirmed some of the producers on the project, and even hints at a upcoming Jay-Z project.

“Right now, I’m really trying to get Jay and Kanye to hurry up and finish this Watch The Throne album because the world needs to hear it,” Guru tells VIBE during a midday break at this year’s SXSW festival. “It just needs little tweaks and things like that. But the core of the album is finished.”

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  • blaqscorpio

    Can’t wait!

  • I love the part at the end when he said he’d carve room for the older cats but still give the younger cats some. It will be a beautiful project for Hip-Hop as a whole

  • postman

    hahaahahaha…i knew it. jcole album aint fuckin coming out now. thats where most of his label support is going. everybody just sit back and watch jayz come out with another cd. call it wack but have another couple chart toppers on it. didnt jcole mention about dropping another mixtape?

  • Music

    Kanye West makes gay music.

  • mrcapela

    @postman don’t start sh*ty rumors…. the album’s coming…..


    ” the fuck you thought I loused/lost it?
    All that flame on my name will get exhausted
    On contrare my niggas they all ears
    Sit back and enjoy the ride it’s finna be a long year, yeah! “

  • BREAD(215)

    @ music i always thought that 2 but jay aint change cole gon get the same treatment every other nigga outside of kayne got album never gon drop better ask them state prop niggas

  • postman

    @mrcapela im not starting shit. you cant be signed to jayz and think youre gonna outshine him while he still “rap”. FUCK no, look at history you dumb fuck. jay always been like that. kanye was a producer though and his projects were classics when he came out. plus, kanye didnt get in any run ins with the law so his momentum kept building. and around that time jay “retired”.

  • mrcapela

    you hater postbitch….and when the album comes out later this year make sure u get a copy…

  • daman

    @postman youre misinformed, freeway, beanie siegel, young gunz, memphis bleek all had albums out. Some were classics btw & of coure jayz outshines ppl he signs. He hasnt signed one rapper thats better than him.

  • Black Shady

    Yeah…. its coming out “soon”

  • Ender

    Yea postman… because theres no way the same camp could drop 3 albums in 2 years… (sarcasm)

  • devante

    young chris: yall need to hurry up and finsh the album!

    Jay-z and Kanye: word i mean we should listen to you, young chris of the young gunz who last album was in 05

  • devante

    damnn i miss read it i thought it said young chris lmao

  • 106

    Of course Jay is working on a new album. He signed Cole cause he dont have to hold his hand. Imagine if Jay would have waited on State Prop or anybody for that matter? Kanye made his own lane Jay didnt hold his hand and look at him now.

  • postman

    the only reason state property or anybody did anything was because of Dame. Jay didnt even wanna sign kanye at first. i always thought Dame was better fit running a entertainment company. I dont care how many moves Jay have made since he left Dame, he wouldnt be shit without that nigga and he knows that.

  • dog

    smh @postman must be either Jay, Dame or Biggs the way he “knows” all about the inner workings at Rocafella.

    seriously tho, stfu fool youre just talking out of your ass and u have nothing to support any of the things that u say

  • RedRocBoy


  • postman

    to be honest, i would love to see jcoles project hit the shelves. i’ll go buy at least 2 copies. but jayz was never good at the executive position. even back at def jam. niggas acting like they forgot. gtfoh. if jay dont wanna support his artists, why hold them. with jay wanting to put out another project, after watch the throne, is quite selfish. everybody knows jay can quickly record a project. he dont have to hold his hand but damn, show him some support. No hype, the only support I see for Jcole is that BET music matters shit.

  • IZM

    ^and it doesnt occur to u that Watch the Throne + potentially another Jay Z album would be just about the best promotion J. Cole could get right now, especially if he gets another feature or production on there? I mean Coles career was basically launched off of “A Star Is Born”, so u do the math.

  • postman

    so he has to wait for another jayz album for good promo. So jayz indirecty saying jcole is only good for features. jay is still gonna be the center of attention if that happens. jcole will get a feature on the cd, hopefully on a single, open up on the east coast leg, and drop another mixtape.

  • IZM

    …. Im having trouble catching the point in there, if there was one….

    If u dont like the way the game is, cool, join the club, but it is what it is. Drake blew up ONLY after doing several songs with Wayne (not to mention the “Forever Remix”). Kid Cudi promoted his last album pretty much exclusively by doing songs with Kanye. Nicki Minaj’s entire career is the product of a million features. Shit, even Jay got a huge boost early in his career from Biggie. The simple truth is that the best way to get noticed by a new audience is to do features for artists that are bigger than u. Youre complaining about Cole not getting any promo one minute, then youre somehow insulted by the good promo that he may have lined up the next. Make up your mind.

  • postman

    The point is Jcole isn’t going to BLOW UP like everyone wants him to because his boss is still his competition. All those artists you mentioned at least get support from their label.

    Fuck a feature, he needs to put something official out. He keeps getting shitted on and yall act like yall don’t see it. Blueprint 3 came out Sept 09. Its damn near summer 2011. You do the math. We don’t even know the title of the album yet.

  • LA

    ^Niggas need 2 calm down. jay is a selfish mu
    thafuckar everybody know that shit! and what tha fuck these niggas should be finish by now smh. COLE WORLD

  • mac DIESEL



  • Bomb

    Jay selfish?
    Do you think he puts up millions on artists to lose money?

    He wants n’ggas to succeed for his own legacy and for his growing stacks.

  • postman

    @bomb name me one artist that jayz is responsible for signing that is still relevant today. and dont say rihanna, willow, or neyo. theyre not rappers. he wanted to be lyor cohen/steve stoute/LA Reid but really sucks at it. he’s better at rapping.

  • 106

    @postman First act Jay signed when he got to Def Jam= The Roots, he signed Fab, Rick Ross, Nas, Jadakiss, Jeezy, Cole, Jay Electronica. They all have one thing in common Great artists. Kanye stayed with Jay he knew who built the Roc.

  • Jack Mehoof

    that @postman character got an excuse or explanation for every fucking thing…”Jay book was great”…Postman: “Yea well only cause dream hampton wrote it down for him”…lol weirdo

  • postman

    With the exception of the roots, even though they’re a inhouse band for a tv show, fabolous never lived up to his potential. Yall motherfuckers better not say he’s better than “fabolous sport”. Only way he gets a single out if he do a song with neyo. Ross is fucking with Dj Khaled who is over at def jam now. Recently he’s been trying to imitate biggie smalls and I’m really not into that shit. Everything was cool with Nas at first, now he’s complaining about the deal he signed. Do you remember that letter? Signing Jadakiss was a joke. Dblock for life but he had no promo for his shit. He did a fucking song with Oj da juiceman. I’m pretty sure the nigga had better shit stashed. Jeezy? Ever since he tried to crossover, broke his own ankles lol.

  • Conflict

    u dumb fucks get off jay z dick postman is right, why yall niggas think he came out if retirement… cuz he needs the money?… it was to feed his ego he loves the lime light and hates sharing it

  • 106

    My main point is 10 million dollars in marketing don’t always change everything. Everybody can’t be # 1.

  • postman

    @106 my point is 10 million dollar budgets don’t exist for raappers. Its hard for rapppers to get 1 million budgets nowadays. Show money is the only real money they see.