Chris Brown Explains GMA Spazz On 106

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Anyone up for some déjà vu? Well Breezy hit up 106 & Park this evening to promote F.A.M.E. and at the 4:15 mark, he apologizes as well as explains yesterday’s relapse on Good Morning America. In the words of Sunshine Anderson, “heard it all before.”


Sidebar: GMA Invites Breezy Back l Robin Roberts On Incident | Interview With Tony Anderson

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  • Belize

    Chris Brown is a lameass, I do see how those questions would get really monotonous and annoying after a while tho.

  • Word

    RR need to get off Chris Brown dick damn stop riding the kid. He made a mistake and apologuzed how long yall gonna hold that shit against him? And then y’all tried to justify it in the blackout that its okay to hold against him just cuz he hit the “Queen of pop” get off her dick too. Let his personal life be his personal life. Who are y’all to judge? YN should be blacked out on for trying to get down with 16 year holds by rocking a mo-hawk and hanging with ppl half his age.

  • still best rite now!!

    i wanna see Nardwaur interview this nigga….and pull out a Rihanna punching bag

  • puerto-black

    Never let’em see you sweat, cooler heads prevail, Don’t Act Crazy Act genius…..I Blame his mother/Team

  • xXx

    Damm this DUDE need to be locked up fast to learn to change now.
    Potential explosive bipolar attributes are all over him.
    Plus he/s in showbiz = he/s like 80% of the rest sick in the head
    When you mess with showbiz mason or scientology ideas you end up with the wrong deadly virus in your head after for life your a sick artist now. No lie eheheh!..
    Lindsay lohan, gibson, sheen etc…
    You mess up with the wrong crowed nigga for real.
    There is only one jay-z// REGISTER!!!!

  • LA

    MY MAN *DENZEL WASHINGTON* VOICE! Cant hate on tha kid no more even if it was a publicity stunt. Sort of a genius getting pep talking and shit? He got it to work for his advantage which is to sell more lp which it will do. Any publicity is better than none. #Winning



  • c

    this dude is bipolar but in a violent way. i guarantee this shit will happen again and probably be worse

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  • chris > your life …none of you dumbass have the right to talk shit about him yall dont know shit about him yall aint no fans shut the fuck up pussy ass niggas

  • @xXx go fuck yourself nigger

  • fuck this site too, ignorant fucks

  • John

    This boy is a loser woman beater and he always will be a woman beater. He deserves to be in jail. Regular people would be in jail for smacking around a woman and breaking windows of buildings.

  • Mr. A From Tha T


  • John

    ^Boo woo bitch! White people get away with shit all the time aka famous honkey. So what get over something that happen two yrs ago.

  • mac DIESEL



  • jadbeats

    Yall niggas sound like bitches, no a regular dude wouldnt be in jail ive seen this shit and i know you lame niggas see niggas hitin bitches on worldstar on those videos are those niggas in jail? do yall niggas still visit the site? yep get of this nigga nuts hes entitled to get mad he aint gotta be a saint for yuo niggas charlie sheen shot his 1st wife, choked the next put a knife to her throat and so on and hes WINNING

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Regardless what this nigga does he will be known as a woman beater first I don’t give a fuck if it was 2 years or 10 it is what it is deal with it. Nigga shoulda been put in jail but since he didn’t he deserves to be exploited.

  • Donn


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  • Bree

    Sick people on this site, keep your head up chris.

  • PHJ

    What’s RR’s problem with Chris Brown, get off the nigga dick. It’s easy to sit behind a fucking computer and diss on everyone else, try living his life for a second. I understand he’s famous, rich, blah blah blah, that don’t mean his problems are invalid all of a sudden. I would be pissed off as well, if 2 years later after the incident, that I still had to deal with these questions about it when I’m trying to focus on bringing good music. How is he supposed to come back, if they won’t let him move past it. GMA says they ask “relevant questions” to the news, well all that’s needed 2 be said about it, has been said. Leave the nigga alone, got-damn!

  • tr

    I don’t blame Chris for that one.

  • hmmm

    why are people so mad at this guy?the administrator for this site really took his outburst personal/hard…you’re are a shell of a man or woman if you can allow your life to be completely tied up in someone else’s life that doesn’t know you…and u don’t know them…u shouldn’t worry about his anger and control issue,but better yet, worry about yours…cuz u absolutely suck as person…lmao

  • fall back


  • F*ck all yall pussy niggas!
    that hoe rihanna got what she deserved!
    BURRRR BITHCESS *swizz beatz and gucci voice*


  • Black Shady


    all this positivety is bullshit. You’re see-thru my nigga

  • Black Shady

    and I co-sign the BLACKOUT on the left!!! 100 %


    Actually Charlie Sheen shot his fiance lol… just saying

  • Campbell

    Bottom line….touch me i touch u period…..end of conversation…..if u get fucked up… so ….u went there…..i blame victims(so called victims)

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    @ cambell I feel ya nigear

  • xXx, ex.clusivity

    register this..
    one day he flips the fuck out then the next day he is the most happy in months.
    That is the first major bipolar sign up/down= bipolar for life
    deuces is one i a million for him but never again
    he needs a doctor doctor doctor doctor and not from bevery hills actually he is in the wrong country to get the help he needs. sorry if him the one who said it.
    RR is a-mazing = a win win for HH

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    you ppl are dumb fucks. i cant wait till the apocalypse comes and blows this fucker up! HA! there aint no twitter in hell u fuckers!

  • MOB

    Sony Music Employee ehehehe!

    @then if your from sony your in hell not later or after but right NOW!! eheheheh!
    poor mr. brown life in hell forever for him.
    He smacked is own self even harder then he does broads.
    I have the ring on my left hand and that is what i use to smack guy/s like you from sonycorp up

    PM: look i can pretend and change name also.
    There is only one mr.brown lover on the thread and that is you times x3 different names, your to visible get it. eheheh!

  • xchv

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  • Jacob

    He wouldn’t have this dilemma if he didn’t beat the shit out of Rihanna, What a dumbass you really think people are just gonna get over that like it never happened

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Seriously im not in the entertainment industry chris brown needs to get with a P.R. team dude has handle this situation badly. I was saying something to somebody he should’ve had a exclusive sit-down interview(On cbs or ABC or NBC) months ago before his album was release to clear the air. Guess his handlers didnt agree.

  • DrDreThatDude

    No such thing as bad publicity. He got that new album droppin, he want to get his name in the news. But I watched that GMA cuz they always have it on at my job, and while he looked annoyed, hell I would be too, but no excuse to go off and act a damn fool. Forget the abuse issue, forget that shit a minute, a year from now all they know is this dude had a temper tantrum on a TV Show and tore up the shit. But hey police decide not to charge him. Go on, Breezy. What s the example that gets remembered. smdh.

  • Realniggashit

    Chris next time tell that them you not hear to talk about that point blank

  • mr shiggity

    Damn its a sad day when as a celebrity you can get mad for any reason. the nigga got upset through a little temper tantum thats it. he didnt hurt nobody if he would have reacted like this the night he went up side oh girl head he’d be straight. throw all the chiars you want if you can paty for it but you cant repay an ass whoopin. twos

  • fuk me

    RR is turning into sum 2 dopeboyz moanin ass fucks! stop bein so fucking judgemental after having 2 years of constant questioning do u no think he deserves to forget about it an not be reminded when his time for redemption comes around! he did wrong, said sorry 1 billion times! RAP RADAR…GROW THE FUCK UP U OLD IMMATURE LAME ASS MOTHER FUCKER

  • Its still Fuck Chris

    This dude Chris Brown is a bitch.

  • LA-Crown-Royal

    Chris Breezy really swagga jacked that dude from the show”One on One” look.. all jokes aside all of u RR YN trolls fail to realize Breezy has some deep anger issues and shouldnt be chastise for certain outbursts…the RiRi thang yea a sucka move..but this incident na..