Common & Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle

According to the description:

Disney’s “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” a film by Peter Hedges, is currently on location in Georgia. On Saturday, Jennifer Garner surprised her co-stars Joel Edgerton, CJ Adams, Odeya Rush and the rest of the cast and crew by treating them to a live lunchbreak performance by the local southern rock band Fiasco. As Fiasco was creating a lively mood, two of the film’s other stars — Common and Lin-Manuel Miranda — spontaneously joined the band and begin to trade the microphone by freestyle rapping to everyone’s delight!

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  • holla

    Im getting tired of Lonnie’s A-B-C freestyle rhymes, and all non-hip hop heads go: “wow, he didn’t write that? amazing”. Stick with acting if you ain’t gonig to do it right Lonnie.

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Lmao @ that Wyclef ypy , bout time someone called him out on his nonsense

  • E Oks

    lin-manuel is better than 95% of the artists talked about on RapRadar. search his videos on youtube if you don’t digg
    don’t sleep on him…

  • Peekay

    fuckin’ awesome seeing those people dance.

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  • Obama

    WTF?!?!? White folks lookin crazy!!

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