Ill Doctrine: A History Lesson For Chris Brown

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Maybe they should hire Jay Smooth as Breezy’s management team. For his latest vlog, J shares his take on how Breezy should prevent himself from relapsing again and why he should stop his bloodclot crying.

UPDATE: Chris Brown & Publicist Part Ways

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  • fuck you

  • YMA

    couldn’t have said it better. show this nigga the video.

  • lol word light skin boy needs to watch this smh

  • 5k on my wrist

    ya that nigga cb act like a lil ho

  • LMAO im watching this light skin liar lie on tyra lmao what a fuckin goof they shoulda never gave that nigga money

  • I was actually on Chris Browns side,agreeing w/ him getting mad after people still asking him questions about Rihanna..But this guy has a point.

  • light skin dudes making us look bad….come on we gotta stick together

    but CB has to be the dummiest nigga for fucking

    click on my name and let me know what you think.


  • Donn


    BURN!!! LOL

    GO GET THAT F.A.M.E. ALBUM THOUGH lol. Kid still makes great music

  • Belize

    okay, lets get over this pop singer now.

  • Bryce Ayyy

    Dudes got a point…
    Chris did take it a little over the top but I don’t blame him for feeling ill about it though. They hoe’d him, if you saw the 106th and park video giving his explanation of what the interview was supposed to be about.

    It was 2 years ago…but why is information about 2 years ago still being brought up now?
    That’s like us bringing back up the “Kanye, Taylor Swift” incident right now.

    Do you hear anyone mentioning that shit anymore? NOOOOO
    Because what? It’s in the past. It was a mistake but if we continuously hold shit over peoples head then everyone in the world needs to hang themselves.

  • jimmy’s a bitch

    light skin boy needs to recognize

  • uptown

    dam ill doctrine put his foot in chris browns ass, somebody give that man a radio show..I’d tune in

  • D

    i still don’t know why is yn so upset over someone doing something ”wrong” to rihanna. like is she related to yn or what?

  • original will


    Kanye didnt punch taylor swift in the mouth or bit her then left her in a neighborhood like chris couldve at least drop rihanna off at the hospital or at least take her bacc to her hotel this nigga left her in some random ass neighborhood she luccy that the people that helped her was nice you know how many weirdos be in those expensive ass neighborhoods like what if she had a serious injury

    thats the difference my nigga tbh kanye only snatched the mic if he wouldve snatched the award that nigga wouldnt even be living then look at the pieces of work after the controversy come FAME is not on the level of muscianship as My Beautiful dark twisted Fantasy

    nowhere near as good

    like dude said the more he get upset about it the more they’re going to ask him about it

    the point is we understand its old news but what is breaking windows and taking off shirts like you bout to have a rumble with the whole studio is not going to help your image on “NEGATIVITY”

  • Forever Black

    Ok, his 15min is up. Who cares, its his business if want to talk abt it or not. Who made you the judge and jury. Boy i hope nothing like this ever happens to some of you guys. Cause you will be SOL. Move on already. Everybody is always saying what he did to her, the stupid girl was going to go back to him, so she must have liked what he was throwing down.

    The only reason she didn’t because everybody was on her back. If she wasn’t famous the silly trick would have stayed. This made her career go off the charts, everybody knows she can’t sing nor dance. I bet anybody give it time to cool down n another year she will try to get back with him. RR still wants to be with him.


  • JuSSSaYiN

    Wit tha riri shyt it’s her falt she got hit; fo tha fella’z; n let us b real; if a female hit’s u hard enuff U will hit her back itz self defense that’s just how it iz / just listen 2 her muzik she likes whips n chains n rude boys n she’s unfaithful n hot a$$ mess DUH / don’t get it twisted I kno it’s a f’ed up situation but tha truth iz tuff / it iz wha it iz / c breezy n riri handled tha situation wtf r ALL y’all buttin in fo?!? It wuz 2 years ago n they have moved forward / I understand breezy wuz annoyed I don’t blame hez doin bigger betta thangs he wuz grindin diz whole year od / in resalt of an interview of sumthin 2 years ago c”mon son / i wood of break tha floor yes i said it / bottom line point blank go cop tha album fame forgive ALL mah enemy’s its fire dey got weezy Luda busta wiz ect / deuces

  • mikeyyyrockks

    Some of you are so damn ignorant. When you do stupid shit like that little girl CB did then you’re going to get asked questions about it. Considering he never came out and talked about it he’s going to continue to get asked about it. So all you dumb CB fans shut the fuck up, stop crying, and shove that shitty FAME album up your ass where it belongs..

  • LA

    DAMN! I bet chris wont try him lol- Publicity or bi polar??

  • james

    Bitch nigga

  • 1

    Good stuff!

  • Itz Yourz

    There you have it. Dont grant any interviews if your mature enough to answer the damn questions you oked

  • ironic

    @ uptown jay smooth (illdoctrine) does have a radio show…here’s the link

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  • mizz crystal

    Chris Brown can sure
    Sing and dance sun and dance an hi

  • Eddy

    Applaud this man *does a standing ovation alone in his bedroom*