Jay-Z Gets First Sade Collaboration

Early last year, Sade declined to work with Drake and said she shunned collaborations. But now, it seems the singer has had a change of heart. For her upcoming Ultimate Collection set, she teamed up with Jay-Z for the remix to her track, “Moon & The Sky”. The project is to be released May 3rd and can be pre-ordered here.

UPDATE: The joint is produced by Drake’s right-hand man, Noah “40” Shebib.

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  • joe Blow

    Tour promo. Lol never say never.

  • greasydinnerplate

    shes a legend….drake hasnt been in the game long enough to get on yet… ….
    picture anita baker doing a track with lil b…..NO!

  • Dashing

    Well, it’s not like she dissed Drake. I think she basically said that she likes doing music on her terms so I can see why she’d get Jay to do a verse on HER song rather than doing a song for Drake’s album…Plus the kid hadn’t put an album out yet and hadn’t proved himself yet.

  • She had lunch with Drake a while back remember? Guaranteed shes on take care…

  • Goose

    Wasn’t Nas smashing Sade at one point?

  • assasin9

    Sade stays with what works, that’s y she’s been so consistent and great —- her work hasn’t really evolved though – u can arrange her albums in any order, it doesn’t matter — even with her last album aftr that long behind delay – it is no different sound or contnt wise from Love deluxe or even Diamond Life…. I wonder how Jay is gunna rap though, their style is so different from each other and he never takes risks on collabs – I remember on the Missy collab of “wake up” and she was talkin about upliftment and he was on his usual i’m the man tip, I was like wat r u doing ?? lol — a Drake collab wud be ill though if he could pull it off since he already has that put you to sleep style that Sade has… not that it is bad, but you put Sade on for specific reasons.

  • Word

    Right, I dunno where this nigga Drake thought he was. You dont just ASK A LEGEND to hop on YOUR album and you aint even been in the game long. You coulda been a one hit wonder for all she knew, and then her vocals woulda been put to waste. A seasoned vet like Jay is the more natural pick

    This nigga Drake thought that just cuz he kiss everybody ass in the industry, he can just ask for WHATEVER feature he wants and get it. No Wheelchair Jimmy, that aint how shit work. Gotta earn your stripes first. Ask Sade again in maybe 10 years, then we’ll see (Of course by then she’ll prolly be like 80 anyway)

  • flawda

    Drake can’t catch a break, Sade dismissed him and work with Jay-z.. Andre 3000 dismissed him and went and worked with that Kesha bitch.

    It’s good though, Drake always came off as self entitled to me anyways. Just because the world is on your dick, doesn’t mean these artist have to. Especially real artist who have longevity, not flavor of the week type talent like YM.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Drake a is a bitch. Jay-Z is a legend. Cant wait to hear this collabo. YM is full of ankles grabbin and pilliow biting dudes.

  • assasin9

    lol – so yall wouldn’t try to work with people u looked up to if you had a major deal and was the hottest MC at the moment ? Even if you felt u wud be declined, it wouldn’t hurt to try — his mistake was makin a big deal out of it and announcing it on TV to get her attention — she hardly performs/does interviews nevermind having her business out.

  • Nathaniel


    “self entitled” – it’s the jew in him, ha! (real talk tho)

    Jay stay winnin… even i get tired of repeating that phrase. can’t knock the hustle… i will not lose, etc etc etc.

  • Fuck all that, Sade LOOK BOUT GOOD AS HELLLL!!! Sexy ass milf

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  • jhunter

    AAAHHHH!! Damn Sade. Do you age? I know this post was about Jay-Z getting his first colab with Sade but…….. like ‘News @ 11’ just said, cuz I can’t say it no better, “Fuck all that, Sade LOOK BOUT GOOD AS HELLLL!!!”

  • Chris

    This makes me wish we heard that unreleased Sade/Nas joint that was recorded 10 years ago

  • biggar

    Sooooo this song is on her album? Wonder what kinda vibe it is?
    Hov is sounding like he’s about to kill the game this year.

  • Sherlock Homeboy

    This will make for great material for “Take Care” LOL … I can hear it now….

    (Drake voice) “Asked you to do a track with a nigga/ you declined, then next week you jump on a track with Jigga/ damn… (autotune) that’s somethin’ I wil always rememberrrrrrrrr/ cause my heart is so tenderrrrrrrrrrr , take care/

    Ima see it I can get a job ghost writin’ for him after this!!! LOL

  • Music


  • veesky

    @ assassin9 No diss…but I think u need 2 go back & listen 2 Jay’s verse on “Wake Up” again…he took what Missy was talking any & just gave it another perspective. Worked quite nicely IMO

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Damn, Sade is still fine as hell!

  • 9 Piece

    y she got an Adam’s apple?

  • YES!!!!!!

  • Ice Cold

    she looks gooood wooooow SMH isnt she 50 plus? damn i give her respect on taking care of herself

    Congrats Jay

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  • Ink


    Listen to Wake Up again, I think youll get it. He talks about all this flashy shit at the beginning just to contrast it and say thats what he cares about when all his other shits slippin; to show the mentality of a lot of street niggas. Then says I dont even got a home, and Im gonna stay this way till the cops get me or Im killed, and all that. Its a really good verse actually.

  • Doe Money

    Definitely a MILF.

  • wow what a beautiful african american woman

  • Got DAYUM Ms. Adu is fine as HELL!!!

  • Belize

    Ditch Drake, pick up Hov?
    Looks like Sade got good taste!

  • Word


  • Belize loves Eminems

    drake had lunch sade a few months ago anyway

    so expect a drake/ sade collab soon

  • Belize loves Eminems

    @word we know your a previous drake fan turned j cole dick rider its all good

  • @sherlock lol

  • MOB

    @ the queen forever forever,
    modern shirley bassey
    the next bond will be a first woman bond =angelina jolie as 007
    the theme= sade of course

    she survived what marley could not
    she worked the hardest.
    You guy/s check here live dvd/s = same quality as pink floyd

  • iam2smooth

    lmfao @ SHERLOCK HOLMES!
    That was funny af!!

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  • zezzoi

    Lol, props to Jay & all, but for real this dude STAY jocking other niggas styles to remain relevant…

    “i told jay i did a song with coldplay/next thing i know he got a song with coldplay/in the back of my mind im like no way jose/translate espanol no way jose”

    drake was the first to publicly come forward about wanting to collabo with Sade

    jay jumps on a album with Kanye cause he’s one of the hottest in the game right now

    damn…Camel’s gotta live on somehow tho.

  • 1. Sade is still fine. My oh my.

    2. Hahahaha @ Sherlock Homeboy

  • Dashing


    She’s not on HIS album. He’s on HERS so she obviously sought him. And how many people have jocked Jay-z’s various styles over the years???!?Smh.

  • Mannn

    LOL Krayie Bone collab’d with Sade in 2001 “Hard Time Hustlin” wtf Jay ain’t first

  • blaqscorpio

    Congrats Jay!

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  • sway-z

    Damn, still bad as a muthafucka

  • LA

    *Yawn* she ask hov 4 her album? damn thats crazy!

  • Itz Yourz

    Now Im am one nigga that loves me some Sade. The lady must have the fountain of youth in her backyard….or a fine wine strain in her. Everyday i would fuk her twice. Ok now that I got my Jones for her out the way…

    Her music is always on point…always heartfelt.Never gave you a bad album. She disappeared for years came back drop an album…went platinum and is gone once again, such a unicorn sometimes..,so if this her album most likely she sort Jay out. And when she calls it like MJ(God bless the dead) or Prince calling…nigga you drop everything. I cant wait to hear it. He know what to do with it. We dont need to ppl singing on it drake! She not about that.

  • zezzoi

    Nah…I DOUBT Sade ask Jay for her album.

    He BEEN trying to do a collabo with her, regardless of what album it would be on.

    he sought her. ya’ll fuckin idiots if you think otherwise

  • Esco

    Moon and Sky is on her Soldier of Love album so therefore its a remix

    Nas did a remix with her back in the day but sadly along with so many other Nas classic its in the vault.

    So your headline/attempt to kiss Jay Z ass is incorrect!

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  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!!

    I LOVE YOU SADE, I remember going to one of your concerts @ MSG, I know you was singing to me, baby girl I’ll eat the peanuts out of your Doo-Doo, Love ya!

  • 5k on my wrist


  • sade and jay-z that the biggest calab jay has ever done yo thats big

  • jayfan

    @ Esco

    it also has a new beat

  • jdot

    it’s going to pretty predictable.

  • JHP

    Congratulations to Jay-Z for doing the impossible. And Sade is like decades older then my mom, and she’s so beautiful, if whoever my wife should be looks like that when she’s 50 then I’ll be a very blessed man. But yeah, Sade & Jay-Z on a track produced by “40” this could be the sickest R&B/Hip-Hop Collaboration of the year!

  • puerto-black

    O Shit

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  • sick monster

    hovie baby i rather have her than beyonce damn shes a fine ass lady i forgot wat i was thinkin i aint gotta comment on the muzic they got cumin i know dats gon b sumthin

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  • alot

    first I wanted to do a song with “Coldplay”…(Kanye) than my big brother did a song w/ coldplay.

    same thing with Drake…he wanted to do a song with “Sade”, than jay-z did it first instead.

    lesson learned? keep your dream collaborations to yourself.

  • this news is epic! indeed a fan of a fan…since she likes raekwon maybe they will do something togetha! this ablum is definitely a must have for me indeed! amazon should have it as well soon i hope!

  • Jinx

    damn sade i’ll hit that

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  • em

    Jay Z wanted a collab with Sade for years,happy for him now! She turned him down before but ‘never say never’ Looking forward to the song!!

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  • Empire State of Mind was a collab too. http://t.co/BzZLdZt

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