• Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Does it get any better than Nardwuar??? I mean really, what a fucking NON BORING interview. Its not some toolbag asking the same dumbass questions, that doesnt even give a shit about their records. Nardwuar literally is in my book as the G.O.A.T. Truly.

    Currensy “Yo, are you a DJ or something? How do you have all these records?….”

    Nardwuar “I just Love Currensy”


  • one thing I think about when it comes to Narduwar is at what point in his life did he decide to make a career out of the character, haha dude got a crazy hustle, props Nard.

    if yall get a chance please click my name and peep my song, appreciate the time taken

    god bless

  • wouzi


  • Fuck A Name, Give Me The Weed & I’ll Smoke It

    the thing about the toes is so true haha

  • peace

    this one was cool.. curren$y needa chill tho he was getting pissed about the mic lol.. and he stole his records smh give those back to my man nardwuarrrrrrrr hes the greatest interviewer of all time as far as music goes

  • curren$y a bitch fuck off

  • pissed

    dudes interviews are sick haha, the ofwgkta one was funny as sh*t hahaha!

  • tokesome.

    jet fuckin life..nardwuar is the best

  • seriously

    hahaha this is the second time i seen someone walk out on dude cuz of the mic. cudi bitch ass did the same thing. at least currensy came back to finish though.

  • rrederict

    i love his music, but this nigga retarded

  • R

    I hope he caught Kanye or someone from G.O.O.D. too

  • puerto-black


  • Braniak

    JET LIFE!!

    start hating you wac miller dick riders…

  • The Black Cloud

    this just made me appreciate curren$y on a whole new level lol “Doot doot doot doot doot, you’re fucking crazy” lol that shit is priceless

  • J.Spfld

    B.Dot or YN, I need to know is Nardwuar always in character or is he actually a normal dude off camera? He’s fuckn AWESOME, he need’s to part of the RapRadar Team Fo’Sho!

  • Joe

    Kid Cudi was a huuuuge dick in his Nardwuar interview

  • 5k on my wrist

    good shit

  • Canada

    Cudi and nas were being total dicks to nardwar

  • TA

    @Braniak nobody said anything about mac miller anywhere on this page…..?
    nardwuar always got the dopest interviews

  • i fucking love this dude wtf….hahahaha

    click on my name and let me know what you think


  • Slobodan

    I gon’t use this a lot at all but, Epic!

  • Slobodan

    and ”the ting about the toes is so true” [2]

  • n8015301


  • Word

    No doubt Cudi and Nas had the worst ones. I guess niggas too good to play along for just 10 minutes damn, all them niggas had to do was just say “Doo Doo” at the end and thats it, but niggas wanna act like they good for that. Cole and prolly Jay-Z were the best ones i seen

  • 5k on my wrist


  • Nardwuar for President!


  • SqueeGee

    Dang first Nas and Cudi, now Curren$y has to be a dick to Nardwuar! Lame. But still a good interview.

  • peace


    the jay z one was horrible!!! jay z came off as the most arrogant out of all of them in my opinion. especially the way he answered the first question

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