Jim Jones Capo Cover & Tracklist

Jim Jones has released the cover art for his next album. Unfortunately, his first single didn’t sit too well with us, but hopefully the final product does. Capo finally arrives in stores April 5th.


UPDATE: Tracklist via iTunes

1. Intro (feat. Sen City & Chink Santana)
2. Deep Blue (feat. Chink Santana)
3. Carton Of Milk (feat. Game)
4. The Paper (feat. Chink Santana)
5. Heart Attack (feat. Sen City)
6. Everybody Jones (feat. Aaron Lacrate)
7. Drops Is Out (feat. Raekwon, Mel Matrix, & Sen City)
8. Let Me Fly (feat. Rell)
9. Getting To The Money (feat. Cam’ron & Lady H)
10. Take A Bow (feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, & Sen City)
11. Perfect Day (feat. Chink Santana & Logic)
12. Changing The Locks (feat. Ashanti)
13. God Bless The Child (feat. Wyclef Jean)
14. Itza

Sidebar: Jim Jones Talks Prodigy l Jim Jones On 106 & Park

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  • *listens to Jay-Z – Dig A Hole*

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Jim Jones….do ALL OF US a favor and stop your bullshit coke rapping before your stupid ass gets locked up too…..Diplomats are untouchable and you guys are obviously far from that *obviously*

    So shut the fuck up and bury yourself.

  • kilz





  • Boom

    It just looks cheap…

  • rez

    yea looks like a flyer for the boom-boom room or some shit

  • villain

    haha remember this idiot bragging bout taking jay-z down and that swagger like us part 2 talking about he makes swag lol you had one hit capo now your a regular bum rapper …dig a hole nigga dig a hole….but they did it to themselves…millin about spillin their feelings in the air

  • lime

    hi haters

  • d’evil

    This guy can’t rap

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This album is a waste of studio time.

  • Belize


  • kwame

    hahahaha!!FUCK A CAPO!*nas voice

  • How you seating at the head Of the table and your a CAPO… That means SECOND in charge… Cam’s still your boss

  • mac DIESEL



  • villain

    haha recession album cover thats album cover was printed at the local shelter where his been digging a hole since dissin jay

  • villain

    “together we stand divided we fall” juelz was a prophet on that song get back to diplomatic immunity get the heatmakers

  • Jay-Z

    This shit look like a Def Jam Vendetta remake cover ha!

  • Jack Mehoof

    Wack cover for a wack artist… “BALLINNNN!”

  • Sam I Am

    If jim could stay making music with Dame on some BluRoc shit, it would be dope. “Aerials/Go” was a heater

  • powww

    this cant be real, this is almost worse than a mixtape-quality cover

  • mr.300

    Jim is dope. Fuck all yall!

  • LO

    So Jones actually approved of the shitty Clip Art lettering?? And hes 1 of the 3 niggas still rockin braids… Bow

  • killakev92

    jimmy blanco

  • Devil

    The whole mafia/coke dealing subject has been already done. Be original motherfucker.

  • patmoney

    woowww lol i never seen this nigga braids so fresh

  • haq

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wack LMFAO. Did he make it himself with Paint or WTF is this shit. LOL

  • Tlova86

    Capo is going to be tuff!!!!!!!! Fuck the haters

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  • James

    Im predictin 1 copies sold?a nigga might needa coaster?guinness world record here jones come!???

  • KingWonder


    ~TEAM SHEEN!!~

  • PPL

    “yea looks like a flyer for the boom-boom room or some shit”


  • Mr Xclusive

    its gonna flop harder than soulja boys album


    DAMNNN!! Everybody sum it up hahaha!

  • Chan

    Lame ass cover. Also thats a gay ass sweater. Lapels….really?

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  • wackjones

    another waste of music flop in the making

  • Los

    Seems more like a mix-tape than an album, if you ask me.

  • Yo!

    A feature in every song except one smh

  • Capeman

    I don’t like this guy, and by the looks of the tracklist, all of the songs feature someone, WTF

  • LIKE I SAID DIPLOMATS WILL NEVER HAVE A RUN LIKE THEY DID FROM 02-05… Period.. I still fuck with they movement just cause of what they did to the game..

  • Black Mamba 24

    Rap Radar Bloggers are a bunch of hipsters. Two months ago, they never posted anything related to Odd Future, now their mouth’s are stuck on Tyler’s devil worshipping dick. “Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin'” is their slogan of the moment? GTFO with that bullshit. Whoever is buzzing at the moment, Rap Radar eats their dick until the buzz fades. No loyalty at all. I’m sure when B.o.B releases his first single for his next album, Rap Radar will be slobbering over it. Odd Future is only cool to people who are hipsters and like completely unorginal music that has been done before. The only “dope” member of the group is Frank Ocean and you know he ain’t gonna stay with these wack niggas once he blows. Tyler the Creator & Earl = Slim Shaddy mixed with a poor man’s Big L. Dom Genesis = Poor man’s Wiz Khalifa. Hodgy Beats = Punchline rapper with no knockout ability. The only tolerable rapper in this group is Earl cause of his flow, but he’s in boarding school. Lol. And he got these Odd Future niggas saying, “Free Earl,” while some real niggas be in jail. Odd Future is straight trash and will be yesterday’s news in a short period of time when the next rap fad comes along.

  • Black Shady

    Game and Banks on the same album

    2 songs i wanna hear

  • puerto-black

    No max, No Stack, No Hits

  • puerto-black

    and no “Salute”. Cam said no

  • Jinx

    nobody coppin this shit

  • Boston George Cape Verd

    coke wave fuc jimmy, get that new max b

  • JustinTime

    Im just waiting for his girl Chrissy mole to appear outta nowhere…that sh*t look scary

  • darius

    He snatched that jacket from a homeless guy

  • Bangers N Mash

    Is this a joke? Why the fuck is this guy still getting any buzz at all?

  • puerto-black

    @JustinTime, you know she touched it in miami

  • Belize

    looks like it’ll flop

  • mr.300

    Get $ Capo Status! Fuck all these broke ass internet haters!

  • marvelito

    Big Homie every site has the same blurry artwork for this album..Lo-Res quality garbage.. I have the Official Hi-Res Quality cover if you need it..Let me know

  • Dr.Dre is sucking Eminem’s cock

    looks like a mixtape….

  • Tru Talk

    Only Song im interested in is the one with Banks and Prodigy

  • Big Meats

    this album is raw…it leaked but i myte cop an official