New Music: Young Jeezy x Trae Tha Truth “Count It Up (G-Mix)”

Seems like Trae’s been on countless music these days, and today he hops on one of Jeezy’s G-mixes. Stay tuned. Trae got more on the way.


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  • 5k on my wrist

    trae killed it

    i hope Tha Truth album drop!

  • 5k on my wrist
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  • Belize


  • IIG

    Trae has been going hard. He deserves the shine he has been getting.

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  • wouzi



    William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper. He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany, Georgia studying criminal justice. Then trained and passed as a c.o. William worked as a c.o for 18 months. Had a clean record untill January 2008 on gun and marijuana charges. Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties, including “shoot an inmate attempting to escape. “These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples’ body. I’m in the entertainment business.

    I grew up in Carol City. I graduated from the same alma mater as Rick Ross and Flo-Rida. Miami-Carol City Senior High School. The perception (which Ross has put forth) is that Carol City is the “’hood”—meaning, some hardcore area, full of projects, liquor stores, gangs. Carol City has one little section of low income housing—the Matchbox Projects! But I say, Carol City is not the “’hood!”
    Carol City is my neighbor… “hood?” I don’t think so! Carol City is my neighborhood! You can still walk down 183 Street at night! Hell, Dolphin Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins was built in Carol City! (ca.. 1995) Do you think that those crackas would’ve put and multi-million dollar stadium in some dilapidated ghetto/’hood?
    The happy-go-lucky, sing-song rap style of Flo-Rida (another Carol City resident) is a more truthful depiction of the environment we grew up in.
    I was glad to see 50 half way expose him & trick daddy has said he was a fraud before also. The sad part is there is a kid somewhere that believes his crap.
    Ross’s lawyer, Allan Zamren, asked Officer Rey Hernandez why Ross’s case was assigned to the gang task force. “Because your client claims affiliation with Carol City Cartel and other known gang members,” Hernandez replied. Zamren then proceeded to press Hernandez on Ross’s supposed gang ties. “Do you have anybody from a Carol City gang that you have information on or basis of any knowledge that says he is affiliated with them?” Hernandez answered, “No.” Zamren then asked, “Do you have anything that shows you he was affiliated with any gang?” Hernandez replied, “No, I do not.” Zamren also got Hernandez to acknowledge that, prior to the January 2008 bust, Ross had never been arrested in Miami-Dade County, where he has long resided.

    Now, records show that Ross’s own lawyer last year disputed reports that the performer has ever been affiliated with any gang. Ross’s purported hoodlum connections were explored last April during a deposition of Officer Rey Hernandez, a Miami Beach cop who arrested Ross in January 2008 on gun and marijuana charges

  • ThisIsIt

    This osme good shit