New Video: Big Sean x Chris Brown “My Last”

[vodpod id=Video.5840223&w=540&h=350&fv=]

Ah, the G.O.O.D. life. Sean Don takes a quick trip down memory lane with Breezy for the video of his first single. Finally Famous: The Album in stores May 3.

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  • Yung shimmy fly

    Dope shit big sean underrated

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    SMH why does Kanye sign these bums ??

  • DaK1dDW

    4 those who say Big Sean is wack are probably they same ones who think Waka, Gucci & Soulja Boy are the best rappers. STFU. Big Sean is one of the up & coming rappers along with J. Cole who stay with nice rhymes

  • Cheat

    Dope. why all the Hate. Big Seans one of the Best up and coming rappers

  • yo

    this is a solid record. i wasnt feelin sean before but i think im starting to get him.

  • Word

    So….are jean jackets back in now? I too many people rocking jean jackets these days. Anyway, solid track, solid video

  • idsgb

    “If Kanye was a movie, Big Sean would be the prequel” (Hov’s voice)

  • Donn

    Damn son, this shit kinda made a nigga tear a little bit. To see where dude came from to where he is now for just sticking to his dreams and working hard. Ignoring ppl like y’all who called him wack and making it to where he wanted to be. Thats some real shit

    Makes you think what would Hip Hop be if OutKast listened to some of y’all who called them wack, where would Eminem be if he listened to the ppl who told him he was white and needed to stay outta Hip Hop cause white ppl can’t rap.

    Damn, this some real shit. LETS GO BIG SEAN

  • dll32

    big sean ftw.
    Pretty solid single. +1

  • Citylivin’

    *sigh* it saddens me every time I see a Big Sean song or video because i know there’s this light skinned brother on Young Money who took his style and ran with it….

  • ^^^ and you could say that Big Sean did the Same to Cam’ron and Kanye for that matter…

  • Reppy

    dude looked like Chris Tucker. haha

  • Citylivin’

    @Kidd [email protected]
    what are u mad for?…that little wheel chaired nigga took that style and now he’s winning!
    @Reppy no…he looks like Lil Duval lol.

  • Sealey

    Awwww Drake’s cousin….I guess we’ll see how the public responds


    @kIDD RAPP


    Dope video he’s the head of the 2nd coming of Def Jam right now with Ross being on the fence with his new label Ludacris really not doing music and Ye being basically RocNation I would put as many dollars as i Can behind this kid

    1.he’s trendsetting styles
    2. He’s Trendsetting flows
    3. He is getting artists like Bun B,Chiddy Bang, Chris Brown,Mike Posner on Mixtape Songs like i doubt that he paying these cats for these features like last artist to do shit like that with no debut yet was Drake so he can help with the recording budget alot
    4. He has so much time to grow he only 22 well 23 today and the haters have to admit he is halfway decent he is better than the ones who came out and sold some shit (soulja Boy)

  • he will never blow up as big as Drake tho, so its irrelevant, Drake took his style and elevated it to the Masses. I fucks with Sean too but on some real shit he will flop.

  • Donn

    What do you mean blow up???

    You mean mainstream? Commercial??

  • Glad he says my city DETROIT every record… but the City dont really fuck with him or know him.. only on the outskirts in the burbs and shit… he a good artist… real underated.. but wont blow because his style got ran, but who knows God has a mysterious way of working things out.. might just make a summer anthem and be on one day..

  • boiiiiiii

    Big Sean is the future of hip hop and if you dont know that go kill yourself boiiiiii