Snoop Dogg Gets Nate Dogg Tattoo

Late last night, Snoop Dogg paid a visit to tattoo artist Mister Cartoon and got his arm inked in tribute to Nate Dogg. Check the end result after the cut.

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  • ham

    damn, respect

  • killakev92

    thats wassup

  • Dankk

    Boo Hoo Fuck the west and Nate Dogg NYC yall cry over a nigga who sang hooks like hes a god GTFHO

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  • That good they being hoime boy for a wild

  • young hov


  • mm

    i wonder where hes going to put kurupts face when he goes….

  • erines11

    @dankk stfu if u don’t get what nate dogg ment to hiphop then u don’t get hip hop

    Dope tattoo rip nate dogg

  • SnubOne


  • JDot

    “Ain’t no fun if the hommies can’t have non”.. dope.

  • manuvsteel

    @dankk shut up homo nate one of the best and a huge contributer to hiphop both east and west so dont get it twisted u sound like a LAME. RIP NATE DIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • llll

    That’s good damn tattoo….

  • bstep

    @dank.. Damn dude, that’s some next level hate for an artist thats really hard to hate on. Let the man rest in peace without some ignorant fool like yourself talkin that shit. Your west coast, east coast feud is played out homeboy, just ask fifty.. He’ll tell ya about Nate. Shittt you could ask fifty “21 questions” aboutttt itttt! haaah!

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  • Braniak

    Looks good.
    bet he paid good $$$

    RIP Nate D.O.Double G

  • Ice Cold

    wow thats an awesome tatto, they did that perfect. RIP NATE DOGG

  • Black Shady

    Dope shit…….respect!

    and @Dank..he said that comment just to provoke a reaction. just ignore him. I dont think there’s one person in the hip hop community (including the fans) who can hate on Nate. NO WAY!

    Rest In Peace Homie!

  • Noringtone

    I like it. R.I.P. Nate Dogg.


    very nice work!

  • RichHumboldt

    Whoever DANKK is can choke on a west coast dick you fuckin faggot!

  • illmatic
  • yungjid

    What did he contribute? I like his music bt I guess I’m not understanding

  • Tucq

    If my Homeboy died I’d get a tattoo like that, too.

  • Tucq

    I’ll bet it’s a skinny tatoo, though. HAHA.
    Did yall see Snoop in Baby Boy?

    ..Just playin. RIP Nate.

  • PrincePolo

    Mister Cartoon is the best when it comes to tatoos . . R.I.P Nate Dogg !!

  • Tucq

    @ yungjid: Nate Dogg contributed because his style of hooks influenced R&B. After Nate, R & B got grittier and more straight forward. He also got love from all the coasts, and that’s rare for an Artist from the West.
    Plus, Nate was ORIGINAL. Put on “It Ain’t No Fun”, and tell me you haven’t been in that situation! Nate was sayin’ some REAL SHIT in that song, even though it was funny. And don’t get me started with “Area Codes”….

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fuck Snoop Dogg! dat nigguh iz older then ma grandpoppa. Nate Dogg WAS NOT a legend….

    Akon & T-Pain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nate

    ma new pics —

  • snoopdoggbiggestfan

    dope tattoo respect the west biaatch

  • snoopdoggbiggestfan

    fuck the haters im talking to you ‘so icy boi’ punk ass motherfucker respect da big homie

  • Belize


  • 250MG

    Damn! cool tattoo! miss U Nate Dogg

  • uptown

    that’s what’s up *RIP NATE DOGG*… am i wrong for thinking game would be the first to get a nate dogg tattoo

  • puerto-black

    great tat. Rip nate dogg

  • PrincePolo

    lol at ice fag foto

  • QZA

    @dank if i could see your face in person i would mangle it with my brass knuckles.. with lay low SLAPPING in the background… and @so icy boi your comment and pictures make me want to cry laughing,, you have to be the most ignorant nigg i’ve ever come across, apart from those cultish OF followers

    west west yall

  • the One

    Bad ass Tat!

  • original will

    that is respect seeing as snoop doesnt have any visible tattoos at all

  • original will

    this pic just remind me of how much the west run shit I mean niggas stealling the way we dress the way we dance the way we make music and we have the best tattoo artists out here on the west

    like who wouldnt want to live in LA is crazy

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fuk ma haterz! Nate Dogg wuz wack. nd u nigguz mad lamaaoo

    debut single, web page nd new twitter/myspace comin soon Im #WINNIN

    dats me — tp:// #REALGANGSTA

  • wouzi


  • So Icy Boi!
  • LMAO @ So Icy Boi Pic

    You look like a typical hoe ass nigga!

  • RapMusic25

    Thats a good tattoo.All these new fake cats who tattoos bullshit on their face could learn something

  • idiotas

    dude dre, snoop, and nate dogg all went to the same high school together.. that shits different for them

  • nofilter

    respect that mans legacy…real g shit snoop salute

  • LA

    DAMN! That tat look exactly like him! niggas forgeting that tha south fuck wit nate to. so nate dogg get love from every coast!

  • @ So Icy Boi!!!
    YOU speak the truth ma nigga
    Fuck nate dogg Gucci over ERRAYTHANGGGG! SNITHCESSS
    OH and Fuck yo moms

  • See(sic)

    @yungjid i think you just answered your own question… If you like his music, then he contributed good music smh

  • Gordon B.

    And that’s how you make a tattoo, no icecream cone on your face.

  • KingWonder

    Snoop Getting Nate Tat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SoIcyFag getting Gucci Mane’s penis tatted on his ass

  • rip to Nate dogg snoop paying dues…

    Lace Addict (Sneaker Picture Rating Community) created by @CreamBmp Who Sold His 1st Born 4 Jumpman Logo

  • ireland


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  • Braniak

    so icy boy got butt rape by gucci took it like a real wanna be.


  • Foots

    You can tell this nigga @SoIcyBoi dont get no money lmao

    Same ass dirty gray hoodie in all them pics damn nigga get some new clothes! Broke ass bitch

  • i said YERR

    good shit snoop … RIP NATE DOGG … and im from NYC fuck that idoit … Nate is a legend

  • PrincePolo

    @foots . co-sign . and what kind of pistol is that ? mofucka thats a hookers pistol .

  • oakland73rd


  • Dr.Dre is sucking Eminem’s cock

    RIP Nate Dogg n yeah Respect for Snoop

  • Stevie

    Just wondering, is this the first tattoo that Snoop’s got? Either way mad respect.

    R.I.P Nate Dogg

  • Wes Wes Yall!

    ^ Nah man he’s a a tattoo of his wife on his right shoulder too

    Dope tattoo. rip nate

  • Damn Homie

    damn.. first warren g’s career.. now this..

  • Sth

    This is dope


    I still can’t believe we lost Nate! His sound/style can never be duplicated!

  • Dumbass so icy boi

    Hahah so icy boi made a new name just to comment so he can agree with himself, and ur picture…. Hahaha u fake thuggin ugly ass muhfucka… Typical dumb ass picture u ugly fuck

  • so icy kid. you look and sound very ignorant. its little bitches like you who give a bro bad names


  • thats commitment…and he sang more than hooks. he had solo records that had great sounds and rhymes.

  • I respect Snoop Dogg alot. Love his musicc. I think it is cool how he got the tattoo. Shows he has respect for him.

  • Dope tatt…. Mister Cartoon is ill with it. Respect to Snoop for paying homage to the great man.

    RIP Nate Dogg.

  • Hitler

    Smoke Weed Everyday….
    See where that got you Nate Dogg

  • rip nate dogg,
    fuck those who talkin shit about nate dogg he was a fucking G and Snoop is a G for recognizing the fact.
    fuck those who talk there shit because they dont even know.

    props Snoop thats sick fool.

  • yal some mutha fuckas haters i love snoop dogg nd natee get tha fuqq off they dickk.. snoop do ya thugg thizzil stay cool- bsam!!! i love yu so much snoop im ya biggest fan on my life!!

  • snoop i swear i love yu if i was to meet yu i would fant real t!! rip natee dogg!! snoop throwedd azs tat homiee!!

  • beaumont texas come visit!!

  • lmao im fired up on this hoee haha im out!]

  • You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wahtincg for your posts.

  • Tot respectu !

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  • They were best friends so much respect to snoop for doing that!