• Jones

    This shits awful.

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  • NoNotToday

    Lil B is hot garbage and dripping with wack juice.

  • LongLungz

    Lil b don’t listen to them hatres bruh. Stay based

  • Scully

    Don’t know his catalog but the couple joints i heard sounds like he just comes off the top and hits record. “What?” When did rappers stop trying?

  • what just happened

  • nonstop!

    my god I think this is the worst shit ive ever heard. Picking out of Soulja or Lil B for the worst rapper is like picking which child you want to live.

  • themuthafuckinreal

    my respect for twista just died. This nigga been droppin wack shit for years now,but this collabo is the nail in his muthafuckin coffin.Lil b GOTTA be tha worst rapper out right now .Even gucci wayne nd wiz better than him.That yung LA nigga is retarded too.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil B is fuckin good. Dis nigga is the next 2Pac. Twista was weak on it…. dat nigga is fuckin wack

  • Drock

    DOPE! thank you haters! lil b needs the publicity, thank you! #BASEDGOOOOOOOOOOOOD

  • PPL

    obviously Lil B records these songs himself lacking proper equipment, mixing and correct takes. The closest he’s gotten to a proper song is Exhibit 6. If the flow it tight the take is bad, happens to rapper all time but isn’t saved and released.

  • Fire. Nobody is fucking with the BasedGod. Nobody

  • so lil b is hot flaming garbage..i have to say…

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  • JDot

    Lil B might be the worst rapper to ever…

  • ryan

    what do people gain by working with lil b? this guy is absolutely awful. he has to have something on these dudes, its the only legitimate theory.

  • ryan

    seriously, this dude needs to stick to getting knocked out. at least hes good at that.

  • Santa

    Was anyone actually listening? This is hard


    NO wonder joe budden laughed at this dude and didnt even reply..my man is ASS

  • B

    This shit can’t be real. Speechless. This dude is unbelievably wack! No words can describe this sh-t.


  • B

    Pharoahe Monch W.A.R.- This phycological warfare
    War against conciousness, controlling, sort of a dictatorship, makin the babys sick,
    Middle finger to the mass media
    Fu-k radio the people can’t pick and choose ( now shove this not talent sucka down our thoat and block out the real sh-t)
    clong chickins waliking around without heads

    Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. song of the year

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