New Video: Mack 10 x Glasses Malone “Everybody Gotta Go”

Glasses Malone and his goons show no remorse in the latest video to accompany his and Mack 10’s collaborative album. Money Music in stores April 12.


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  • So Icy Boi!


  • Bill Russell

    Shits fucked!

  • Joker’s Wild

    I don’t leave comments much on here but this is pure garbage. Killing the (Black) little girl? You don’t even play with those images! This is so far from what Malcolm, Huey, MLK, or any other freedom fighters wanted from us. This is a sad cry for attention or shock value vid. They shoulda set themselves on fire they woulda got more burn. I used to hustle and we had codes like no kids, try not to get no women involved either if they wasn’t in it. Maybe we was just watching too much Scarface. This is the new dope game tho that’s why I’m out of it. I gotta be real. These minions of the Devil are trying to spread their influence of murder (like this) and homosexuality (Lady Gaga, etc.) everyday. We can’t fall for that tho Black people! I just realized we are at war! Im not a tree hugger backpacker or nothing. Not perfect either, just a Black man with wife and kids and SOME moral base.. And I used to rock w/ Glasses. Can’t believe Mack 1-0 co-signed this malaarky.

    Do you think he’s ever done this in real life of a demon got in his soul to make some influential person manifest this in real life? Either way Imma pray for him

  • Foekist

    Mack 10? How old is he and he’s still talkin’ that gangsta shit? Fucking looser. Just like so icy boi… what a fucking idiot! U see that wee gun ur posing with and posting on here like ur oh so proud? I’d take it off u and stick it up ur arse and pull the trigger till that bitch goes click. Ur no gangsta. Ur an attention seeking wee dickhead! Go get a jobby job fool!

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Foeskin: Nigga u betta watch yo mouth or Ima run up 2 yo crib and take yo ass down. Str8 goon shit fuck boy

  • So Icy Boi!

    * @fokeist

  • Foekist

    @ wee cheesey boi… c what I mean?

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Foekist: U makin me mad nigga. Dont make me check yo ass faggot

  • Foekist

    @ cheesy boi-I’m making u mad? GOOD! Do yourself a favour… take a good long look at yourself. I see u post the most ridiculous things on here, and then check back for a response. Man… go outside and play. I’m not trying to be condescending- just get a fucking life/ or grow up! How you gonna run up in my crib and blast me “goon style”, when you don;t even know where the fuck I live? you sound retarded! I mean, come on… u must notice that yourself. The only person ur fooling is u! lol I like u though, u make me laugh! 🙂 GOON STYLE lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Foekist: Im tha most hood nigga on mah block. I go out all tha time and get respect from all tha gangstas. U gotta know me 2 judge mah actions sucka

  • Foekist

    Ur the most hood nigga on ur block? Did u even read what I sent to you there? U sound proud to be hanging with the gangstas? My man, I’d like to reach you and teach u some fucking sense. Bcuz those wankers ur hanging out with don’t give a fuck about u! if they did they would be tellin u to catch urself on! Ain;t no life out in these streets! Anyone that has really been out here knows that. Where’s ur logic? u look at gucci man with the jewels, bytchez and tattoos on his face and think that shits cool he real? come on shorty… ur wrong!

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Foekist: Im 20 years old. Im on mah grown man shit,ya feel me?

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  • Foekist

    I feel ya. I do. Let’s just leave it at this… Life goes by so quickly. If I could go back to your age, I’d change so much. I know what it’s like to be 20 and how much clued in u think u are at that age. Please take it from me, being a tough guy isn’t everything. There’s much more in life than that shit. Good luck to you though. I mean that. Peace

  • Cdubz

    @ So icy boi! im a white boy and can tell your a fuckin fag. you think you gansta? why the fuk you walkin shit over the internet, you nothing but a dumb man who cant find a job.

  • whitey

    everytime you fools take a step forward, u take two steps back. its a shame these monkeys are still making this trash. what a good example it is for our youth. and the video to boot! wow some clowns will never get the bigger picture. Sidenote: so icy boi— i wish i could get my hands on and smack some sense into ur ignorant ass. maybe then ull survive past 24.

  • dmack

    i like this.about time someone change the look at west.this is real gangsta shit

  • puerto-black

    @boy, I feel sorry for your mother

  • is this any different than something biggie did? i personally think its dope but im trying to figure out why its mack 10 i didnt hear him on the song

  • FLO

    Damn. I’m actually a fan and this was hard to stomach. We all know we have to suffer consequences for our actions and I’m sure this reaction was planned but that is a really tough image to paint. I’m all for the 1st amendment. I just wish I hadn’t watched this one. Damn homie…

  • Real Talk!!!kdj

    Ain’t this The same Nigga that said he CAn’t listen to 50 b-Cuz he talks about Robbin people!! Get the Fuc outta heere! Niggas Hate jus To HATE!! Song is Garbage!!

  • pablo escobar jr

    ive never been a fan of either of these cats but i kinda liked this. and too the ppl who are offended, chill out its just a movie and they are telling a story

  • backhandin your dad

    @so icy boi

    lol mannnn… anyone whos anyone knows ppl who go off on here e-thuggin are far from a boss… check urself bud, u gettin all emotional cuz some dude pulls ur skirt up, shit hes just callin what everyone else on here already knows…

    relax, keep ur head up, and act like u should

  • Almighty

    Yeah I’m with Joker’s Wild…This shit was absolutely disturbing. I have a daughter myself…I don’t want to see any child get killed in a rap video…Glasses I’m disappointed in this shit…Mack too…Worldstar LIVES for shit like this that further degrades black people…Absolute bullshit. Black men need to man the fuck up and stop spreading this devilish shit to your own kind.