New LP: Big K.R.I.T. ReturnOf4Eva

After a slight delay, Mississippi’s own Big K.R.I.T. finally digitally drops his latest album. The project is entirely produced by K.R.I.T. himself. Tracklist and download link under the cut.


1. Dreamin (clean version)
2. Dreamin (dirty version)
3. American Rapstar (clean version)
4. American Rapstar (dirty version)
5. R4 Intro
6. Rise and Shine
7. R4 Theme Song
8. Dreamin’
9. Rotation
10. My Sub
11. Sookie Now (feat. David Banner)
12. American Rapstar
13. Highs & Lows
14. Shake It (feat. Joi)
15. Made Alot (feat. BIg Sant)
16. Lions and Lambs
17. King’s Blues
18. Time Machine (feat. Chamillionaire)
19. Get Right
20. Amtrak
21. Players Ballad (feat. Raheem Devaughn)
22. Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Ecouraging Racism
23. Free My Soul
24. The Vent
25. Country Shit (Remix) (Feat. Ludacris & Bun B)

Download here


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  • CJ

    Why is there 3 versions of the same song ??

  • wiscofinest

    Can’t wait to hear this shit K.R.I.T. is a beast

    Jet LIfe Till the Next Life

  • Awwwwwwwww shit! I thought this was droppin’ in the stores! Welp…*hits download*

  • OK..

    i just busted my nutt for the night…
    now all i gotta do is wait for rj berger to come on and im sleep

  • cb4


  • 4Eva Returned

    Un-fuckin-credible. Thank god for good music; its literally been years since a new project made me actually FEEL something.

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  • Don’t albums come out on Tuesdays? sure this is not a mixtape?

  • Swan

    S.W.A.N. That Good Shit

  • 5k on my wrist

    shit is pure fire


  • puerto-black

    Good shit


    @Errol James

    All original production (by KRIT himself). Dude doesnt do mixtapes, he drops free (classic) albums.

  • I gave it 5 stars in my iTunes already and I haven’t even listened to it yet!

  • IZM

    ^U got it right, dont worry. Any way u can add some stars past that?

  • Braniak

    This is gonna be a classic

    Shit goes HAM!

  • Word


  • bandido-09

    100x’s better than wac millers wackness.

  • yo

    3 songs in and it already sounds like a classic. wow. this is incredible.

  • PhillyKid

    can someone plz put up a torrent version the connection up at this school is terrible….

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  • Jack Mehoof

    Been waiting patiently for this! Here we go! Big KRIT = The Future

    Hopefully we can get that J. Cole now (holds breath)

  • jayceon taylor

    beyond dope

  • cmosa

    If you haven’t given KRIT a chance.. now’s the time to do it. Download this FREE album for some classic country shit, I promise you it’s really fuckin’ good. Yelawolf CyHi & KRIT FTW.

  • Mischief

    Too dope to be free.

  • MusicorDeaf

    @bandido-09 What does Mac Miller have to do with this post? Let artists make music and stop watering down the value of blog sites like RR.

  • bandido-09

    KRIT is a real artist.

  • Bubonic

    What Mischief said > Yet, the best things in life are free. 6 out of 5 stars. NEXT LEVEL #SH.

  • Word

    And this shit a TT WORLDWIDE! Meaning everyone in the WORLD is talking about his tape. Thats a good look

  • Belize


  • Yung Silv

    one of my favorite artists right now

  • leo

    pretty sure the site crashed. Anyone have another link?

  • Wes Wes yall

    I love this niggas music him and chip the ripper have that same sound that I like to ride out 2!!!!

  • Krit’s a really dope upcoming artist. This sh sounds like fire, and got that good feel to it. Happy to see some classic music and its dope the way he’s delivering it. It’s “free” and a lot better then the shit a lot of these artists are trying to make people pay for. I’m just saying from a consumers perspective, I would definitely rather go through music this way, be able to hear it, and if you do like it, you can pay for it and you can name your price or just however much you’d like to help. There’s a donate button on that website just reminding those people that do appreciate good music and wouldn’t mind paying for it. And by no means am i affiliated with them, just respect to the people that are doing things the independent way and I know some of these people need that reminder.


  • this will DEFINITELY end up on a bunch of year end lists.

    too dope.

  • Wes Wes yall

    I wanna hand this nigga ten bucks for this tape

  • HollyWood

    Connection sucks here. Get it from

  • marvon

    instant classic.

  • Tru Talk

    Already listened to it and its crazy…… Definately now one joined my group of favorite new mc’s in the game…. J. Cole, Wale, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, SchoolBoy Q, Dom Kennedy, Freddie Gibbs, Yelawolf, and now Big K.R.I.T…… Hip Hop is in a good place right now

  • IZM

    I already commented once, but fuck it- this shit is insane. This dude has GOT to stop giving out free classics lol But u can get an autographed copy of this and K.R.I.T. Wuz Here at his website store if u want.

  • Dream On

    Yo shout out to K.R.I.T for putting something out of top dollar quality and also having over 20 tracks… thats unheard of these days

  • WOW

    …….I Fell like I just stole a diamond. Amazing…I hope to work with him soon.

  • Ballerboy

    dope dope dope dope..CLassic shit Krizzle iz killn these clowns..

  • Anon DCPL


    KRIT>>>>>>>>anyone out right now.

    Only dude making timeless music at this moment besides Saigons album.

  • rawse

    HOLY JESUS!!*rolls on floor*

  • N0t fuCk!ng @rounD

    this is a classic work of southern rap,,, krits beats are timeless southern classics and his delivery is makes it sooo laid back and he has dope deep lyrics you would hear from a scarface but also the braggadocios of a master p or slim thug,, all while remaining true to himself and his previous work,, after this he might be one of my favorite new artist, most consistent album ive heard in a long while,,, 5 mics

  • Gee

    Marry Me K.R.I.T.!

  • J Nasty

    Wow, that’s all I gotta say…. Taking me back to Outkast and the Dungeon Family, the dude does look like Tracy Morgan though ha.

  • kdizzle

    Where can I go 2 buy the album

  • Mike

    KRIT did it again, dropped 2 dope ass tapes (krit wuz here) and this joint….KRIT is doin it for the south right now!! and is better than any southern rapper out right now.

  • Detroit Dave

    KRIT pissed me off by delaying it from last week, but after the7 day delay my ears are now happy and I plan on blowing an amp and busting a subwoofer due to this album.

  • productofme

    im officially a fan

  • j.

    K.R.I.T = King recognized right NOW !!!

  • wouzi

    CRAZY MIXTAPE!!!!!!!!!

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  • slummy

    this free street album is (and prolly will end up bein) the dopest shit out so far this year. Peace to K.R.I.T. for keeping the soul alive in the south showing that we’re more than trap music, snap music and bubblegum bullsh!t….

  • Its The Return of 4eva Hoe!!!!

    Big K.R.I.T is talented as hell…

  • TA

    this that southern soul pimp shit right here. mixtape of the year so far.

  • I almost want to call this a classic. Need a little more time to marinate on it. But it’s DEFINITELY TIMELESS. WOW.

  • white milk

    ive listened to 2 of his mixtapes and i like him but he’s boring. all of music sounds the same. hopefully this one is a little different but so far kendrick lamar is better

  • This is a breath of fresh air. Hip Hop needs this. Soo ill.

  • dmfslimm

    cant wait till they screw and chop it.

  • Skinny

    KRIT Or J.Cole?

  • duce

    this has to be the best album of the year real talk

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