Big Sean Won’t Be Finally Famous ‘Til June

Still fiending for Big Sean’s G.O.O.D. Music debut, well, we’re going to have to wait a month later. Rap-Up has learned that Finally Famous: The Album has just been moved from a May 3 release to June 21. Below he speaks on the LP’s Kanye collabo.

“It’s kind of like super special. It’s something people are going to be able to party to and has a great message at the same time. It’s just me and him going at it. Pause. I’m really excited about it. I can’t wait for the public to hear it.”

Sidebar: The Flipside: Big Sean

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  • mikey

    he wont sell as much as the album released on june 21st last year

  • YaaaBitch

    J. Cole’s album aint comin out till Fall MAYBE.

  • Sam I Am


    which album was that?

  • a

    Fuck Big Sean. How are you going to pause everything when you sound like a flaming homosexual in your raps? Hope it gets delayed forever.

  • mikey

    he’s from Detroit too

  • Sam I Am


    oh that came out june 21st? no fucking way Sean is selling that lol

  • CHechu

    what the fuckkkkkk..i knew this shit was gonna happen. when the hell is Watch the Throne coming out??? shit was moving for a while now theres no news about it. damn i was really lookin forward to may 3rd. self made and carter IV still comin tho…hopefully

  • mac DIESEL



  • kerihilson sucks

    none of these new loser is going to sell

  • BREAD(215)

    Gay people music..

  • DIGGSY!!!

    yeah i tried to give big sean a chance but it that dude sounds gay as fuck when he raps. and did he say “i cant read MORRIS code” on that kanye remix?

  • Word

    Damn June 21st? My Last is actually getting a little bit of attention. I hate when artist dont strike when the irons hot. Banks put out BBB LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG before he dropped the album and it floped. Who knows, had he put it out when that shit was hot, things mightve been different. Same thing gonna happen to Big Sean

  • DirtyBurd

    well we knew this would happen.

  • Belize


  • LA

    Yeah may? Even a blind man seen this coming

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  • Wes Wes yall

    Fuck you faggot!!!!!!! Take your negative ass outta here bitch
    Finally famous over everything.!!!!!!!!

  • Wes Wes yall

    Take your hardcore ass outta this blog that says big Sean on it then dumb fuck,fuck boy ….boiiiiiiii we winning

  • Wes Wes yall

    Go listen to your immortal technique shit then pussy boy gett outta here bitch. Every post u gotta say wack. Then why be on is damn website.??
    Go buy ur favorite rappers album fuck boy

  • Wes Wes yall

    He sounds gay?? So is he supposed sound hard? Have a deep voice for you to feel comfortable ? How? Ignorant fuck

  • Wes Wes yall

    Okay I’m done addressing the haters I’m out latezzzz

    Red album !!!!

  • BREAD(215)

    @ weswesyall u gettin a check or know dude??? You ridin a lil to hard homeboy.. guess the gay community ride hard (no pun intended) fuckin faggots fall back dickeater!!!!!

  • Wes Wes yall

    Your hard son. Yu must listen to that real hip hop not this fake shit huh?
    I’m gay n I’ll fuck yo bitch niggga l!!!! Put a picture of yourself ugly mothafucka !!
    N Ima game supporter bitch r.e.d fuck boy!!!

  • DA..

    DA FUCk.. SO many haters on this website… Fuck off, haters love 2 hate cuz they kno whats good but can’t admit it. They wanna hear a big dude with a deep voice rap about the hood. Sorry.. 50 cents days are over… Bitch FFOE!!!