New Mixtape: DJ Quik The Audio Biography Of David

Still not up on DJ Quik? Well, before his album Book Of David drops on April 20th, here’s something to get you up to speed. No pun intended. Teaming up with the LA Leakers, here’s a compilation of some of Quik’s best work. Tracklist and download after the jump.

Download Here

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  • Braniak

    Quik is a beast, cant wait to buy the album. Rhythmalism one of his best projects follow by
    Balance & Options. WestCoast stand up!

  • Mr. 3-Times

    Perfect Timing. I needed some Quik for the iPod but too lazy to pull from his disco. Good looking out.

  • mz.pooh

    About time, itz a must hav..lik ownin da best shytt..

  • fiiiiiiiireeee !!!

  • rahrahrah

    Rhythmalism was incredible! I think that got a few months play at the time.

  • p. dom

    damn, first the big k.r.i.t. album, now this?!! AND i’m on my way to best buy to pick up that new snoop dogg for $7.99!! my day is officially made.

  • kalikush

    Lmfao @p.dom
    I would save those 7bucks and save it for whilst albbum.
    La leakers didn’t leak shiiiiiiiit, this is all old stuff. Either way quick never disappoints!!

  • Belize

    And awesome title.

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  • Damn, i’ve been waiting on this muthafucker since i heard about it. Now it can keep calm till The Book of David drops on 4/20 haha buying two copys, bitch.

  • Money

    Watching this baby dance while listening to Quik’s “Trouble” off the new Audio Bio of David mixtape! hilarious…. Of course the mixtape is dope like anything that Quik puts out.

  • attaboy

    Thank god. I love quick’s music …Wish he touch down in Philly; some of us are waiting. He’s so underated due to politics, but all good producers go to heaven and April 20th is gonna be a good day.

  • ayoCaL

    Ive been waiting for this. I have loved and bumped Quik since I was 12 yrs old…
    Bought every album

  • Amber

    Thanks man, love quik

  • i love music and it really bothers me how quik didnt get the props he deserves. the music industry is bogus. but quik we here ya loud and clear. keep banging dem beats out!!!!