Curren$y Covert Coup Cover & Tracklist

Spitta plans to release his Alchemist-produced album, Convert Coup onĀ April 20 and has finally revealed the project’s cover art. It’s the Jets fool.

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UPDATE: Tracklist below.

1. BBS
2. The Type featuring Prodigy
3. Blood Sweat and Gears featuring Fiend
4. Ventilation
5. Life Instructions featuring Smoke Dza
6. Smoke Break
7. Double 0 7
8. Scottie Pippen featuring Freddie Gibbs
9. Full Metal
10. Coming Up

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  • Killa Kellz

    shits gangsta, cant wait to hear spitta put it down

  • spitta been dropping straight heat latley JET$ nugga

  • Post no billz

    Thats a dope cover..

  • Word

    Damn. The artwork for his albums are ALWAYS dope. Cant wait for this shit. KRIT didnt disappoint with his shit, im sure Spitta wont either.

    J E T S

  • So Icy Boi!

    This nigga bittin off Gucci imsowackson mixtape cover

  • KJ

    damnnn yall slackin I put this up on facebook last night!!!!! wtf?????

  • This album covers is sinister, as it should. With Spitta in the booth and Al on the board, this shits gonna be nuclear. I can’t wait for this shit to drop, but I wonder which will come first– Covert Coup or the fall of the Gaddahfi Regime? Who knows… #jetsfool

  • @So Icy
    Imsowackson mixtape. Good one!!

  • rickthespic

    Whatever happen to muscle car chronicles?

  • LA

    Im not feeling tha cover? seem lazy and corny. But am im tha only one who notice spitta rap with his mouth close just like

  • this kid can spit


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  • Black Shady

    ALC is dope!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oowop

    lookin good!

  • j b

    Are u serious? This guy is super over rated! Hiphop is really dead smh!! No talent whats so ever. This guy skips rhymes, no subject matter.Lets be serious so many rappers get overlooked! Because of garbage ass ni#ggz like currency f#cking the game up! cm on son!!!can’t take these no talent ass rappers serious kill yourself!!!!

  • Pablo Escobar jr

    Damn j b. I feel sorry for you

  • Dozez

    Jet Life

  • cpmedia81


  • calcium

    So Icy Boi! u chat shit gucci mane is bitch and makes nursery rhyme music Spitta is the realest nigga out dere same as j electronica u fag

  • calcium

    So Icy Boi!
    Curren$y ent a wack nigga he makes great music u obviously ent research his music gucci cant rap a decent bar to save his life m although i do like waka

  • Im ugly as hell

    @so icy boi @ calcium both of yall niggas got down syndrome HA! fuckin fake gangsta turd burger eating faggots

  • vbodega

    @ j b, hes obviously overrated cuz hes always on Tv and everyone talks about him right?….
    Ur just stupid ass nigga fo’reel just stfu. Hes actually one of the most underrated rappers out there, I live in NY, and nobodys on his shit. anyways the album covers tuff.
    JeT Life = game over

  • what happened to that whole supergroup with curren$sy, jay elect, and mos def??? IM DYIN FOR THAT SHIT!!!! “the day” was literally song of the year last year

  • BlaZe1

    4/20 get ready 2 steam some brocolli tall..JETS FOOL!!!

  • Word

    @J B

    So who do you listen to? Lemme Guess. A bunch of Super Unknown, Super Underground cats with names like ILLegal Discharge, Unauthorized Mayhem, Viper, Gritty Chaos, and whats that other fat ass white nigga. Vinny Paz or some shit? Yeah. Niggas who listen to ppl no one knows ALWAYS swear they have the best taste in music just cuz they listen to ppl the rest of the world dont know. Then when they get recognizition, they hate. Same shit, different toilet.

  • vbodega

    co sign Word

  • calcium

    Im ugly as hell
    u a fukin dumb yank i ent a nigga im white n ent a fake gangsta cuz i dont pretend to be gangsta
    cuz dat shit is played out n dont get invloved in ova peoples fueds u fag y da fuk u even commentin on a curren$y feautre u

  • can’t wait for this. Alechemist +Spitta = great combo. can’t believe this is Free.99. AMAZING

  • g.a.m.e

    currensy is dope hopefully he blows up like khalifa cuz that his besfriend they both need to be on top!!!

  • Braniak

    JETS over Everything!

  • Bloga
  • Belize

    Dope cover.

  • jb

    @ word/@/ vodbodega you guys on here some d#ck riders i’m entitled to my opinion like i said this guy currency needs to kill his self!!

  • Aishya*

    yo i need this on a tee for april 22
    austin jet life concert…..
    gotta love em!!!!!!!

  • kayadasunchild

    yo, to be honest.. i like currensy.. but this goes out to word and j b: jb first. i dont think currensy is over rated, but he’s definitely a mediocre m.c i agree with you on that one, in terms of subject matter (in no way does he feed my mind or my soul, only my capitalistic drive which i despise), rhyme style (no multi syllables) and flow.. Mediocre, now to word; there are plenty of m.c’s that are better than spitta, ima name a few. (by the way the ones you mentioned are on a complete different level) comparing vinnie paz to spitta is like comparing immortal technique to will smith.. however i shall name just a few m.c’s who surpass spitta 100 times: jay electronica, vinnie dewayne, mos def (but then ofcourse he would), j-cole, NaS, big krit, cunninlynguists.. etc.. all im saying is, know the levels, currensy should only be compared to his peers and those on his kinda level like wiz khalifa, big sean, etc.. peace