• real

    definitely the best out.

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  • Freddie got next

  • liljujusolidfoe5star

    freddie gibbs been on nbc twice if u still sleepin wake up a star is born and it freddie gibbs

  • JustSaying

    Man I bet these hater jealous now, keep doing your thing boi Damn! this dude deserve it

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  • rahrahrah

    Damn this is such a cold song, mexicans with guns, that just came out of nowhere. It’s a pity that Bun B wasn’t there. I like the way that Gibbs talking about respecting and building with Bun. As nice as Gibbs is here the Bun B verse is frigid.

  • Belize


  • so icy boi!

    Aww I was hoping to see some gay homo shit. Oh well