New Video: 1982 x Mac Miller “82-92”

When Statik, Term and Mac Miller get together, they sure know how to rock a show. Take this Jon Wolf-directed clip for example. Off 1982’s self-titled album, which is available now.

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  • u kno what i noticed. the white bois of hip-hop are on tht hip hop shit (em, aher, mac, this guy, etc.) its like they got a point to prove lol

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  • Braniak

    same shit different toilet. SMFH ^

    JETS you FOOL!

  • Lil B

    ^ more important!

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  • syllables

    wow this shit is terrrible what else is new from mac kid was born with too many chromosomes looks retarted

  • Belize



    yo RapRadar is just trying to get mad comments on their stupid ass site … so when this fagget posts something about that retard Mac Miller …. *DONT COMMENT* so maybe theyll stop posting this fagget.

    THATKIDERA.COM > wack miller

  • nags

    Mac kills it.

  • Dj Mosiah

    Mac Miller is dope, this video was dope. You closet fags need to do something that requires an ounce of talent and then maybe your comments can be justified. Everyone has an opinion in 2011..SMH

  • Jstack

    Mac Miller dope??? man this cat said “i’m sillier than puddy” that is dope to you? word son? silly puddy? lol iight coo

  • P Wise
  • Welcome,

    to the era where nice beats carry wack MCs.

  • yuck

    Oh great, another song for the annoying kid in a wu tang shirt, that works at hot topic to as me if i’ve seen yet.
    They both should throw in the fucking towel.

  • .

    not buying it not that they were really selling it.

  • ATL

    This is some hot shit!! Y’all niggaz need to get off that racist hating shit and tell your local black rappers to step their bars and love for the game UP!!!!

    and yes im black and yes im from Bankhead!!!

  • Gmann

    1982? Never heard of him but his flow is horrible, I liked Mac contribution though.


    all u mac fans stfu … he sucks dick. racist? im fuckin white and ill tell u his shit SUCKS.

    stop nodding ur heads to the beats, n lip singing the hooks faggets.
    LISTEN to his terrrrrrrrrrrrrrible “lyrics”

  • wack miller

    this shit is terrible, the only ppl who like mac are little high school kids who dont know shit about rap

  • Megadon

    Co-Sign Wack ^, Rap Radar is being paid to feature his work. The kid sucks, he’s uglier than a motherfucker, kicks stale watered-down raps and has nothing unique to offer the game. This kid will fade away into obscurity before you know it.

  • Ben

    @mr.zee Termanology is Latin bro…