• When I own a sports franchise no rapping will be in the contracts. All of the contracts

  • Doe Money

    Lou…do what you do best and that is stick to shooting bricks…After listening to the this, I hate the 76ers that much more.

    Doug Collins should suspend that ass the rest of the regular season and the playoffs for this debacle….what a hot mess.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    Hahaha! Lou Williams just killed Meek Mill on his own shit.

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  • hainzey

    meek mill on that auto-tune tho

  • A

    Yeeeaa boi! Philly all day! Had no idea lou Williams was takin the A.I. Route, but that’s dope. As long as he doesn’t have a wack rapper name like jewelz… Lol

    Dope concept for the vid, only real wack thing is the autotune

  • kdaqwall

    Lou look like nick cannon

  • Tru Talk

    i wonder y Sixer players always rappin, A.I, C-Webb played for them a while, and now Louis Williams… but watever i think he’s alright he better just be careful with NBA officials cussin on records and shit

  • kaoz

    iyi ni zlayki ta!! Tai kana

  • blv

    auto-tune 2011. no!

  • JR

    Meek Mizzle …Da best mehn ../

  • BREAD(215)

    @trutalk when them niggas get here they roll wit rap niggas an think its cool to rap.

  • biglee

    this nika loui william is a scub playin for the sixers hahhaha he coms off the bench he aint getting no andre iguadalla money hell rookie players make more than him hahahahahhaha shittt this nikka lyin he only make 1million a year and that’s nothin considering his expenses which is alot..

  • Diablo

    lmao fuck ass niggas

  • 1

    This wasn’t bad lol.

  • Black Shady

    Maybach Music gon flop

  • meeky meeky…thats his new name


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  • mac DIESEL




    Lou is probly the best rapper in the nba.. and meek mill is a beast!! PHILLY is back

  • Whoever said Lou earns $1 MIllion is off, this year his contract has him at $5 Million. I wish dude would just play ball and focus on his game though… Philly needs Lou to get much better. Dude has game, he just needs to work hard.

    I ain’t really like hearing him talk all that flashy ego shit…. be humble my dude and good will happen.


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