• still best rite now!!

    the new set is wack..shouts out to the Diabolical hater Skip tho!

    but c’mon, Jay own 2% of the Nets, he’s just a figurehead. gtfoh

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I want to see what david stern does about this situation.

  • Dark CUban, hahaaaa (clue voice)

  • Word

    Man my nigga Skip Bayless aka The Dr.House of Sports is that dude. Only ppl that dont like Skip are Lebron fans. He dont hate he speak the truth. Skip knows his shit. I cosign evrything he said. Jay just a figure head, but rules are rules tho

  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!!

    I think Jay is trying to buyhimself out of his share with the nets, maybe for more than he put into it. His actions doesnt make sense, that’s rule 101 of the owners guide of an NBA team ownership. No LeBron, no Wade, no Bosh, no Melo, the Russian is probably thinking it’s time to severe ties. Goes back to one of Jays verse “even if I lose I still win”.

  • Doe Money

    I’d like to chunk Jamelle Hill in her face with my tool.

  • Sealey

    It’s interesting to watch as Jay has now gotten main stream media attention that they are not fooled with his persona like many of the young culture is. Basically Jay….yeah your well off but you’re not Wealthy (“he’s just a minor owner and doesn’t make any decisions). Chris Rock said it best……..

    I’m still impressed but than again….what do I know 🙂

  • Belize

    That whole rule is stupid.

  • Black Shady

    Jay-Z owns LESS THAN 2% of the Nets. He aint a factor at all in the day-to-day decisions

  • Sugarshane

    He was just there cuz he could be. Wouldn’t you?

  • Mischief

    ummm what.< 2%? Well at least it's something. I wonder how much the Russian guy owns?

  • yeah boi

    its because he jay-z cause how come they aint come down on jordan for almost the same thing but ITS TRUE THEY WATCHING CALIPARI LOL

  • rocstar

    jay-z owns a minor stake, ur right, but thats 2% more than everyone on here combined owns. get off his dick. if the team is worth 300 million, 2% is worth 6 milli. ya he losing for sure.

  • jay double 2

    Yeah sealy what do you know? to say jay isnt wealthy just may be the dumbest shit ive heard in 2011

  • blaqscorpio

    If Jay isn’t “wealthy” what are you? lol

  • Real Talk

    Well one would have thought that Jay-z owned 50% or more of the Nets that way people throw around the word Jay-z “owns” the nets!

  • Real Deal

    well jordan is an alumnus of north carolina. plus in that video it looks like he just saw them in passing whereas jay z went and celebrated with kentucky. it’s bullshit anyway that they would make such a big deal about this

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    @Sealy If Jay sold all his assets, he would be sitting on $500mn, if that ain’t wealth i don’t know what is

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  • Ricky Retardo

    FYI the Russina has 80+% stake he is the majority and jay shares 20% with 5 other owners. Jay is a media figurehead the other guys you wouldn’t know them if they sat on the E train during rush hour

  • JustinTime

    Shouts to movie director Brett Ratner…He’s also part owner as well.

  • fdalfjdalfjadlf

    jay z is BROKE

  • ohso bejamain
  • ajsea

    Jay’s broke? Say what? Wooooooooooooooow *Flav voice*

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