Nas & Damian Marley Perform In London

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Earlier this evening, Nas and Damian Marley brought their international tour to Wembley Arena in the UK. Of course, Sumit of HHC just released some great footage of the duo’s performance. Distant Relatives in stores now.

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  • Luke

    Never thought I’d see the day Nas looked like he was enjoying himself, not to say I don’t like him because he’s my 2nd favourite artist, but it seems he’s actually enjoying what he’s doing right now.

  • webstar

    Looks like a great show. And Erykah opening was the cherry on top.

    Hope they bring the tour back to the US because it is worth seeing again.

  • gerold

    nice performance

  • So Icy Boi!


  • Black Shady

    co-sign “LUKE” …it looks like this nigga Nas is enjoying himself

    too bad Kelis gotta be the illest ether…owwwww

  • Chris

    They smashed it.

    I was there tonight. Badu, Nas and Damian all killed it. It was pretty great to see Nas rock an arena show too but he handled and had a good 10-15,000 rocking to his joints.

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  • ^ lying ass nigga, you dont talk british bitch

  • OneSmartBlackBoy

    I STILL wanna know how much homie gets paid to swing the flag non-stop thru the show. I’m just curious…

  • Black Shady


  • he is making a good legacy like his dad


  • Chris

    @Kidd [email protected]

    Hop off my nuts nigga lol

  • AryoStan

    very nice!

  • a eeeee!


    This show is so crazy, you just gotta be there to feel the energy

  • @ kidd [email protected] or whatever your bs name is, how can you TYPE british, we’ll all speak english, I’m from london still didn’t know about that fuking show, and so icy boi is really fucking up this site, get a fucking job hommie, jhheez ,

  • Sincere973

    That flag guy still trips me out….that poor brother must have 1 tired ass arm at the end of a show, LOL

  • Real Talk

    Nas seems to be in a great place in his life and in good company with Damian Marley!!!! Nas has smashed arenas before but as he stated recently “The Distant Relatives tour has me excited again.” Nas stated on twitter “I’m really enjoying my life; even with all the bullshit/hate my life is too fucking good.” Nas and Damian have been blessed with great legacies. Olu Dara and Bob Marley must be very proud of their sons!

  • Kwame

    patiently waiting for the next NaS solo.when are you two coming to AFRICA?

  • Belize

    Surprised the RR fools put this up.

  • wouzi


  • NAS we need Lost Tapes II!!!!

  • your pusha

    that looked dope i missed it man, if you come to my town armed with bangers they will show you mad love(as i sip my cup of tea)