New Music: Timbaland “Not My Happiness”

Mr. Timbo continues his weekly series all in the pursuit of happiness. Too bad this one didn’t make us smile. Bah, humbug!

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  • dontshootmedown

    This song was pretty good it shows his talent and good taste in music its a song to just vibe out too….its different dope song!

  • I just about to write how Rap Radar is unfair towards Timbo, but damn this track sucks big time. (No Amaechi.) He needs to call up Ginuwine, Missy or Petey Pablo for a reunion. Shit, maybe even go back to working with DeVante. I know he can do better than this…Timbo, if you don’t have a good track to release on Thursday just wait til next week. Don’t rush for the sake of having a “Timbo Thursday!”

  • RapMusic25

    straight up wack,terrible

  • mikey

    they expecting this to get plays at church?

  • LA

    He still one of tha best producer in tha game! but not of lately tho.

  • Dear Timbo….

    I like your catalog of work…you’ve made some undeniable classics, changed the sound of hip hop, pop and mainstream music and have influenced countless artists and producers. BUT….you trying to get some sort of buzz and make yourself relevant with some WACK JOB leftover half-assed tracks is not working, please stop tarnishing your legacy and the blogopshere with this junk. If you’re going to be releasing some music from the vault at least give us something of quality, perhaps some tracks from your studio sessions with Hov? I know you got some classics in there! And what happened to the “Future Sex/ Love sounds”, “Shock Value” era leftovers? In fact…. maybe you should just stop for a second and look at the response you’ve been having to these tracks and re-evaluate your approach.


    A long time supporter.

  • wickwickwack

    funny how hip hop never had love for his music catalogue
    He had a few hits but nobody supported his albums (prior timberlake days)

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  • Sounds like he misses me terribly…

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Might sound a little on the soft side but there was a dope track by this girl Money called “Fantasy” on Shock Value 1……i would peep it if i were you, I def dug that 1, but uhhh yeah everyone’s pretty much spot on.

    OH! one more thing….in Fade to Black….the first beat he plays for Jay-Z which was fucking BONKERS…..crazy dope… idea why Hov didnt use it. Damn….let me find the youtube clip.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up


  • mack

    wut is this mumbo jumbo…..smdh

  • This shit is terrible. Sounds like it was leftover from Bubba Sparxxx’s “Deliverence” album.

  • Black Shady

    Last hot beat Timbo produced was Game’s shit in 2005 (“Put You On The Game”)

    not impressed with his work ever since..

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  • ironic

    eeewwwww…my ears are in a foetal position in the shower, crying…..

  • Doe Money

    After hearing this, I had “unhappy” feelings.




  • I.S.A.A.C.

    I kinda like the beat, terrible verses, but the best “TImbo Thursdays” track yet… but that is NOT much of a compliment.


    WTF is with all the hate?

    This song is dope as fuck. its on som real shit. prob one of my favourite timbo tracks.

  • Damey

    @ Tim that 1st beat went to Brandy

  • AryoStan


  • G

    Please stop posting this crap, RR.


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  • FNFUppppP!

    This is dope. It samples a song by Mumford and Sons called White Blank Page. Check it out. This is GOOD music.

  • Sydney Boy

    Haaaa, Yes timber land did not board the plane today on sydney concert with snoop game ,nelly , t pain on superfest concert