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Here’s the third piece from the latest issue of RESPECT. Magazine. Take note: This interview was conducted before the ink was even dry on Wale’s Maybach Music Group deal and before Mr. Folarin made amends with his old friend Kid Cudi. Glad these dudes resolved their differences. I fuck with them both muscially. Ha!

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Hustle Hard

Yes, it’s true. Like LeBron James, Wale decided to join a Miami-based team. Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group has a new recruit. Haters revolt—or prepare for the hits.


Wale is chillin’. From his Westin hotel room in Florida, Mr. Folarin lounges in his bed and seems relaxed for the first time in months. After much deliberation, he’s finally decided to join forces with Rick Ross and his new imprint. He knows that the free-agent move will be heavily criticized by some, but he’s finally made his peace with it.

Adversity isn’t new to the Washington, D.C.–bred MC who overcame the public crucifixion when his Attention Deficit debut’s sales numbers fell way short of the fiery freshman’s great expectations. While some would’ve been embarrassed and taken their ball and gone home, ’Le regrouped with an effective grassroots campaign that was capped of by the release of the critically-acclaimed mixtape More About Nothing.

Everything you want, you gotta work hard for it. And now with a business cosign from one of hip-hop’s top artists, Mr. No Days Off is out to prove that his sophomore album will be met with the sweet taste of success.

RESPECT: Thanks for agreeing to talk. You don’t do every interview that’s offered to you anymore.

WALE: I’m still new, but when you’re brand-new, you’re kind of encouraged to do every interview. I’m not knocking anybody’s publication, but I needed that break to observe and understand.

So in many ways Attention Deficit ended one chapter of your career, right?

Absolutely. It was a weird time. The game’s changed. My album dropped in November of last year. Or was it 2009? The increase of viral marketing has shot up substantially. Niggas wasn’t dropping videos every week. So I learned a lot. The viral marketing from artists that aren’t independent—acting as independent. Like Ross doing a video for “Devil in a New Dress,” that wasn’t heard of back then. With my next album, the marketing that’s gonna come on top of the marketing dollars they give me, it’s going to be incredible. I know the game now.

I learned a lot, and certain things humbled me. We could take the Cudi situation, you could say it humbled me a little bit, but it showed me the nature of this beast. It showed me certain things can change in people. People’s feelings can change like that, and you can’t necessarily keep the same guidelines that you live in your real world. You can’t apply those in the music industry. It’s a different monster. For better or worse.

Why do you think Cudi’s criticism of you in Complex was such a big deal?

People wanted something to get behind at that point. People wanted an interesting competition, an interesting argument, a fight, I guess. It came out of nowhere, but I’m not in that dude’s shoes. I don’t know. From the outside looking in I can assume, but the nature of human beings is crazy.

Did you have a true friendship? Were you really close outside the music?

Absolutely. I can tell you this: The last three times we’ve seen each other, I felt something.

That’s before you did the “Number Won” song?

This is a thing I never talked about. “Number Won” ain’t a diss record. “Number Won” is me scratching my head, like, this is my man that used to hit me when I was living with my girl in SoHo, like “I’m downstairs, what you doing? Let’s go to Bape, let’s go to the studio.” I’d always be like, “All right, bet.” I remember we had a show—I don’t know the chronological order of these situations, but I believe this was the first time that I felt something. We had a show at [NYC’s] Governors Island, I think his album just came out, and I was with my dudes from back home. So I’m just like, “Oh, yeah, that’s my man Cudi.” He had a rack of his people around him. I’m on this one little shuttle thing, he’s on the next one. I’m knocking on the window, like, What’s up? He wasn’t waving. Knock-knock-knock. Wasn’t waving. Knock-knock-knock. Wasn’t waving. Okay, maybe he don’t hear me. And then he looked over, and he texts me: Sup, bro. That was kinda weird. And then somebody was like, “Young’n don’t really mess with you like that.” It was between me and him to do the MCing for MTV’s Music Video Awards in ’09. Cudi had a bigger record, Cudi’s notoriety was bigger than mine, [so he must have thought,] Why the fuck did they choose Wale? Everything kinda changed after that.

But if you look at it from outside at something like GQ—there’s you, there’s Cudi, there’s Drake. They’ve achieved bigger success than you.  If anyone’s gonna be catching feelings about something, shouldn’t it be you?

Drake is one of the most talented artists out right now. They could say that Degrassi shit, whatever. He can rap, he can sing, he can compose, he can arrange. He’s not a pure, Brian McKnight type singer, but at this point, he could make a song that connects with Brian McKnight’s demo more than Brian McKnight could. That’s amazing to me. If the muthafucka was born in the ’70s, he’d be legendary. That’s what I think about Drake. Cudi as well. My shit is more traditional. I knew from jump it was going to take a while. Being next to Lil Wayne accelerates the process. Being next to Kanye accelerates the process. Being next to Mark Ronson doesn’t necessarily accelerate anything. It’s cool, it looks cool, but it didn’t accelerate nothing. I’m just the muthafuckin’ dark-skinned nigga with dreads from D.C. I knew it was gonna take a little bit longer.

How did dealing with the failure of Attention Deficit lead into doing the More About Nothing mixtape?

I wasn’t panicking. The shows never stopped. I was getting 60K to do colleges a week after selling 28,000. Money wasn’t stopping at all. I went and bought two cars. I got myself a house. I’m not mad financially. The competitor in me is like, What the fuck. That’s when we started the “No Days Off” series. I started touching the people more, I went to all the neighborhoods, I went to the mall, I did whatever I could do. And as far as the music went, the only frustrating thing I can say is that some of them songs I feel could’ve affected our culture a little more. I ain’t saying I wrote the next “Dear Mama,” but “Diary,” “90210” and “Shades”—those are records that I wish could’ve had more attention.

You still love those songs, and you still perform and push those songs.

It’s so many things that happen that are poetic justice. Certain things gave me a little bit of peace of mind. Niggas are starting to get introduced to my shit, which is cool. I wasn’t giving up. I said, “Look, I’m-a get this shit to, like, ’bout 140,000 sold.” That’s going to be my goal this time. Did what I had to do. And then that hunger, that desire to be on top, that desire for people to fall in love with my music was back like day one. So I said, “Let me do a sequel to the More About Nothing mixtape,” because that’s when my hunger was at an all-time high. The hunger that I had on this one was way more than the first time. Because it was almost like a fear of losing. My back was against the wall. I did crazy numbers the first day.

When you approach a mixtape like that, is it almost like making an album?

You gotta have a moment where everything clicks. I got 40 songs right now, but it ain’t clicked yet as far as the body of work that I’m trying to create this time. I got good songs that I’ll probably sell to some movies, or I’ll put on somebody else’s mixtape. But to have that moment when it clicks—and I’m so close now, because my inspiration is going faster and faster, the quality of music is going faster and faster—but I have to have that moment.

What’s the connection to Ross? How did that come about?

Me, Ross and Waka were like the homecoming kings for black colleges. We beat up the black college scene, man. Basically, he talked to me and was like, “Man, I think you’re so close, I think you’re real close.” So we met a couple times, talked. I’ve met with a lot of people, and I wish I was bold enough to say their names right now. I’ve been around genius muthafuckas, but Ross, that dude is a special nigga. I mean, to know what he’s overcome. You talk about back against the wall.

Character assassination.

Character assassination to the maximum. What’d he come back with? Hit record after hit record, and arguably the best record of 2010. I know the Ross that niggas don’t know. He took it to a whole other level as far as overcoming shit and just being focused. Sometimes he just be like, “Fuck those donkeys. ’Cause when you start making hit records, watch how everybody switch up.” And my affiliation with Ross, it’s almost like a joint venture; it’s not like I’m here to be a sidekick boy by any means. I’m my own brand. He respects that and he understands that.

By the time we read this, on March 1, your deal with his Maybach Music Group label might be official.

I’m signing tomorrow morning. Def Jam, J Records and Jive was like, “We’ll sign you without it.” But there’s no way I could put my faith in people that don’t understand black culture. I’m gonna give ’em a record talking about black people’s story, and they’re gonna tell me if it’s good enough or not? Nah. If I have a conversation with Ross and say, “I believe in this right here,” he’ll make them believe it, and we can put it out. He absolutely knows what he’s doing, man. Every city he go in, he’s touching the streets—like, “Who are the niggas that’s poppin’? I’m gonna show them love. These niggas are gonna pick me up from the airport, we’re gonna break bread together”—who does that?

Another artist who you work with and catches a lot of heat is Waka Flocka.

Fuck hating on Waka Flocka. He has three big, monster radio records. You’re trying to tell me that’s not hip-hop? You’re connecting with all of these people over hard beats—you’re tryin’ to tell me that’s not hip-hop? So—not to say that they’re the same artists at all—but that means Ol’ Dirty Bastard wasn’t hip-hop, right? You’re telling me Onyx wasn’t hip-hop? Onyx in, what, ’95—very similar to Waka in 2010.

Waka obviously ended up being a great connection for you.

That’s a good dude, dawg. And yeah, I’m the same Wale who did “Dig Dug (Shake It).” That’s me too. So I can’t say, “Look, Ma, no hands”? That hit was the big bang theory. That song had three niggas with three separate fan bases, all together with a giant hook. You couldn’t deny it.

Back to Ross. When you first started recording together, was the music chemistry there quicker than you thought?

Oh, man, I wrote my verse to “Pandemonium” extremely fast. It’s a vibe, man, when I’m with Meek and Ross. It’s something in the air. Like people call me the deep-thinking, poetry guy or whatever, but I truly believe that when artists are together—like, you see Cudi and Kanye—the music evolves. It’s something that happens when people are in the room with each other. I haven’t had that feeling since I was rapping with my friends in college at Virginia State.

I think what most people are concerned with is how the association with Ross now changes the sound of Wale’s music. Am I just gonna hear Wale over these Southern beats?

Versatility. Like, I just did a song with Rare Essence. I got some shit from Statik Selektah that’s crazy. I’m influenced by a lot of different shit. I’m influenced by Southern hip-hop—I’m from D.C.! We grew up on that fuckin’ UGK, Scarface, Cash Money. I had those songs right next to my Reasonable Doubt CD. So that’s always been my influence. All genres. I did the Justice Euro shit. I just like music. People need to stop trying to put shit in a box. Not every rapper can be put in a box.

Put it this way: Ross is gonna help me accentuate what I was doing already. He’s gonna make those calls to producers that tried to give me the B-folder beats. Now I’m-a get the real A-folder beats. That’s what we’re here for. Everything’s gonna be big.

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  • Truth

    No thanks, Wale’s best music is behind him and now he’s associating with one of the most embarrassing figures in rap.

  • mm

    i liked rosays old hype man with braids.

  • GucciFlipFlops

    Rick Ross is the shit, so STFU @truth… And that ambition tattoo would look awesome on me but im too white

  • dumb dumb

    Somebody please buy this nigga magazine. He’s flooding us with content no one wanted to pay for so he’s punishing us with this bulls shit. Face it your trumped up fake hype for an artist isn’t shared by everyone else.

    Let me say it this way, so maybe just maybe you will understand. These niggas you write about have no personality and are just plain ole boring. Dead people are more exciting than these niggas.

  • a

    dope read

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wale joining MMG is like DeShawn Stevenson playing for the CAVS if jay-z couldnt sell you to the public i know officer ricky isnt going to do shit for your rap career.

  • kaleb

    lol everytime i go on this site i wonder y all this wale hate is for…….. he will sell albums .. he sold over 200,00 album with 28.000 in the first week… he’s a lyrically genius… have yall niggaz sat back and listen to 100 and miles and running ….

  • GB

    Why does everyone hate on Ross so much? Who gives a fuck what he did in his past. He’s an entertainer portraying a character, who gives a shit if he actually sold crack or not. All this keeping it real shit is out of hand. Half of what rappers say is bullshit, Ross just got called on it. And he still puts out great music. Teflon Don was top 10 of the year in 2010. And also, how does Wale signing with him affect his credibility? Ross fucks with Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, the list goes on forever. If they cosign Ross, why cant you?

  • D

    first you need to cut your hair wale….

  • honest opinion

    the only reason everyone from jay z to wayne is co signing ross is coz they hate 50 cent and didnt want him burying ross. 50 was bullying everybody and they are to pussy to go directly at him so they do sideways behind the scenes shit. jay z-pussy,wayne-pussy,kanye-pussy etc. all straight bitches. they saved ross’s ass from the death blow. diddy too got involved. nothing to do with hot songs and hit records. self made my ass.

  • Cory

    he’s not bad at rapping, but wale just sucks as a person. his personality is what makes me despise him. plus his beat selection is just poor

  • mikey

    co sign
    he is an asshole

  • D

    I still see idiots saying he was signed to jayz he is managed by roc nation but was signed to allido/interscope I bet haters didn’t even read the article

  • YoYoYo

    Wale’s prime was when he was signed to Kenny Burns label “Studio 43” before Mark Ronson fucked his shit up.

  • mac DIESEL



  • LA

    No!!! Ross is 10X > 50 Jay-z, diddy, wayne save ross career? Hell No! 50 feel off b4 ross even realese his 1st lp port of miami? And u cant tell me yall wasnt bumping?push it to the limit in ’06!?

  • LA

    Who ever promoted wale 1st lp need 2 get outa tha music biz! my first time hearing a wale song was beautiful girl and you got it. so i can see why his sells was low

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “he’s an entertainer portraying a character,”…Thats called being a ACTOR.

  • Did you have a true friendship? Were you really close outside the music?

    Absolutely. I can tell you this: The last three times we’ve seen each other, I felt something.


  • GB

    @ZoomZoom… yeah it is. And so what?

  • Belize

    Wack Floppa Lame is not G, so what if he got shot at?

  • white milk

    lmao @ honest opinion’s explanation. seriously? no one gives a fuk about 50. wtf has 50 done besides talk? who has 50 actually punked and plz do not say ja. yes he ruined his career musically but thats it. according to ja he whooped 50 asz so its his word against 50. if you decide to take 50’s word thats your choice but that doesnt mean its true. these n1ggas teamed up bc they wanna make music and break bread together. everybody aint about beef and the so-called competition that 50 keeps using as an excuse to show his emotions. what real man starts drama with everybody he comes in contact with? 50 music career has gone down the drain and he’s still holding on by entertaining those that like his antics. thats it. not to mention musically ross is 100x better than 50

  • GB

    ^^^ Yeah, what he said

  • Black Shady

    @ white milk ; tell ’em why u mad tho LOL

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    officer ricky got theses basement dwellers eating every word he says SMH suckers.

  • 9 Piece

    lol @ mac diesel calling yellow nigga and wale sanford and son looking ass niggas

    but really yall hate on wale too much…yall gonna motivate him to put out a banger

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  • James

    @Zoomzoomdad And fif got your mouth wet like your sister pussy faggot!

  • Oh Thats Yo Girl

    @GB thank you for that comment… everyone in the game kinda portrays some fake in them… no ones perfect Ross def. got his card pulled but that drug affiliation shit i can careless about you can call me blind stupid whatever… you cant deny this music he makes!! The fact that people hate Wale soo much is crazy, I wonder who they fave artist is?? he’s gonna get his day and when he does the look on yall sleeping ass faces gone be priceless… Just WAKE UP people #SelfMade coming so is #AD2

    dont put no one on a pedestal that they dont deserve.. IM A FAN OF MUSIC, WHATEVER THEY DO IS WHAT THEY DO NOT ME!!!

    detroit love!

  • Black Shady

    this nigga compared Waka to ODB


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    james why u mad son? PMSing today?

  • JHP

    Wale is that nigga, u bitchass haters need a life, if you don’t like him so much, why the hell are u even reading this article?

  • Ryuk

    Im looking for a new mag. XXL has been kinda meh for a bit. ANd I was looking into Respect, but the way you’re pushing it isnt really doing it for me.




  • Clos1881

    All you hating motherfuckers make me ashamed to be a fan of rap. It’s artist I don’t like but I don’t feel the need to comment on all their post negatively smh.

  • Attention Deficit was a great debut album. I just hope Wale gets A list beats while maintaining a respectable subject-matter foundation for his lyrics.

  • James

    #FAIL Go back to this is 50? dick sucking cunt!

  • Twum

    Wale is tha Ish with Ross to help the music industry bull…He will see greatness. Let the haters hate, no one knew about Reasonable Doubt until Jay’s third album, then they called it classic. Wale’s situation is no different. Greatness in the making. Do ya thing Wale

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  • saywatuwant

    Y’all r sum hatin ass niggas I don’t like all of his music but sum of it is aite and to the ones. Talkin bout oh he sold out wit no hands an shit like that incase u don’t know he’s from the DMV and out here we parties y’all niggas ain’t even hip to that gogo shit and before he got famous he made dig dug ice cream wit tcb songs wit backyard gogo beats so he ain’t switch up nuffin I mean damn wat y’all don’t like dancing wit females? Wtf! Y’all gay? Or you just don’t go out to the clubs and this is coming from sumbody who had 36 chambers, illmatic, me against the world, the infamous, the diary reasonable doubt and a whole rack of other shit I don’t feel like naming so I know wat real rap is and I know rap as a whole is sum trash right now but still y’all just hating to be hating OL BAMMA ASS NIGGAS! and if u think shit is sweet out here cuz u see niggas on TV saying poems an shit and u think its just the white house LLS! Come out here and find out I can guarantee u u wont last long DMV stand up fuck y’all y’all can sit in the house deciphering lyrics an shit while we out here partying freaking these lil broads

  • realspit


  • Tohar

    haters ganna hate…. love u wale

  • da cordas

    Wale’s a Bitch ass nigga Compared Waka Fucka with ODB ODb will lyrically destroy Wale Bullshit go listen to 36 chambers ODB verse on da 7th Chamber WALe a Moco Bitch Fakin like he’s a hood nigga Bitch. Hating? Yeah I hate Bitch Ass niggas like Wale and Ross fake ass niggas Officer Roberts names himself after a famous Drug dealer da Real Rick Ross calls Officer Roberts a Bitch &fake SMMFH How can you named yourself after a person who doesn’t fuck wit you that’s a bitch.Wale is from Moco faking like he’s from da Hood Why erry nigga from DC knows dat ur a bitch they know he real wale but yet he still tries to fake.Why cant this bitch even go around the area he says he is from? Fake ass niggas But with the Bitch ass kids of today they dont even care about Real shit they just want to hop on the Newest nigga dick to suck just like Wale does nigga was all on Cudi and Kayne’s dick bitch ass nigga fuk em both might just pistol whip dem niggas

  • Nikki

    I love Wale, and i’m from DC too! I’ve seen him in public sooo many times!! And i think he should’ve signed with Cash Money… There one of the MAJOR labels!!! I mean who can beat Wayne, NOT Rick Ross. But i don’t know what Cash money offered him, it could’ve been a terrible deal. also i’m a lil disappointed in Wale’s new album. It’s very Hip hop not as much modern rap.. But i bought it and still LOVE ITT! <3 WALE LOVE U! XOXOOX

  • ace of spade

    ppl from the dmv know he didn’t sell out, but even doe he not really from the city. He and tabi put us back on the map and i will support him as long as he don’t fake on who put him where he at now. but i really ain’t got nothing to say about ross cause everybody already posted it

  • Ohhhh Really

    This nigga talking about he got cars and houses but one thing I do know this nigga is broke and owes the tax man. Def Jam and Jive was not going to sign a nigga that sold 50k copies. Even rap radar called his album a failure lmao

  • Lame Niggas

    Really, were talking bout Wale and you’re bringing up 50 like we’re talking bout Ross….Were talking bout a nigga who does gogo shit and you THINK he claims he hood (Not once did this nigga call himself gangsta)…..Were talking bout Wale who’s better than Ross, 50, and Cudi (Yeah I said it, he’s deeper in music and all Cudi offers is stoner music” Thats exactly what’s wrong with Hip-Hop…Wale couldve been one of the greatest artist of our time (Fucking Attention Deflict is better than all THA CARTERS by Lil Wayne put together) and y’all calling him a bitch ass….Probably listening to Rich Kidz….If Wale was in the fucking 90s with Pac and BIG y’all fake ass niggas would say he’s the best of all time…but he’s a generation too late…When will y’all like him….When he dumbs down his music to the point where it’s just about bragging and punchlines (cough lil Wayne cough)…Then will y’all appreciate him? This is why I FUCKING HATE Hip-Hop fans…Wale, do you and let these niggas keep dick riding BS…

  • Lame Niggas

    One more thing, Wale has different types of songs so every song doesn’t sound the same so if you don’t like No Hands or Pretty Girls, youll probably like Ice and Rain and Diary, or The Trip Downtown and Rather Be With You, he’s one of the only rapper I know who has multiple subjects in his music…

  • Dope read. Wale is the dopest artist out of the DMV, he’s paved the way for hip-hop in the DMV to become worldwide. Keep puttin on for the area, much support. One of the greatest of the new generation.

  • Ref

    I’m finding it so hard 2 believe all this crap i’m reading about Wale, Why Y’all beefing d dude?? His music is off da hook and he’s got fans worldwide. Him and Rick Ross are gonna show u guys how it’s being done and Y’all r gonna eat ur words. Wale is a true Soldier and he’s a fine songwriter, mayb if u listen 2 his lyrics, u might just understand. Wale, if they don’t appreciate u in the United States, u can come 2 Nigeria where u have millions of fans and u’ll be soooo appreciated. I sign out now leavin Y’all 2 reflect on d shit u ve all said abt this true Nigga, if Y’all can b so quick 2 judge him, let’s hear u drop some lines and see if Y’all got a li’l bit of rap in u, Geeeez!!!

  • missredd

    100% of those that hate who they don’t know, are simply mad because it isn’t themselves with the same blessing. Wale is a part of a genra some wil like it, some will love and some won’t be interested. No different than any one else in the business! Get over it. You don’t like it don’t listen to it or log on and read it!

  • saywatuwant

    Yeah tru y’all all make valid points but sumbody asnswer this question for me exactly where is he from tho I heard he was from laurel then I heard he was from no county then I heard he was from Greenbelt idk but I do know he ain’t from the city but I never really heard where he was actually from tho

  • Wale has good music…i remember back in 04 05…i hit him up on myspace because i was getting dunks and J’s for a decent price while i was over seas (niketowns/skateshops) and offered to get him the same shit for a fair price… because i respected him but dude acted like i wasnt about shit so whatever…. i still got a sicker collection of legit shoes for half the price….. but still dig the music gotta rep the DM…dont really rep the V but you know

  • Ming77

    I think Wale at Creative Control would’ve been a good move. Wale skating all over Currency’s ep’s and albums/mix cd’s would be dope. You have Badu, Pete Rock, Premier, Ski Beatz, Cool Kids, Stalley, Mos Def, Jean Grae, The Black Keys. I think he’d build some of his best body of work there. Maybe he’s searching for a more mainstream career though. His ideal career comparison would be Common, who gets to say whatever he wants and just push out quality product over quantity.

    A few artists he could collab or build with: Ty, Roots Manuva, Nicolay [out in the UK], Shad, Kardinal Offishall [out in Canada],

  • Ming77

    Oh…Why not a Wale and Tabi Bonney EP produced by Ski Beatz???

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  • From Montgomery County

    Wale’s going to be a legend one day…


    wale lyrics are a lot better than some of the other newer rappers but saying he is a lyrical genius thats going to far…he has a lot of potential but signing with ross and waka he aint fukin going nowhere…waka is the worst piece of shit to ever touch a mic, all his songs are just lyrical bullshit over shit beats…dont talk about signing with people who understand black culture when all they rap about is drugs money and hoes, yea great fukin way of portraying black people stupid


    Man!! I hate to say this but NIGGAZ FROM THE DMV IS MOST HATIN ASS CRABS IN A BUCKET NIGGAZ I KNOW!!!!! Bammas always wanna say ” He aint really from DC”… Nigga 90 % of the niggaz that done made it big ain’t really born in the city, they from just outside but they still claim it because it’s a culture,style,music…. Niggaz been robbing DC’s swag for years and claiming it!! Wale is representing and letting bammas know(Foamposites, nike boots……) that’s us .just peep Jim Jones..I’ve even heard New York niggaz try to claim Nike Boots…SMH!! Slim is the first to really make it big in the rap game outta DC, if you STFU HE MIGHT OPEN UP MORE DOORS FOR THE WHOLE AREA. I know because I supported Tony Blunt, DC Scorpio, Stinky Dink,Section 8 mob,Belly of the Best, Nonchanlant….Plus main man did not turn him back on the GOGO culture with Rare Essence,TCB,Backyard(should have had them in the pretty girls video tho)……

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  • I see You Wale !

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