The Roots & Chuck D “Fight The Power” On Jimmy Fallon

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On Tuesday night, The Copyright Criminal All-Star Band (Eclectic Method, Chuck D, and Clyde Stubblefield) joined ?uestlove and Black Thought on stage for a live performance of Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”.


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  • MinajBangher!

    Hot performance.Chuck D has 1 of the best voices in Hip Hop history!PE!!!!Underated Lyricist!

  • Donn

    FUCK YEA!!!!

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  • Hands

    Did anyone notice that Black Thought’s clock is set to 4:20?

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  • the One

    Who is this guy rapping ?? He really sounds like what a rapper should sound like… Damn even the lyrics make sense, oh shit he’s actually saying something we can stand for. Damn this brother is on fire!
    It’s funny how timeless music makes sense in any era…
    Im so glad Black thought didn’t shy away from the Elvis line, said it with pure conviction!

    Fight the Power!!

  • Rhyme

    MinajBangher! took the words right outta my mouth.
    Chuck has 1 of the best voices ever in Hip-Hop.

  • jburg

    Muthafuck him and John Wayne! My favorite line!

  • Belize

    REAL rap! Dope as fuck!

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  • MXL

    @the One – Do you really not know who Chuck D is? The guy’s a living legend.

    And it’s dope that Chuck is working with Clyde Stubblefield. It’s about time that brotha got some recognition. His drums have been the backbone of numerous Hip-Hop tracks over the years. Much respect.

  • maaaan

    They got two DJs, for WHAT???

    hahahahaha, fail.

  • maaaan

    Wait. Clyde Stubblefield is there and this is the respect they give him? Thats it?

    Roots, Jimmy Fallon, you played yourselves.

  • Stack 13

    Yo big ups to Jimmy for this one. Phucking Classic.
    @ Stack 3 play this as loud as you can at your desk, scare the shit out of the whole office.

  • InsertNameHere

    Such a performance.. Black Thought repping the clock too lol. Jimmy Fallon gets the best fkn guests